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USB 2.0-compatible port and USB cable.1, or a connection to your home network.2 (used for connecting the PS Vita system/PS TV system).1 A PS TV system cannot be connected with a USB cable.2 To connect to a PS Vita system/PS TV system using Wi-Fi, a Wi. The PS Vita 2000 and PS TV models are essentially identical to the original PS Vita 1000 in terms of software. All steps which say “PS Vita” also apply to other models unless otherwise specified. If you have a PS Vita 1000, you must also have an official Sony memory card (of any size) to follow this guide.

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Required Reading

The h-encore exploit for the PS Vita (TV) allows for the installation of homebrew applications to your home screen. It is compatible with the firmware versions 3.65 to 3.73.

Note that the h-encore exploit chain is not “persistent” (meaning it does not remain installed after a reboot). This means you will have to run the exploit again after each reboot.

In addition to installing the h-encore exploit, we enable access to “unsafe” homebrew which gives extended permissions to homebrew applications. This idea could be considered analogous to the “administrator” mode on a computer.

If you are on firmware versions 3.65 to 3.68, you will be using the h-encore exploit, however if you are on firmware versions 3.69 to 3.73, you will be using the h-encore² exploit. The program we use to install the exploit to your console (finalhe) should sort this out for you.

If you have a PS Vita 1000, you must also have an official Sony memory card (of any size) to follow this guide. This restriction does not apply to the PS Vita 2000 or PS TV as those devices have a built-in memory card.

What You Need

  • The latest release of finalhe
    • If you are using MacOS or Linux you will be required to compile finalhe yourself



Section I - finalhe

  1. Copy the contents of the finalhe .zip to a folder on your computer
  2. Launch finalhe on your computer
    • If you are prompted to allow finalhe network access through the firewall, do so
  3. Launch the Content Manager application on your device
  4. Select “Copy Content”
  5. Select “PC”
  6. Select the method you wish to use to connect to finalhe
    • If you are prompted to log-in to a PlayStation Network Account, do so
    • If you do not have a PlayStation Network Account, create one
  7. Select / register your computer if prompted
    • If you encounter a message instructing you to update, reboot your device and try again
    • If you still encounter this message, follow the instructions on Blocking Updates and try again
    • If you still encounter this message, enable Flight Mode in the System Settings and try again (this will not work on PS TVs)
    • If your device is not detected over USB, install QcmaDriver_winusb and try again

Section II - h-encore Transfer

  1. Select “Trim h-encore to ~13MB”
    • Only do this step if you are on 3.68 or below
  2. Select “Let’s GO!”
    • The exploit files will be automatically downloaded and prepared
    • This process will take some time
  3. Select “PC -> PS Vita System” on your device
  4. Select “Applications”
  5. Select “PS Vita”
  6. Select “h-encore” or “h-encore²” depending on which is displayed
  7. Select “Copy”
  8. Select “OK”
    • The h-encore exploit will be copied to your device
    • This process will take some time
  9. Close the Content Manager application on your device
  10. Close finalhe on your computer

Section III - Configuring h-encore

h-encore² only has a ~25% success rate. It may take a long time to launch the h-encore² exploit.

  1. Launch the h-encore application while holding (R)
    • If prompted about trophies, continue holding (R) and select “Yes”
  2. If the exploit was successful, you will now see the h-encore bootstrap menu
    • If the exploit is stuck on a white screen, simply close the application (which will cause a crash and reboot your device), then try again
    • If it is still stuck, hold the power button down for over 30 seconds to force a reboot, then try again
  3. Select “Install HENkaku”
    • This will install the HENkaku exploit and enable homebrew access until the next reboot
  4. Select “Download VitaShell”
    • This will install the VitaShell homebrew application for managing your device’s filesystem
    • VitaShell (and all homebrew applications in general) will remain installed after a reboot, but will give an error on launch if the HENkaku exploit is not active
  5. Select “Exit”

Section IV - Configuring HENkaku

  1. Launch the Settings application
  2. Navigate to HENkaku Settings
    • If HENkaku Settings is missing, select the “Reset taiHEN config.txt” in the h-encore bootstrap menu, then try again
  3. Check “Enable Unsafe Homebrew”
  4. Return to HENkaku Settings menu
  5. Close the Settings application

Continue to Downgrading to 3.60

Alright, TheFloW‘s long-awaited release is here! Nothing much unnecessary intro-blah from me this time… so: Welcome to the new exploit chain ‘h-encore’ enabling us to hack our PlayStation Vitas on 3.65-3.68!

“h-encore, where h stands for hacks and homebrews, is the second public jailbreak for the PS Vita™ which supports the newest firmware 3.65, 3.67 and 3.68. It allows you to make kernel- and user-modifications, change clock speed, install plugins, run homebrews and much more.”

Now where on 3.60 our entry point was a webkit exploit this one will be a classic savegame exploit and will require you to have the following demo of the game.

And the maybe best news for your: Said demo is, free – you won’t have to pay anything, small in size – so you firstly don’t necessarily need a memory card for Slim Vitas/PSTVs and secondly save memory AND on top of that it is an instant loader!!!

That’s why I think it might be appropriate to say this is the like the holy grail of savegame exploits you can find. Without wanting to sound pessimistic but this probably won’t happen again anytime soon.

(what you see here is actually the demo with a custom live area design you can install if you like)

Preparing the Vita

The only downside to these news is that it needs quite complicated preparations; We will need to get the hacked savegame as well as the full game onto our Vitas! I need an easy video software for my mac download.

For that, we’ll need to firstly download the game as pkg file from the PlayStation servers, then unpack it manually and finally inject it together with our exploited savegame into a system backup of our Vita. For that YifanLu’s psvimgtools will be necessary and then we finally only need to restore the modified backup.

But once that’s done, triggering the exploit couldn’t be any easier as you saw in the teaser video already! And since HENkaku is only temporary and needs reactivation for everything higher than 3.65, that’s quite handy.

What I mean and for everyone new here: For you, as the user you WILL need to reactivate the hack by triggering the exploit again after each console reboot! (That’s if you are on 3.68. just like with the first release of HENkaku when there was no Enso yet. If you are on 3.65 or lower don’t update any higher for a permanent solution!)


If you are on.

3.68 – you are all set for using ‘h-encore’ so go ahead and follow the installation tutorial

3.67 – update to 3.68 and install ‘h-encore’ and enjoy the online services while you can

3.65 – consider staying on this firmware as Enso can make your hack permanent

Hack Ps Vita 3.6

3.63 – update to 3.65 for Enso / 3.68 for temporary HENkaku only

3.61 – update to 3.65 for Enso / 3.68 for temporary HENkaku only

3.60 – stay, or update to 3.65 for Enso / 3.68 for temporary HENkaku only

Where the only real reasons to update from 3.60/3.65 is to either play the newest games because they need a certain firmware or connect to the PSN services for whatever reason. Apart from that, there is no real reason really. and we STRONGLY suggest not to do so!

(If you don’t care; You then might consider installing the Demo via the PKG Installer and the hacked savegame via VitaShell first while you still have full system access!)



The actual hacked save and full installation instructions can be found on TheFloW’s github page!

Ps Vita 3.68 Hack On Mac Free

h-encore, a fully chained kernel exploit for PS Vita on firmwares 3.65-3.68, now available:

— TheFloW (@theflow0) July 1, 2018

Ps Vita 3.68 Hack On Mac Pc

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