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May 31, 2020  GEDitCOM II — New Genealogy Software for the Macintosh. GEDitCOM II is a genealogy application for MacOS X that sets the standard for ease-of-use, for editing genealogy files, for a customizable user experience, and for power features allowing the greatest access to your genealogical data. GEDitCOM II is a complete rewrite of the former GEDitCOM application. Mar 03, 2015  The Best Genealogy Software and Services. Dig deep into your family's history using these applications and websites. Be warned, however; once you've got the genealogy bug, you may never shake it.

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Mac Family Tree Review


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Mac Family Tree from Synium is the only Mac specific genealogy software in this category. Although since Synium released their first version of Mac Family Tree, most of the best genealogy programmes have become Mac compatible, all Mac users will tell you that software fine tuned specifically for the Mac is almost always superior.

Mac Genealogy Software Reviews

As such, Mac Family Tree 7 is specifically designed for the latest OS X Yosemite operating system, and this really shows. It is one of the fastest programmes we have reviewed, with no loading times or freezing whatsoever. Also, it boasts one of the slickest, intuitive user interfaces, something for which Mac users have very high standards.

However, as is the case regarding most Mac programmes, Mac Family Tree is on the expensive side. At $49.00 it costs almost double that of many of its competitors. Luckily, they do offer a free demo which allows you to check out Mac Family Tree before committing to a purchase. On the one hand, the demo does allow users to try out all the available features, which is great seeing as most free genealogy software is restricted in this sense.

On the other hand, however, users are not able to save nor print their work. This means that, while most free versions of other software in this category allow you to conduct limited research into your family history, this is not the case regarding Mac Family Tree.

We were also slightly disappointed to find that research produced during the demo trial cannot be exported to the full paid version of the software. This seems pretty unfair to us and appears to only serve to discourage purchases as potential customers will have to restart their research from scratch. We do hope Synium change this in the future.

If you do decide that Mac Family Tree is the software for you, all you have to do is download it from the App store. Again, it’s not surprising that purchase and software installation on a Mac could not be simpler. We were happy to see that this usability doesn’t let up, as Mac Family Tree Builder is consistently a pleasure to use from the word go.

We especially appreciated the synchronization and sharing tools on offer. Users can share their findings and collaborate via iCloud, Dropbox or by creating their own family tree websites. Collaboration is essential to all good genealogy research as almost all seasoned researchers will tell you that relying on nothing more than documentation will more often than not simply take you round in circles.

We have also noticed many important updates and additions since we reviewed version 5 of Mac Family Tree. Notably, the sourcing tools have been upgraded bringing Mac Family Tree in line with genealogy industry standards. Moreover, we were particularly impressed by the Virtual Globe 2.0 upgrade which allows you to track the migratory routes of your ancestors easily and with incredible accuracy.

In conclusion, even though it’s more expensive than most other products in this category, due to it being custom made we recommend all Mac users consider Mac Family Tree. Although not as feature packed as some of its competitors, its speed and user interface cannot be beat. This is even more important for iPad and iPhone users to take into account.

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Reviews Of Free Genealogy Software For Mac

Family tree maker helps to build stunning family charts and allows sharing them with family members and friends. It comes with best features like mapping family members and allows adding new family members like children, remarriage or stepchildren. It provides the information of ancestors and shows evidence too.


To know more about family tree maker software one can search Google using “family tree maker templates”, “family tree maker online”, “family tree maker for kids” or “family tree maker download”.

Family Tree Maker

This tool helps one to build family tree easily and quickly. It enables updating family tree and share the tree with family and friends. It provides charts, reports, photos and many more to enhance tree. It allows illustrating family story with historical records and video files. It comes with onscreen help system.


There are set of products available for each feature. AnstryDNA is a easy-to-use DNA test kit which helps to find unique ethnic origins. Gift subscriptions will publish one’s family tree story. ProGenealogists helps to make family history search. Ancestry Academy helps to learn courses from family history experts. Photobooks and Posters help to produce creative gifts from family memories.


This feature filled family tree maker software helps to record, research and share family history. It comes with plenty of amazing features like color coding, problem alerts and many more. It allows directly importing any family tree maker file. It works on both windows and Mac with a single license.


This family tree making software comes with origins report to know trace origin of one’s country. It enables ancestor’s movement from place to place using migration mapping. It allows sharing events of family members. It comes with enhanced user interface and performs automatic sorting of events. It provides members statistics using various criteria like births by era, average life span and surnames. Mac os personal use software.

Other Family Tree Maker for Different Platforms

There are a good number of family tree makers available for different platforms like Windows, Android and Mac Os. As their installation depends on the platform one should verify platform compatibility and then proceed for downloading and installing the software. Details of these softwares for each platform are provided below to get more knowledge.

Best Family Tree Maker for Windows – WinFamily

Winfamily comes with easy-to-use and understand interface and most of the feature are self-explanatory. It produces all possible details for each member in the tree. It can perform drag and drop individuals to the tree. It can perform validation as well as import and export data easily. It supports multi language.

Best Family Tree Maker for Mac Os – Heredis

Heredis provides displaying family members using quick entry screen. It allows adding siblings, remarriage, stepchildren and makes the family extended. It tracks the movement of family members with the help of interactive maps. It comes with most advanced search tool to find ancestors from municipal and military records and many more.

Best Family Tree Maker for Android – MyHeritage

This family tree maker application helps to build family tree by adding parents, grandparents and other relatives to the family tree. It allows researching family history and fetches data. It searches birth certificates, marriage certificates, census records and old news papers to find ancestors details. It allows adding and sharing family memorable photos.

More great software for windows, android and Mac Os versions

For Windows version, some of the family tree maker software is “brother’s keeper” and “Family Historian 6”. For Mac Os version some of the family tree maker software is “Reunion”, “iFamily” and “Osk”. “FamilySearch Tree”, “GedStar Pro Genealogy Viewer” and “FamilyGTG” are some of the family tree maker software for android application.

Most popular Family Tree Maker for 2016 is My Family Tree

My family tree comes with plenty of features and tools to build interactive family charts. It supports multi-languages and spell check. It generates different types of customizable web reports for family groups. It allows displaying evidence sources and citations for the information. It allows analyzing family statistics like birth, death and marriages.

What is Family Tree Maker?

Family tree maker software enables to bring the entire family members together by building interesting family tree. However, the cumbersome job of building family chart is made easy with the help of these family maker softwares. They can create charts and reports to know statistics and patterns of the family members.

They can attach images and even photos for each family member and help the viewer to enjoy the memorable moments. To know more about their varieties one can search Google using “family tree maker 2014”, “family tree maker for mac”, “family tree maker 2012” or “family tree maker 2015”.

How to Install Family Tree Maker?

The software vendor or publisher for family tree maker provides installation instructions and one can follow them easily and perform the installation. One should check for prerequisites or predefined files that are to be installed and confirm system requirements. If any queries regarding installation arise one can contact the vendor and get clarified.

Benefits of Family Tree Maker

Family tree maker helps to organize family tree and store entire data for each member. They help to collect and preserve many important events of an individual member. They come with varieties of family charts like ancestor, descendant, and convergent charts. They provide detailed records and evidence of family members like birth certificates, marriage certificates, government records and much more.

They allow viewing family members by their birth dates, marriage date, and many others. They allow creating gorgeous photo albums of members and special events. It helps to track the status of family members and gives latest updates on their existence.

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