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Stellar Data Recovery for Mac – New & Updated Version 6

Stellar Phoenix is recently renamed as Stellar Data Recovery If you are looking for a complete data recovery solution for your Microsoft Windows operating systems or your Apple devices, as your Mac, iPad or iPhone, then Stellar Phoenix Software is the true choice.

Stellar unveiled a major update to its flagship product ‘Stellar Data Recovery for Mac’. The product now supports Windows NTFS, FAT, and exFAT file systems for the first time. The sixth version of the software intends to appease both Windows and Mac Users. Furthermore, now users can enjoy Windows alongside Mac and use a Boot Camp partition. The new application has improvements to its ‘Photo Recovery’ module. While the Mac recovery software also has some minor UI enhancements.
The software can now scan your Boot Camp partition running Windows. And it also recovers all the Windows-supported file formats like a snap. Finally, with support for FAT and ExFAT inherent to all the modules of the application. You will have a good experience recovering lost files, folders, and entire volumes from your flash devices. The revamped software makes searching for photos and media files faster. This can be attributed to the new specifications and updated file formats in ‘Photo Recovery’ module.
Another major highlight of this product is the ability to display information about your lost pictures. The software displays your camera model name, creation date, resolution, and time-stamping information. You can have a closer look at this information to identify your lost files.

Key Enhancements in Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery 6:

Support for data recovery from Windows Boot Camp partition
  • Data recovery from FAT, exFAT, and NTFS based media
  • Speedy recovery of lost photos due to updated file formats
  • Displays camera model name, creation date, resolution, and time-stamping

Download Stellar Data Recovery

Hence, from the perspective of a Mac user, Stellar Mac Data Recovery is a complete solution. The software embraces all aspects of data recovery. To match the demand for New file systems, stellar make changes on the software regularly. The company gives a taste for free by allowing you to download its Demo version.
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Summary: Data recovery software for Mac comes in both free and paid versions. In this article, we will look at how a Mac data recovery software works and compare its paid & free editions.
You can download the Free version by clicking the below button.

A data recovery software can recover your data from various data loss scenarios such as accidental deletion, formatting, file corruption, hardware failure, software crashes, virus attacks, etc.


There are two variants of a data recovery software-free and paid versions. People who are looking to recover only a limited amount of data go for the free version whereas people who have bigger recovery requirements can choose the paid option. In this article, we will explore the concept and features of free and paid data recovery software.

Free (Open Source) vs. Paid DataRecovery software

There are few open source tools which offer Free Data recovery products. PhotoRec and TestDisk are two such examples, which can recover files, videos, audios, and other types of files from your Mac systems. Many open source software, however, require technical expertise as you need to know command lines in order to run them. For e.g., the software interface of PhotoRec looks like below:

Using a wrong command in PhotoRec can land you in more trouble as it can result in further data loss.

Free data recovery software is also offered by professional data recovery companies. They offer this variant along with the paid version (which naturally offers more features and functionalities).

A data recovery operation mainly consists of three steps- Scan, Preview and Recover. Most data recovery software offer only the scan feature with their free version i.e. you can only Scan & Preview the lost files and to recover and save them, you need to purchase the paid version.

Stellar Data Recovery Free for Mac allows you to scan and save files up to 1 GB. This is a great option if you are looking for a solution to recover a specific file.

Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition for MacSimple cabinet software.

The free edition of Stellar Data Recovery for Mac recovers data from scenarios such as deletion, formatting, virus attack, etc. The tool can even recover encrypted data and offer you quick and deep scan options to trace any type of lost file. In addition, you get the option to preview the recoverable files and save up to 1 GB. Click on the below button to download the software.

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Software Mac

Watch the video here for product walkthrough:

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Software

Upgrade for Limitless Data Recovery

Stellar’s paid data recovery editions are -Professional, Premium, and Technician. The added features provided in the above editions give you a 3600 experience of data recovery. In addition, you get advanced functionality such as smart drive monitoring, disk cloning, etc.

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Software Mac Computer

Please click here to compare the features of different versions of Stellar Data recovery software (go to Compare editions section)

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Crack


It’s now easy to trace and recover lost files up to a certain limit with the free mac data recovery software. The features are limited but it gets the job done. If you wish to recover unlimited data, then you need to upgrade to the paid version of the software, which offers advanced features and unlimited data recovery.

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