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To update the language on your Mac, go to the Language & Region (previously Language & Text) panel in System Preferences. You can access the System Preferences by clicking on the Apple menu at the top left of the screen. Once in the Language & Region panel select the General tab, a list of 'Preferred languages' will appear on the left side.

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Select app, Get Info, click the triangle next to Languages, uncheck the ones you don't want..
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Have you ever tried doing that for an app that supports dozens of languages? ;)
Kidding aside, Get Info *is* the easiest method for most users and most apps..

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yeah, 'Get Info' is the easiest way.

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Somehow I always manage to miss the easiest solutions.. :-) Thank you for that addition!


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Yeah, but your way is still better, in my opinion. While the method in the comment has its uses, it misses the main benefit of the hint, which is that it allows any user to change the language of any application independently. 'Get Info' enables or disables the languages of the app system-wide, limiting or setting the languages available for all users so everyone gets stuck with the same reduced choices.
For example, if you and everyone else sharing the computer uses the primary language of English but you want to run iChat in Elbonian, you would have to disable English in 'Get Info' for iChat. If you don't disable English and your primary language is English, iChat launches in English, not Elbonian. If you disable English, nobody else on the computer gets to use iChat in English at all.
Setting AppleLanguages in a user-specific, application specific manner is much more flexible, and furthermore, no admin privileges are required.

I find it much easier to use the defaults utility in Terminal, eg.:

Elegant way - I confirm: it's work
I add this one
defaults write com.apple.TextEdit AppleLanguages '('fr-FR')'
(by default, I work with US finder but for WordProcessing app, it is good to have mother language !)

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From the command line, you can also change the language for just one launch using the '-AppleLanguages' switch. I use that a lot when I have to test localizations in my own applications or make screenshots in other languages:
/Applications/iCal.app/Contents/MacOS/iCal -AppleLanguages '(de)'

The 'Get Info' options have changed since this hint was posted, so that method will not work any longer.
There is an excellent, free program called Language Switcher that handles this (can be one-time or permanent), at http://www.tj-hd.co.uk/languageswitcher/

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This post is news again, for me :-)
The original poster's way is actually the only one that works for me under 10.6.
Neither the terminal method, nor the Language Switcher app work for me giving me both the same 'iTunes needs 10.7 to run in 64bit mode' and to check 32bit mode in 'Get Info', which oddly, you can't do in iTunes!
The OP's method works fine for me !

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Language Switcher has solved my problem with english OS and russian version of Adobe Illustrator CS5.

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