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If you’ve worked in the showbiz world, you’ll be familiar with the term “audio dubbing”. This is a process that is commonly used in the post-production phase of a film or video. In dubbing, a previously recorded sound is imposed onto another medium.

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In addition to top-notch voice recording software, if you don’t have a Hi-Fi microphone, your recordings will be of poor quality. Especially, if you plan to record an instrumental track, an average home-use microphone will fail to record all nuances of your playing. List of Best Voice Recorders for Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, Linux. Voxal is free voice changer software for Mac designed to enhance any game or application that uses a microphone. Change your voice and add effects such as pitch. Voice dubbing: Replace audio of a video by your own voice with real time as the video is playing. Mute Video: Mute an audio of any video. Extract Audio of any Video and save it as audio file.


The simplest example would have to be that of films in foreign languages. If you’re watching such a film, usually they are dubbed in your language. Now if you want to dub a film or a video, the easiest way to do that would be to use an audio dubbing software.


Magix is another free audio dubbing software that you can resort to. It has a lot of cool and fun features which can come in handy. Apart from simply dubbing, Magix allows you to experiment with your sound and give your film or home video a different touch. The application has been specially designed for sound professionals.

WavePad Audio Editing Software

This is one of the many well-designed software applications offered by NCH. It would have options for you to dub your films and add sound effects to them. The software application is mainly a sound recorder, which lets you experiment freely with the sound you’ve recorded. You can edit it or even use it for dubbing.

Free Audio Dub 1.79

This is yet another amazing free audio dubbing software which can be of immense use to you. It would allow you to record your sounds, edit them if you think that’s necessary, use them for dubbing, and enhance their quality. In short, you can carry out every task that you can think of with this sound editing software.

n-Track Studio

While talking about sound editing software, it would be wrong not to mention Ntrack. It is a well-designed software application that makes the sound recording, editing and dubbing seem much easier. You would be able to try out a whole lot of cool stuff with the sound you’ve recorded as well. Samsung dlna download.

Audio Dubbing Software for Various Platforms

Most professionals who deal with sound on a regular basis make use of the three platforms when it comes to sound editing- Windows, Android, and Mac. All these platforms allow you to record and edit your sounds. But if you’re planning to download audio dubbing software, then you need to make sure that the software is compatible with your system.

Free Audio Dubbing Software for Mac – Reaper

Reaper is one of the best audio dubbing software right now. It allows you to dub your videos and films and that too in any language you want. You would be able to record the sounds and the dialogues and use them to dub your film. Also, the best part is, you would be able to make use of this software even if you’re not a professional.

If you’re using Mac, then you’re in for a bit of luck because most sound professionals use Apple devices for editing their sounds. For example, you could take the help of this software, Reaper. This software would allow you to record your sounds and then use them for dubbing and even edit them.

Free Audio Dubbing Software for Android – Audiacity

Audacity Team happens to be one of the most top rated and frequently downloaded audio dubbing software in the market at present. Audacity Team would allow you to record and edit your sounds. You would be able to record the sounds and then make edits to them. Also, you would be able to use the sounds recorded for dubbing.

When it comes to android devices, you have tons of options of audio dubbing software applications. The best part about Android is that you can use the software with utmost ease. In fact, even amateurs would be able to use them. Take, for example, you can use Audacity. It allows you to record and edit sound easily.

Free Audio Dubbing Software for Windows – Free Audio Editor

If you’re speaking of the best and free audio dubbing software, you really cannot miss out on this one. It would allow you to dub your films and also add other kinds of sound effects to your film. With the help of this software, you would be able to create your sound effects anyway you want to.

Voice Dubbing Software For Mac Windows 7

For Windows users, there are plenty of choices when it comes to audio dubbing software. For example, you can try Free Audio Editor. This software is preferred by professionals who want to experiment with their sound. You can add lots of sound effects, edit your sound and even use them for dubbing.

Most Popular Audio Dubbing Software in 2016 – Adobe Audition CC


The brand name of Adobe needs no introduction. Thus, if you were in charge of dubbing for a film or video and needed help, then Adobe should be the software you turn to. With Adobe, you wouldn’t have to worry about the efficiency or the reliability of the software. All you have to do is download the software and start using it.

If you’re asking about the best and most popular audio dubbing software in 2016, we would have to recommend to you Adobe Audition CC. This is one of the trusted brands in sound editing and that makes it a favorite amongst professionals. You can record sound on Adobe, edit the sound recorded and dub it and even use sound effects.

What is Audio Dubbing Software?

Audio dubbing is a process that is commonly used in filmmaking of any kind. Very often, there are troubles encountered while recording the sound on set. In that case, the sound recorded would be distorted; in order to improve upon that, you could take the help of audio dubbing software.

Such software applications would allow you to record your sound, add any kinds of sound effects you wanted to, make edits and changes to them if necessary and also use them for dubbing. You would be able to carry out all these activities with the help of audio dubbing software. However, you still need to make sure that the software application you download for editing sound actually matches the system of your device.

How to Install Audio Dubbing Software?

Installing an audio dubbing software is really easy. When you visit the official website of the software you’re planning to download, you would find a download option. All you have to do is click on it and the software would be downloaded onto your system. Most of the software applications do not need to be installed separately.

Benefits of Audio Dubbing Software

Dubbing Software Free

There are countless benefits of audio dubbing software. Audio dubbing would allow you to get the best sound quality for your films and videos. The one thing that worries most of us about dubbing is that the sound quality would be compromised. However, if you use a reliable software while dubbing your sound, you can rest assured, the quality of sound would remain unaffected.

Voice Dubbing Software For Mac Download

If anything, the sound quality would be enhanced. Apart from dubbing the sound, you would also be able to add lots of new sound effects. These would certainly amp up your film or video. You would also be able to record sound on the software and also edit them if you think improvements are necessary.

Free Video Dubbing Software

Most audio dubbing software wouldn’t just allow you to get dubbing for your films and videos; they would also allow you to carry out all kinds of activities related to sound recording. You would be able to start at the very beginning with sound recording. Then, you can also edit your recorded sound and prepare them for dubbing.

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