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Word Clouds (a.k.a. Tag clouds) in PowerPoint are a very powerful and creative way to present your ideas and concepts throughout a presentation. Using word cloud images you can summarize a speech in a few words providing the big picture of a given topic to an audience.

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Download Word Cloud Art Generator for PC/Mac/Windows 7,8,10 and have the fun experience of using the smartphone Apps on Desktop or personal computers. Description and Features of Word Cloud Art Generator For PC: New and rising Art & Design App, Word Cloud Art Generator developed by AppTrends for.

Even if you can create word clouds manually in PowerPoint by arranging text boxes to specific locations and changing the font sizes, if you really care about productivity and want to speed up the design process there are other alternatives we can use to make creative word cloud pictures for PowerPoint presentations.

Using an Online Word Cloud Generator

There are online resources that can be used for word cloud generators. Indeed, the most popular online word cloud generator tool is Wordle.net that let you make beautiful word clouds online and then you can export the word cloud picture to an image.

But, as a PowerPoint user you can also use the new web apps available in newer versions of Microsoft Office. Get an hassle-free remote access to your office applications by loading them onto cloud with Hosted Citrix VDI, you can also catch up with your business emails with a trusted collaboration tool like Office 365 Enterprise E5 suite from O365CloudExperts.

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Using a PowerPoint & Word Add-In

Pro Word Cloud is an App for Office that let you create beautiful word cloud images directly from your text in the PowerPoint editor. It works in PowerPoint 2013 or later but it is also available in Microsoft Word 2013.

To use this add-in in PowerPoint or Word, first you need to open PowerPoint 2013 in your computer.

Google word cloud generator

Go to Insert -> My Apps and then in the Apps for Office box click Featured Apps and enter Pro Word Cloud in the search box. Then click Add below the app thumbnail. If you don’t see it, press Refresh to update the list.

Make a Word Cloud using Pre-designed PowerPoint Templates

Alternatively if you want to impress your audience and make word clouds based on popular topics or keywords, you may use the pre-existing word cloud PowerPoint templates available at SlideModel.com. As a subscriber, you can download PowerPoint templates from a vast collection of designs with creative tag clouds illustrations for business, marketing, finance or any other topic you need.

Unlike generators that pull the text from your document, using the pre-designed word cloud images have a very strong benefit. It has an impressing design that you can use to decorate your presentations and engage your audience. At a glance, editing the word cloud could be hard and that can be seen as a drawback but if you really need to edit your own text you can still download the PowerPoint template along with the PSD template design to edit the word tag picture to match your own requirements.

This other business tag cloud design for PowerPoint has a paint brush style with secondary words aligned either horizontally and vertically.

In this word cloud design, the main word has a nice paint brush style in the background of the main keyword. This way, the main business keyword looks much more highlighted than the other related keywords behind.

If you want to download any of these previous PowerPoint templates plus more than 4,000 available in the catalog or need to improve your productivity while working with PowerPoint you can subscribe to the 3-month basic plan or annual plans SlideModel.com using the coupon code TWPPT to get a discount (20% Off).

Learn more: www.slidemodel.com

Word Art is used on many occasion. It is used to create banners for special events. It can be used using good calligraphy to attract people. The Word Art can be displayed in 3D. In case you need to create the Word Art then we need the Word Art Generator which helps in creating wonderful Word Art. We review the 6+ best word art generators so that you can use without many searches for finalizing the tool.


Word Clouds

As the name suggests it is an application which is hosted on the client for you to use free of cost. It is a free online word cloud generator and a tag cloud creator. You can paste a text or upload a document to automatically generate a word tag. You have a wonderful edit tool to do the necessary items.

Cool Text

Cool Text is a free graphics text generator for the web page or anywhere you would like to use. You can create a beautiful logo without much design work. You simply need to choose what kind of image do you like, fill out the text and you will have the required image created on the fly.

Tagul – Word Cloud Art


Tagul is an online word cloud generator that enables you to generate beautiful word cloud art. It is very easy to use as you need not to have any graphic design knowledge. It is real fun to try all the different options and visualize the same. There are tools available to further customize the same.

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We have seen Word Art Generator programs which are all online programs. You would prefer to have these programs on your devices so that you can quickly create the word art. These devices are Windows, Mac, and other devices. We will now look at word art programs which run on these programs.

Free Word Cloud Generator Microsoft

Word Art Generator for Windows

A Windows word art generator from Softonic. You can download the program but no need to install the program. You can just run it and works wonderfully. It has a simple graphical user interface which is self-explanatory. You can create attractive word art from the collection available along with this software.

Word Art for Android

This program runs on the Android platform which means all Android devices can run this application. This is a very handy application which can run on the move. You can create the Word Art very simply and easily to send it out to your friends for verification. You can choose the orientation and style and it will create the art.

Free Word Cloud App

Art Text for Mac

It is a graphic design software for everyone. It has a huge number of templates for creating different styles of words. The template is customizable to accommodate your design. It has 3D material which you can create 3D effects. You can apply transformations to the shapes to bend, wrap etc. It has a lot of graphic content which can be used.

Word Artist 2.3 – Most Popular Software

Word Artist is the easiest way to create the easiest way of creating all the text effects. Word Artists contain many text styles and effects. There is a library for the same which can be used extensively. You can rotate the text and keep it in a circle with ease. It has a natural looking 3D effect.

Word Cloud Generator Mac App 2017

How to Install Word Art Generator?

You need to download the Word Art Generator from the website. You can run the setup program which installs the software within a few minutes. You can then run the program which has been installed on your device. The program will display a nice set of options for creating word art. You can create a few samples for checking the power of the tool. You can also see Video Slideshow Maker

You want to create a word art for an occasion like a birthday or marriage. It has to be done well and apt for the situation. The software described above will help you to do the same. You can choose the best one you are comfortable with for creating the word art.

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