What Is Bash Mac Copy History Hack

I did something similar with that data a few months ago using qGIS, postGIS, and OSM data:What Is Bash Mac Copy History Hack

The data is definitely not completely consistent. Trips I took are missing, even though Google plus made auto-awesome stories with pictures taken there, and got the locations correct in those. There are also some points that shouldn't be there. It shows me in Michigan a few separate times (a few hundred data points at various times), to which I've never been. It also puts me at 0 Lat/0 Long a few times, but the reason for this is pretty obvious, just confusing when I first saw it mapped. Also there's quite a bit of 'teleporting' from location to location, even though I had my phone with me and was using it when I was traveling between them.

What Is Bash Mac Copy History Hack

The third image, on the other hand, is seemingly way too much data at one place. It's my workplace at 1 meter resolution. You'd think they could merge it down to a few points a day at the most, but for whatever reason, there are on average 200 points per day there. It just astonishes me how much data there is at some places, yet in others massive chunks seem to be missing.

The file /.bashhistory holds the history. To clear the bash history completely on the server, open terminal and type. Cat /dev/null /.bashhistory Other alternate way is to link /.bashhistory to /dev/null. However, One annoying side-effect is that the history entries has a copy in the memory and it will flush back to the file when you. Jan 05, 2020  this isn’t hack codes its just codes in CMD (command prompt) not really hack codes. Justforfun December 4, 2019 At 2:04 pm. Yes that’s correct but there are some people who doesn’t know how to open cmd so this blog is not that much bad.

I started working on a write up of how I did all this, including the bash scripts I wrote to parse, clean and transform the data, but one thing came up after another, and I haven't gotten around to finishing it. If anyone is interested, I'll finish that up and post it this week. I still have to finish up my scripts to clean the data of the 'teleporting' and the places I haven't actually been. It was definitely a fun project, and now I have an interactive map of (some of) my past travels and habits. qGIS was interesting to play with, learning bits as I went along trying to get it to display properly and actually render what I wanted to see. Definitely gave me a new level of respect for anyone that does cartography.

Creating Tests – As long as they are automated

I have been often asked about testing, how something could be tested automatically, how something could be tested at all. Especially if there is/was no testing framework. My answer has been always the same:

It doesn’t matter. As long the tests are autmated.

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Testing frameworks have been created over time. They have not been there from the beginning. Eventually, there is no test framework for your problem yet. However, this does not mean you can’t test.

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Mac Copy Paste

An error was reported in my EIP-PlantUML side project. After some analysis, I figured out it was caused by a syntax issue within a string in a definition file. The problem here, you see the particular error only once the result has been rendered as an image. How to test this?

I simply wrote a Bash script checking the definitions instead. That’s all. It passes with the exit code 0 or 1 if the test fails. That way I will be able to integrate it in a test suite later one ,even if I don’t know how this will look right now.

What Is Bash Mac Copy History Hack Free

The test script itself is rather simple using grep in a shell script.

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