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You can sync your OneDrive to your iPad or Mac. In computer terminology, syncing (the term comes from synchronizing) means to see to it that the data in two different places is the same. For example, you would sync data on a cellphone and a computer to make sure that the same telephone numbers are stored on both devices.

Syncing is important for working on files on OneDrive because, unless your OneDrive files and the files on your iPad or Mac are in sync, you can end up with many different versions of the same file and not be sure which version is up‐to‐date.

Syncing files between the iPad and OneDrive

You will be glad to know that Office files on the iPad and Office files kept at OneDrive are synced automatically. In case you lose your Internet connection when you’re working on a file stored on OneDrive, the iPad keeps a local copy of Office files you’re working on. If you lose your Internet connection, you work on the local copy. This local copy is uploaded automatically to OneDrive when the Internet connection is restored.

Onenote for mac app not syncing with Onenote on Onedrive I'm a new Onenote user trying to get Onenote on my MacBook Pro to sync with Onenote web on I'm signed into each on the same Microsoft account. I double-checked. I have notebooks on the web account different from those on the mac app.

You can tell when you’re working on a local copy of a file from OneDrive by opening the File menu. If you see the words “Upload pending” under AutoSave, it means the edits you made to your file haven’t been saved to OneDrive yet. The edits will be saved to OneDrive when the Internet connection is restored.

OneDrive App. Cause: The OneDrive app on the Mac is not syncing. This is most likely causes are: The OneDrive process is not running; Your credentials need to be updated; The OneDrive app needs to be updated. Resolution: Verify that the OneDrive app is running: You should see the OneDrive icon (looks like double clouds) on the top menu bar on. Jun 12, 2019  Does not work on my MacBook Air 2018 even after trying that fix. I am using Office 365 version of OneDrive. I also tried Mac App Store version of OneDrive, and the May 29th version right off Microsoft's site and none of these work for me. Device Syncing OneDrive can sync settings and apps on all your Windows desktops, laptops, and tablets, and clients for iOS, Android, and MacOS give users of those devices access to the synced. Jan 29, 2020  1) Configure Security enable 'Isolate Windows from Mac' 2) Shutdown VM 3) Shutdown OneDrive on Mac and close browser 4) Launch OneDrive on Mac 5) Open browser to Sharepoint Site/One Drive directory, choose 'sync' 6) Voila-launches in Mac OneDrive 7) Uncheck 'Isolate Windows from Mac'.

Syncing files between Office 2011 and OneDrive

To sync files between Office 2011 for Mac and OneDrive, you need an app called OneDrive. This app is available for free at the App Store.

After you download and install the OneDrive app to your Mac, you can tell the app which folders on OneDrive you want to sync on your Mac. The OneDrive app makes copies of folders on OneDrive and places these copies on your machine. Then, working in the background, the OneDrive app copies files back and forth between your Mac and OneDrive as necessary to make sure that the latest versions of all files are in both places and in sync with one another.

Open the Launchpad and click OneDrive to open the OneDrive app. After it opens, the OneDrive icon appears on the Mac toolbar. Clicking the OneDrive icon opens a drop‐down menu with information about how much storage space you have on OneDrive and when files were synchronized. As far as syncing goes, these are the options worth knowing about on the menu:

  • Open OneDrive folder: Opens the OneDrive folder so that you can see which folders are synced. You can open Office files from this folder. Click a folder to open it and then click the name of a file you want to open.

  • Preferences: Opens the Preferences dialog box so that you can tell the OneDrive app how you want it to work:

    • General: Place the OneDrive icon on the Dock and open the app at startup.

    • Choose Folders: Tell the app which OneDrive folders you want to replicate and sync with on your machine.

    • About: Unsync folders on your machine from OneDrive.

Microsoft OneNote is one of the popular note-taking solutions. The software is available on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Web. OneNote uses OneDrive to store and synchronize the data across platforms. Millions of users use the note-taking app there as it is free, comes with tons of features and sharing options out of the box.

