Nikon Coolscan Iv Ed Driver Mac Os X

  1. Finally Nikon has made a software that works on OS X (Panther 10.3.3 in my case). This version feels like it did in OS 9 with my Super CoolScan 4000. It's as fast and responsive as it was back then.
  2. Super COOLSCAN 9000 ED from Nikon. Note: More memory may be required depending on film type, scan size, resolution, bit depth, the number of scans performed in each session, the film holder or adapter used, and whether Digital ROC or Digital GEM are used. A system with more than the minimum amount of memory is recommended.
Nikon coolscan v ed driver

Nikon Scan v4.0.2 - Updater Nikon Scan v4.0.0 - Full version See download pages for detailed compatibility information: Supported scanners. Super COOLSCAN LS-9000 ED Super COOLSCAN LS-8000 ED Super COOLSCAN LS-5000 ED Super COOLSCAN LS-4000 ED COOLSCAN V LS-50 ED COOLSCAN IV LS-40 ED. Supported OS: Windows and Macintosh.


Nikon Coolscan Driver


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Device:Nikon COOLSCAN V ED Drivers Installer
File Size:1.12 Mb
Supported OS:Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
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Supported OS:Windows XP 64bit, Windows Vista 64bit, Windows 7 64bit, Windows 8 64bit
File Size:10.62K
Supported OS:Windows XP, Windows Vista 32bit, Windows 7 32bit, Windows 8 32bit

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Nikon Coolscan Iv Ed Driver Mac Os X

I tried to use my Nikon Coolscan V ED slide scanner over the weekend and discovered that its software doesn't work in Leopard, much less Snow Leopard.. I guess its been a LONG time since I've needed to scan slides. The Nikon Scan 4 software hasn't been updated since 2004, in fact..
I'm not a pro user; I'm scanning old (early 1970s to early 1990s) color slides before they degrade too much further. These are all fairly old well-used slides, and so need dust/scratch removal and some color correction/restoration. They are all family photos, and so doing this right is fairly important, but I have limited time and skill.
In looking for replacement software for my slide scanner, I have only found two contenders: VueScan and SilverFast. Unfortunately, Apple's built-in Image Capture doesn't 'see' the slide scanner, although it works perfectly with my flatbed scanner.
VueScan is less expensive ($40 for standard version with 1 year of free upgrades and $80 for the pro version with lifetime free upgrades, and supports neatly all scanners ever made. I've used the VueScan demo and it works very well with my slide scanner and seems to make good-quality scans.
SilverFast is pricier ($50 for SE version, $218 for Ai IT8 version, and up) with 75%+ of retail price paid upgrades (and no upgrade discount for the SE version, apparently), and the version you but is locked to a single very limited set of devices (Nikon LS 50ED and Coolscan V ED slide scanners, in my case). I haven't tried SilverFast yet due to its unattractive pricing/upgrade policy, but will try it if others recommend it highly.
First, are there any other alternatives I haven't considered?
Second, what software do you all recommend?
My Mac is an Early 2009 'Nehalem' Mac Pro with 12GB RAM running Mac OS X 10.6.2.
Thanks in advance!

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