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Aug 21, 2018 We calculated the popularity of a 3D modeling software for Mac based on their ‘popularity score’ in the 3D printing community. The popularity score consists of mentions and fans on social media, page authority, forum mentions, video mentions, 3D printing database mentions, and Google results. 3D Printing Systems Australia - Best selling 3D Printers across Australia. Activation Packages. Please see the UP studio software. Click below to download the 3D Printer UP software and included drivers. UP 3D Printer Software and Drivers BETA 10.7 MAC v1.13. What’s new in v1.3: 1. Automatic Unit Conversion. The loaded models are automatically enlarged 25.4 times if the sum of XYZ size is less than 15. Repeat print the last model. The function is in “Tool.

Download Phone App 1.2 for Mac from our website for free. The software lies within Communication Tools, more precisely Texting & Video calls. You can launch this free application on Mac OS X 10.10 or later. This free software for Mac OS X is a product of Stahl Technologies. Windows phone app for mac free download. Jul 04, 2019  Free download Windows Phone Windows Phone for Mac OS X. Windows Phone (was Windows Phone 7 Connector) lets your syncronize your favorite music, videos, photos and podcasts from iTunes and iPhoto to your Windows Phone 7, so you can take your media.

KISSlicer is a powerful, easy-to-use,
​and fast cross-platform app that slices
STL files into printer-ready G-code files.

Keep It Simple Slicer - KISS!
  • FREE uses a single extruder for all functions
  • PRO unlocks multi-extruder prints for prosumers

Click image for larger view

KISSlicer incorporates many advanced (but easy to use) slicing features, generating high quality G-code paths for exceptional prints.
Download and use the FREE version and see for yourself!
Use the Profile Wizards to quickly set up your printer and materials or download profiles shared by the helpful users on the forum. You can still use the FREE version of KISSlicer with a multi-extruder printer, but you are limited to selecting a single extruder for each print.


KISSlicer v2 Alpha builds Updated!
May 25, 2020 - v2 alpha 2.0.6
  • Bug Fixes:
    • right-click menu to select sub-mesh extruders works the first time.
    • internal extruder mode works on the first layer.
  • New Functionality:
    • Support Z-Floor can now be specified, no support will be triggered by geometry below this.
    • Trim Top Z function to allow user to print their model to a specific height.
    • Final Z setting for the end of print..will rise to this height if ending below
    • KISSlicer Project Files:
      • Users can drag-and-drop a KISSlicer Project (KSP) file on the 3D preview window.
      • KISSlicer no longer saves temporary KSP project printer as most recently used.
      • Updated exporting profiles associated with specific printers.

In Other News:
The KISSlicer team is now pleased to extend the 40% discount to Law Enforcement Officers, First Responders, Medical Personnel, Military / Veterans, and Educators / Students. Contact us to get started!
The KISSlicer team has moved into a new office and is hard at work on Curved Surfaces for the new build of KISSlicer, as well as a CAD file integration via a plugin. The team is also working through the developer signing requirements to run KISSlicer on the MacOS Catalina machines.
New Translation Files are available in Spanish, Chinese, and Hungarian. KISSlicer Team is always happy to make your translations available for all users.
KISSlicer v2 Alpha builds Updated!
October 21 , 2019 - v2 alpha 1.6.3 fixes bugs and improves quality of new features

Free 3d Printer Software

  • Fallback Extruder and various improvements
  • See all changes on the v2 Alpha Change Log

September 23, 2019 - v2 alpha 1.4.8 focuses on improving print quality, with a few new features as well:
  • Reduce stringing with Unload, and improved supported undersides.
  • Specify an Interior Extruder to change the core material without changing geometry, improve top surfaces with Ironing, save filament with a Fallback Extruder, and further customize your G-code with an Equation Parser for Tokens.
  • See more details on the downloads page.

KISSlicer v2 Alpha builds and Premium features updated with new features!
May 21, 2019 (v2 alpha 0.9.9 for Windows, Mac, Linux)
KISSlicer v2 Alpha builds and Premium features available for testing!
July 07, 2018 (Windows)
KISSlicer 1.6.3 Released!
July 07, 2018 (Windows updated)
May 08, 2018 (Mac OS X / Linux)
Changes Include:
  • Fixed bug where bad meshes could cause long strings
  • Detect Top Surface paths and assign their own speed
  • Split the Shrink% into X Y Z (had been XY and Z)
​KISSlicer 1.6.2 Released!
Oct 12, 2017 (Windows / Mac OS X / Linux)
  • Fixed a bug for BfB / CubeX firmware where trailing 0s in the RPM would be dropped
  • Added a quality option for the object packer (on the [Misc] tab)

KISSlicer 1.6.1 Released!
Sept 29, 2017 (Windows / Mac OS X / Linux)
  • Fixed a Loop Order bug
  • Fixed XY Gap bug (some values could trigger improper support paths)
  • Crowning now fills in small gaps just inside loops
  • Path optimizer now works on support interface paths
  • Updates to the Profile Wizards
  • Handle improper formatting in translation files
  • Various other changes (see the Change Log)

Up 3d Printer Software For Mac Hp Envy

KISSlicer 1.6 Released!
Sept 7, 2017 (Windows / Mac OS X / Linux)
Version 1.6 is a major release with many new / unique / advanced features, including:
  • STEPOVER CONTROL (adaptive layer thickness)
  • PROFILE WIZARDS - quickly set up new printers and materials
  • TUNING WIZARD - find the perfect material setting in one print
  • PRELOAD - improved string and blob control
  • FRACTIONAL PERIMETERS - improve loop / infill bonding
  • CELLULAR INFILL - excellent for making compressible TPU prints
  • JOIN-LOOP setting for seam hiding
  • new SUPPORT interface
  • and much more..
See the full list of ​KISSlicer 1.6 FeaturesPrinter

3d Printer software, free download

3d Printers For Mac

  • Fixed bug where bad meshes could cause long strings
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