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Thunderbird is a desktop email client from Mozilla, a nice free alternative to Microsoft’s Outlook. You can easily set up gmail in that if you prefer desktop email apps.

  • Jun 15, 2020  Many email providers offer webmail, which is a way to use email with a web browser such as Safari, instead of with an email app such as Mail. For example, if you're using an iCloud Mail account, you can use to send and receive email. Because the password that you use with Mail is usually the same password that you use with webmail, try signing in to webmail with that password.
  • Download Mail for Gmail for macOS 10.11 or later and enjoy it on your Mac. ‎Enjoy all the advantages of accessing your Gmail account, separate from your browser: - Quickly access Gmail from the menu bar - Badge dock icon with unread email counter - Receive and customize unread email notifications - Touch Bar support - Compact mode.

Open Apple Mail. The Welcome to Mail window will open. Note: If you have configured Apple Mail on this computer before, you need to add another account to access your Google Apps Account. Go to Mail Add Account. After the Choose a mail account to add screen opens, select Add Other Mail Account and press Continue. In the mail Add Account window.

This article is a step by step guide to setting up gmail in Thunderbird. You can also setup your Google apps account ([email protected]) in the similar way.

1. Sign in to Gmail ([email protected]) or your Google apps account ([email protected]).

You simply attach your clone drive, restart while holding down the Option key, select the clone drive in OS X’s Startup Manager, and press Return. A few moments later, you’re back up and running—and you can then repair (or replace) your main startup drive more or less at your leisure. Cloning software reviews. By contrast, even though Time Machine also backs up every file on your drive, restoring all those files to a new drive takes hours (or possibly days); restoring an entire drive from an online backup service takes even longer.

Setup google apps account on mac mail email

2. Click on “Settings” given at the top right.

3. Open “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab. Select “Enable IMAP” option. Click on “Save changes”. (Read our guide on POP and IMAP to know more about those settings.)

4. Download Mozilla Thunderbird and install it on your computer.

5. Open it and go to Tools –> Account Settings.

6. Under “Account Actions” drop down (given at the bottom left) select “Add mail account”.

7. Enter your name in the given box. Provide your email address and password in the required field and click on “continue” button.

Yahoo Mail App Mac

8. Thunderbird will automatically try to configure your settings for your mail account. While testing I found that Thunderbird automatically finds settings for Gmail account, but it is unable to find settings for Google apps account ([email protected]) . To fill the correct setting manually, click on “Stop” button given on the right.

9. Now click on “Manual Setup” button to fill the settings manually.

Because of the advancement of technology and their growing applications, becomes an easy task. Free video enhancement software mac.

10. Now enter the settings manually. Check the screenshot given below for the correct settings for Gmail.

11. Click on Outgoing Server (SMTP) given on the left pane. Select the (Default) from the list and click “Edit” button. A small SMTP Server window will appear. Now enter the settings as given in the below screenshot. Replace “[email protected]” with your own email address.

12. On the left pane, click on the first option, i.e. name of your email ([email protected] in my case). On the right side, fill your email address in the “Account name” field. On Outgoing Server (SMTP) drop down select the server setting you configured in step 11. Click on OK.

That’s it. Now click on Read Message link on the right. Thunderbird will check all the settings and download all your mail instantly.

Now you can use Gmail right inside the Thunderbird mail client. You can compose new mail, send mail, move mails to folders, star the mails, search for mails and do much more.

You could also set up gmail under POP instead of IMAP, but we prefer IMAP and recommend the same.

Setup Google Apps Account On Mac Mail Free

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123456 is the most common email password.

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