Solar App Logitech K750 Mac

  1. Solar App Logitech K750 Mac Troubleshooting

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 for Mac If you've got light, you've got power. This solar-powered keyboard makes battery hassles a thing of the past. The keyboard charges itself with any light, including the one on your desk. So you can say goodbye to battery changes and charging cables—all with a streamlined design that looks and feels. The K750 keyboard comes with a rechargeable ML2032 button-cell battery. In order to keep operating in the temporary absence of light, your k750 keyboard features a rechargeable battery that stores energy collected by solar cells and provides this energy to the keyboard when needed.

This simple software utility tells you everything you need to know to keep your keyboard charged and ready—from low-power warnings to tips on how to boost your reserves to how much power your lights are actually providing.

Track your power

Want to make sure your keyboard is always ready when you are? The Solar App shows you your current status and whether your power reserve is increasing or decreasing—so you’ll know when your keyboard isn’t getting enough light.

And don’t worry—you’ll get plenty of warning when your reserve is getting low so you’ll have time for a little light intervention.
Solar charging 101

Need help figuring out how to keep your keyboard’s energy reserve healthy? Just click the link in the status message to learn simple things you can do to improve your current power situation.

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Whether you’re getting the full power of a high-watt desk lamp or just the faint light of the moon, the lux meter will let you know how much power your light source is providing at any time. Combine this with the lux suggestions for your current status and you’ll have all the info you need to keep typing to your heart’s content.

Solar App Logitech K750 Mac Troubleshooting

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