With such popularity and usage, OneNote does come with some annoying behaviors. For example, you cannot synchronize data to other cloud storage platforms. And as you start using the service with multiple notebooks and sections across the devices, you might encounter OneNote sync error in the app. That has been the sore point of OneNote from the beginning, slow and unreliable syncing across the devices.

If you are someone stuck with OneNote sync error on your Windows or macOS, then that might be the perfect read for you. We will talk about the different ways to solve the syncing issue on the OneNote. Let us get started.

Onedrive Not Syncing Between Computers

1. Check Notebook on the Web

One can quickly check if the issue is from the OneNote or the installed app on the PC.

Step 1: Open the OneNote desktop app and select any notebook.

Step 2: Move to File > Info and copy the Notebook path.

Step 3: Open a web browser and paste the link.

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On a Mac, open Notebook and move to Notebook section in the ribbon and select copy link to this notebook.

If the Notebook is opening on the web, then the issue is with the installed app on the devices. Let’s fix that.

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2. Update OneNote

Microsoft frequently provides OneNote updates across the platforms. On Windows, it maintains two versions of OneNote. Universal Windows app of OneNote and the Office 365 desktop app. The company decided to wave goodbye to the OneNote desktop app, but due to the popular demand, it reversed the decision and released the OneNote 2016 with the dark theme support.

The OneNote sync error could be due to the last app update that might have messed up the syncing in the app. Download the latest update for the OneNote.

For UWP (Universal Windows Platform) OneNote, open Microsoft Store and navigate to Downloads and Updates > Get Updates and install the latest version of the app. For OneNote Desktop, open the app and select File > Account > Update Options > Update Now.

As for macOS, open the Mac App Store and go to updates and download the latest build of the app. Open the latest app and watch for the latest sync status.

3. Set the Notebook to Sync Automatically

By default, OneNote syncs the Notebooks automatically whenever you open the device on the PC or Mac. If you have somehow disabled it, then let’s switch it back on.

For the UWP app, open OneNote and move to Settings > Options and toggle on sync notebook automatically option from the menu. For the desktop OneNote, right-click on any Notebook and select Notebook Sync Status. Switch on the sync automatically whenever there are changes option.

4. Sync Notebooks Manually

If you are still facing sync issues on OneNote, then you might want to force the Notebooks and section to sync manually. For UWP, right-click on any notebook, and select Sync > Sync this notebook option.

For the OneNote desktop app, right-click on any Notebook and select Sync this notebook now option. You can also use the Shift + F9 keyboard shortcut to sync the select notebook manually. I mostly use the OneNote keyboard shortcuts.

The trick is the same for the macOS version too. Right-click on the notebook and select sync in this notebook or use the ‘command + S’ keyboard shortcut.

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5. Reopen the Notebook

This trick has worked for many. Users can close the notebook and open it again from the same location. For the OneNote desktop, right-click on any notebook and select ‘Close this notebook’ option. Now open it by going into File > Open and select the Notebook from the OneDrive.

For the UWP app, right-click on any notebook and select the close notebook option. Open it again from the more notebook option.

6. Move Conflicting Notes to Another Section

You might have encountered the conflicted changes highlighted in red color in the notes. The behavior happens when you and your partner both make edits in the same note of the shared notebook.

In such cases, you can move or copy the notes or sections in another notebook. Right-click on section and move or copy them to another notebook.

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7. Delete Space on PC and OneDrive

As I mentioned before, the software uses Microsoft OneDrive to sync the data across the devices. By default, it comes with only 5GB of storage, which quickly gets filled up due to images and videos. You can delete some of the OneDrive storage or opt for the Microsoft 365 subscription, which offers 1TB of cloud storage.

One can also optimize the inactive files to save some space. Open OneNote desktop and navigate to File > Options > Save and Backup and select the Optimize all files now option.

Resolve OneNote Syncing Issue

OneNote is an excellent service. But the syncing error is something to look out for a smooth experience across the devices. Use the guidelines above and resolve the syncing error from the OneNote.

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