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Don’t you just hate it when you watch a movie online and it keeps buffering? Ruins the whole fun of it, doesn’t it? Similarly, when you have your work mode on, with a nice design to bring into life on your mind, breaks while sewing or embroidering can get quite frustrating. Your stress-relief or feel-good task might become the exact opposite on a rainy afternoon just because of that cursed machine. If you feel the wrath, don’t worry, obstacles in such creative tasks deserve to be addressed with wrath. This Singer CE 150 review will help you a lot!

In order to avoid such unfortunate circumstances, you have to choose the right sewing machine for yourself. Moreover, your mind might be creative enough to do both sewing and embroidering but your bank might not allow that. But, now it should, as you can do both the tasks with just one purchase. Singer CE 150 Futura is an electronic machine that does not just help you sew but also embroider. If you are looking for an affordable machine to give your hands a chance at both tasks, this Singer CE 150 review is for you!

  • Software Included (Futura XL-400) (+) Basic Futura software included. Built-In Tutorials (+) Simple tutorials are built in to help you with basics for getting started. USB Cable Connectivity (+) Designs are tranferred to the machine for embroidery via a USB cable connected to your PC. Computer Requirements (Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8.
  • Singer Futura CE-150 Sewing and Embroidery Machine with Complete Singer Software Package, 3900 Designs, and Instructional DVD The Singer Futura CE-150 Sewing and Embroidery Machine comes with an embroidery attachment and is a full-featured electronic sewing machine with many options.

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Singer CE 150 Review – Read Before You Buy:

An electronic Sewing Machine:

The first thing you should know about Singer CE 150 is that the sewing unit is not computerized but only electronic. With the help of a push-button, you can select from the 24 stitches it has integrated into it. You can do any stitch you require perfectly starting from stretch stitches to buttonhole stitches. Moreover, the stitches have an automatic length and width input, which you can change the settings at any time.

Moreover, to create the perfect product for you, this machine has 13 different needle positions. You can even program the needle to stop either at the up position or down. However, Singer CE 150 does not have a computerized sewing unit. In fact, you have to sew using a foot paddle.

A Computerized Embroidery Unit:

You have to connect the machine to your computer using a USB cable to embroider. Moreover, you have to have a driver installed on your computer to control the inputs of the machine. Although Singer has not included a screen for you to control the machine, it makes it usable through your computer at a lower cost. So, that is kind of fair if you ask me. However, this machine does not support Mac and only supports the Windows, 32-bit operating system. Apart from that. It supports most file types.

With all the set up done, you will find 120 built-in designs to choose from and amuse you. Apart from that, you can select the color quite easily as well. Moreover, if you are into monogramming, this machine offers you 5 different fonts- Arial Large, Block Large, Courier, Script 2, and Times Large. As a cherry on top, you will get a 3-D realistic view of the designs just to be sure.

To make work more convenient for you, this machine also features a drop feed to help free motion, machine embroidery, monogramming, and attaching buttons. Apart from that, in order to help you make buttonholes in hard to reach places, it also has an exclusive buttonhole underplate sandwiches fabric between the lower plate and foot.

So, experience both sewing and embroidering at its best using this machine.

A Variety of Presser Feet:

Singer knows how integral presser feet are. Therefore, it provides you with 7 presser feet. You will find the general-purpose, zipper, button sewing, blind stitch, buttonhole, satin stitch, and embroidery presser foot with the machine. Moreover, these extra high presser feet make working with bulky and multiple-layered fabrics easier by providing more clearance.

Workspace With the LED Lights:

To make sewing and embroidering as comfortable as possible for you, Singer provides three stay-bright LED lights to reduce the strain on your eyes. Moreover, well-lit workspace is also quite wide. So, wide that you can deal with long name monogramming easily.

Automatic Threader and Easy to Set Bobbin:

  • Setting up the sewing machine can be a harder task than actual sewing. Two challenges, in this case, are threading the needle and setting the bobbin. However, this machine handles the task well for you with its automatic threader and drop-in bobbins. However, only the 15J bobbins work for this machine.

Audible Warning Signals:

Yes, the Singer CE 150 alerts the user of settings that might create disturbance in sewing. That too, through sounds.

Additional Software Packages:

It includes a basic software package in it by default. However, you can choose from five optional packages which are- HyperFont, AutoPunch, Auto Cross-Stitch, PhotoStitch, Editing.


  • Feed dog lever placed at the front makes it easier to access.
  • Exclusive buttonhole underplate for easier buttonhole stitching.
  • A variety of designs, stitches, and fonts to choose from.
  • Automatic threader and easy to set drop-in bobbin.
  • Quiet runtime.
  • Needle up/down setting.
  • 25-year warranty.


  • Incompatible with MAC.
  • Many customers complained of needle breakages.
  • The pressure of the presser feet is not adjustable.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the Singer CE 150 have a separate power cable and foot control?

Answer: Yes, the power cable and foot control are separate from each other.

  • Does this machine run on Windows 7, 8, and 10?

