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This is not for POGO.
This is for the discord game called Pokecord. Pokecord is a bot on discord that lets you basically play pokemon in a discord server by catching/trading/training/fighting pokemon with other users. You have to guess the pokemon by name using a catch command to catch the pokemon before the other users do. The bot is run on 690k+ servers.
Gotcha Bot auto catches pokemon, notifies you via pm if you caught a legendary, mythic, ultrabeast, event, or even shiny pokemon. It also auto levels by switching your pokemon at level 100, and collects pokedex rewards for you so you never run out of credits!
Supported and updated frequently. Message me on discord for support.
Support: Discord: DefaulT#2648
I am not responsible if you get banned.
Github/Setup Tutorial:
Youtube Setup:
Discord developers link: Pokecord Hack Mac
Most recent version: v2.1.1.1
Supported and updated frequently. Message me on discord for support.
Virus Total:
The virus total has false positive because we use an auto updater.

Pokecord Hack Mac 2018

To view the source of the updater see the paste bin below.
Recent Updates:
Fixed Mewtwo notification bug
Updated legendary list to include missing ones
Fixed auto vote timeout
Updated hotkey check interval from 750ms to 250ms
Added bot runtime to console title
Fixed auto spam restarting when supposed to be paused
Added auto xp boost buying - toggled through levels.ini
Added level cap to level queue via levels.ini
Updated some functions to separate modules for speed
Pokedex rewards now update balance directly
AutoXP Boost purchase now updates balance directly
Added xp status to level ups
Fixed spammer starting after auto voter
Fixed custom notifications not updating caught count
Fixed auto buy xp during vote
Fixed pause and esc hotkey not working during vote
Added Firefox support to auto voter
Added Client to voter.ini
Fixed bot sending commands in wrong channel
Fixed auto vote timeout for some users
Added pokemon detection time stats to console
Added stats for alolan pokemon
Added Alolan counts to counts.ini
Added notifications for alolans
Added alolan toggle to notifications.ini
Fixed Type: Null whitelist bug
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