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Agent DVR is our new video surveillance solution for the Internet Of Things.
Available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

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Click the Add Camera icon. Choose whether it's an IP camera or a connected USB webcam. Type in the IP and port number of the Wi-Fi camera. Provide the secure ID and password if your camera has one. Select the brand and model of your camera. Click Test Connection if you want to make sure your settings work first. Click OK to add the camera to.

Free Software

Our free platform supports an unlimited number of devices. Features include Home Assistant integration, IFTTT, PTZ, Onvif, Live streaming, Scheduling, Raw recording, AI powered detectors, Chrome cast support, Virtual Reality viewers and much much more!

Remote Access

Use our SSL secured platform for remote access without any router or port forwarding setup required. Works over all connections including mobile. Unlock advanced options like IFTTT, cloud uploads and HD streaming with a subscription.

The uninstall window will appear3. Double-click on the result2. Click on the ‘Restart’ button to restart your system. Click the Spotlight magnifying glass icon in the Apple Menu, and search for ‘DisplayLink Software Uninstaller’. Driver The DisplayLink device should start working after the restart is complete.DisplayLink Driver removal for macOSWe also have a video that demonstrates this process here –1.

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Intelligent Features

Trane Software Techview

AI powered features include object tracking, speed estimation, trip wires, face detection, people detection, YOLO object recognition, heat maps and Google vision integration. Combine Agent with IFTTT and Home Assistant to secure your home and office.

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