Answer: Yes, it does.

  • What do I do when the Top Tension says “Thread break”?

Answer: The top tension saying “thread break generally implies that the top thread sensor has not been threaded properly. So, check that the threading has been done correctly. Keep in mind that you have to floss the thread into the top sensor while threading. After threading the needle, lower the presser foot and while holding the thread tail, push the start button. This will keep the thread from getting entangled.

Final Words:

If you are still with us, that means you are considering the Singer CE 150 Futura for purchase. Hopefully, we have covered all the features, pros, and cons of this amazing machine in our Singer CE 150 review. Now, it’s your call to identify what you require, understand the machine and what it offers, and finally, decide about buying it. Singer CE 150 may have some shortcomings but the shortcomings might not be the same in your case. Most customers are quite happy with this machine’s performance for the cost it comes at. So, we are sure it won’t disappoint you.

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Embroidery software is a program that can be used to make custom made embroidery designs of your own. These designs can then be transferred to your embroider machine, thus enabling you to add more embroidery designs to your products.

Some embroidery machines come with 100s of inbuilt designs, which means you don’t have to download or transfer them in the first place. However, if your embroidery machine lacks them or you want to include your custom designs in them, you’ll need embroidery software.

With so many embroidery software in the market, free and chargeable, it becomes difficult to know which is worth your time, effort, and money. To help you out, here is the list of best embroidery software for PC and Mac.

Embrilliance Alphatricks

Embrilliance is one popular brand when it comes to embroidery software. Embrilliance Alphatricks is the software produced by them.

If you want to add text to your designs, this software aptly does it for you. It easily adds fonts to the program that can be used for multi-line texts, monograms, italics, fonts in a circle re-sizing and performs other related tasks.

You will agree with us that it is a real headache to add the font to your designs, the problem of aligning, sizing, and repetitive lettering. Epson disc print software mac. With Embrillance Alphatricks, it becomes smooth and easy once you get your hand on it.

The software helps in creating typable fonts from individual letter designs with the help of keystrokes and then simply import them into your embroidery machine. The end result is so much better and clearer.

Amazing Designs Letter It!

Amazing Designs is another company that makes embroidery software. Letter It! by Amazing designs is claimed as the best budget software that enables adding text to your designs super easy. It helps in crafting single and multi-line Embroidered text, path text, circle text, vertical text with the help of 35 different fonts styles.

It also features merge lettering, adjusts pull compensation, fills stitches for larger fonts, background color change, merges design on the screen, 19 thread charts, and much more.

It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. However, it doesn’t support MAC combability. It provides a 30-day free trial.

SINGER Futura Photositch

This embroidery software is itself by the popular sewing machine brand SINGER. It is a photo stitch embroidery software that will help in converting your photos into embroidery designs.

It includes step by step guideless and rules to follow to achieve the ending result. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, and even the background color of the embroidered photo.

However, it only works with Signer embroidery machines namely Ce-150, CE-250, CE-350, and compatible with Windows XP, Vista 7 and 8 and not with MAC.

Brother PED Basic

This embroidery software by Brother is easy to get started with. All you need is a PC and Brother embroidery machine with a memory card slot.

It will help you to save your pes embroidery design files to the Brother memory card slot fitted in your Brother embroidery machine. It has saved embroidery designs in hoop sizes 4 x4, 5×7, and 6×10.

It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, and not with Mac. Moreover, if you have Windows 10, you may find it difficult to get started.


Embrilliance Stitch Artist Level 3

Embrilliance StitchArtist Level 3 is a complete package that includes Level 1 and Level 2 as well. The best thing is it is compatible with both PC and MAC.

This embroidery software includes some advantaged embroidery styles, Quickstyles, Carving lines, Eyeing Tool, and much more. It is the best embroidery tool for customizing embroidery designs. It is easy to edit images and rework with StitchArtist Level 3.

Singer Futura Ce-150 Software For Mac Free

It is for the embroidery professionals who are well aware of the various aspects of embroidering. If you are a beginner Embrilliance also has StitchArtist Level 1 for them. Level 3 requires utter brilliance and super creativity to use it.

Amazing Designs Monogram it!

Singer Futura Ce-150 Software For Mac Windows 7

If you are looking for the best and affordable monogramming software, Monogram It! By Amazing Designs, it is.

Free Singer Futura Software Download

It includes 24 different monogram fonts with 2 applique fonts as well. You can create up to 4 letter monograms with Monogram It! in a single color. It has 25 inbuilt monogram frames and 39 built-in monogram designs. Not only this, but you can also rotate, flip, color advance, and much more while monogramming with the help of this software.

Singer Futura Ce 150 Software

It is compatible with PC, Windows XP, Vista, 7 but not with Mac.

Futura Ce 150 Embroidery Software

These were some of the best embroidery software for PC and Mac you can choose from according to your list. If we are to pick one software that is the best of all, undoubtedly Embrilliance has the finest embroidery software with no compatibility issues. It accurately fulfills the needs of different levels of embroidery lovers with different software.

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