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Type of businessLearning
Available inEnglish and many others
OwnerOxford University Press
Alexa rank 61,751 (September 2019)[1]
Current statusLive
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MyMaths is a subscription-based mathematics website which can be used on interactive whiteboards or by students and teachers at home.[2][3] It is owned and operated by Oxford University Press, who acquired the site in 2011. MyMaths has historically been used in over 80% of secondary schools in the UK. As of now[when?] MyMaths has over 4 million student users in over 70 countries worldwide, many of whom are in England.[4]



Users are required to have subscriptions, after which they are given a username and password to access MyMaths. MyMaths has a wide range of curriculum materials and resources aimed at students in primary and secondary schools.[5]

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