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Mar 23, 2011  Awaken turns your Mac into the ultimate music alarm clock and sleep timer. Wake up to your music or built-in sounds. Supports multiple alarms with sorting and labeling. Customizable snooze control. Create one-time alarms, weekly alarms, or target a specific date. Gradually fade in the music volume and screen brightness.

Alarms and timers are great productivity tools that are with us every step of the way. You wake up with an alarm, start and finish working with it. Alarms help you remember important events and make sure you don’t miss your friend’s birthday.

Some people can’t imagine doing their work without alarms and timers. Pomodoro productivity apps are a living proof of that. If you ever struggled meeting your deadlines, give this technique a try and you’ll see how much more efficient you can be.

Even though there are a few different options to set an alarm on a Mac, not every user knows how to do it. Let’s take a look at a few different options (both built-in and third-party). Then you can choose one that suits your needs best.

How to Set an Alarm on Mac Using Calendar

Your computer comes with a lot of pre-installed MacOS apps that are actually really good. One of the default apps is Calendar.

The app has many useful features, including setting a one-time alarm, and any alarm that you set on your computer using Apple Calendar will automatically sync with your other iOS devices. That way, you will still get the alert even if you’re away from your Mac.

Setting an alarm on Mac in Calendar is a very straightforward process:

  • To access Calendar, go to your dock. If you don’t see Calendar on your dock, go to Launchpad and find the app there using search tool.
  • Choose the date you want to set the alarm for.
  • When selecting the time for your alarm, double-click on the space next to the right hour. For example, if you want the alarm to go just after noon, click on the space between 12 and 1pm. Then drag the created time slot to adjust the minutes.
  • You can edit your event by creating a name for it, setting it to Home or Work event, adding location, notes, and even inviting other people.
  • To add an alert, tap on the date of your alarm. That will bring down a small menu. Click Alert.
  • Choose when you want the alarm to go off. You can choose from the default options or click Custom to set your own alarm length.
  • Hit Apply. If you’d like to add multiple alerts, click + next to the one you just created.

Removing an alarm is just as easy. Use the right-click to delete it, or tap on the event and click Delete.

How to Set an Alarm on Mac Using Reminders

If you’re someone who loves being in control and staying on top of your life, you’re probably using at least one of the great task-management apps out there. However, your Mac is already equipped with a simplistic to-do list type of app called Reminders.

This app’s main purpose is to remind you of important tasks you have to do throughout the day. It also works great for setting alarms on your Mac.

  • Go to Launchpad to locate the app. Open Reminders.
  • Inside the app, click on the + to add a reminder.
  • Type the name in. Then click the information (i) icon next to it.
  • Choose Remind me on a day.
  • Add the day and time you’d like to set the alarm for.
  • Click Done.

In order to remove the alarm, right-click the reminder and choose Delete.

Set an Alarm on Mac Using Siri

Digital assistants have their own strengths and weaknesses. On your smartphone, you can use Siri to set alarms. On your Mac, you can do it by using Siri to set a reminder.

But before you do it, make sure you have Siri enabled on your Mac.

Alarm Clock App For Macbook

  • Go to your System Preferences, choose Siri, and then check Enable Ask Siri.
  • To open Siri, use the key combination you have set up for it (the default one is Command + Space), or click Siri icon in the upper right corner of your Mac.
  • Say Set an alarm.
  • Siri will politely decline and offer to set a reminder instead.
  • Say Yes or click Confirm to set the reminder.

Ditch The Built-In Options

While Mac’s built-in options for setting alarms are useful, you might still find them rather limited. If you’re craving something more simple and straight-to-the-point, try one of the third-party sites and apps that serve the same purpose.

Use Online Alarm Clock To Set Alarms on Mac

If you have internet access, there’s no shortage of options for online alarm clocks. A simple Google search will bring up a few different options that you can choose from, like Onlineclock or Kukuklok.

Those sites are free to use, and they come with a set of basic options. You can set same-day alarms and timers, as well as choose the sound of the alert.

If you’re looking for a tool focused specifically on setting timers on Mac, E.ggtimer is a good pick. It comes with a countdown that you can set for certain time periods or even different tasks, like brushing your teeth or doing your morning exercise.

For those of you looking for a more interactive tool, give Setalarmclock a try. Aside from setting timers and alarms, it gives you advice on productivity, as well as a few fun options like naming your alarms and leaving a message for your future self.

When using these apps, make sure your computer isn’t muted and your volume is loud enough for you to hear the alarms go off.

Use Wake Up Time To Set Alarms

Wake Up Time is a great option for when you’re feeling old school. It’s basically a virtual embodiment of a physical alarm clock you used to have sitting on your bedside table.

The app will put a picture of a stylish-looking alarm clock on your Mac which you can use to set your alarms. To set an alarm, choose the time and date and then click the blue round button in the bottom-left corner of the clock. You can change what your alarm will sound like by tapping Sound in the menu.

When your alarm goes off, it won’t stop ringing until you hit the Stop button. The app works offline, and unlike other online tools on this list it will still work even if your Mac is muted.

A Mac is a great computer that comes with built-in really useful software. But like with any new gadget, there are always ways to improve your experience with it. So it never hurts to always be on the lookout for new apps and tools to take your Mac to the next level.

Schedule your time sensitive tasks with Best Alarm Clock app for mac – It is an undeniable fact that Alarm Clocks are an essential thing for each one of us. However, with the introduction of elite gadgets like Apple Macintosh users don’t really feel the necessity of owning an alarm clock separately.
Some of the best alarm clock app for mac have made things much easier and handy for the users. If you are in hunt for a suitable alarm clock app for mac device you can choose from the following:

Alarm clock for mac
  • Awaken for mac – Best musical alarm clock app for mac

Awaken converts your mac device into a musical alarm clock which supports multiple alarms. Just like any other alarm clock this application allows you to create one-time or weekly alarms. Its ability to open up the desired files or applications at the alarm time makes it an amazing app.

It also has customizable snooze control and auto-stop alarm options. Awaken for mac is the best alarm clock app for mac if you are not looking for much more functionalities.

Can a mac get hacked. Do not delete any of the user folders listed above.

  • Aion for mac


If you are a frequent traveler and do to and fro between different time zones then opting Aion for mac is the best option for you. This app allows you to keep a track of the current time of the chosen destination. The users can easily rename their preferred time zones as per convenience. The app shows the date in a precise way.

  • iClock for mac: Another best alarm clock app for mac

Music Alarm Clock Download

iClock is a comprehensive time app which controls several time-related functions. For instance, you can view date and time at the same time and in any format.

This alarm clock app for mac also lets you click on the drop-down menu to check out current time of the any of the chosen city in the world. The collation of quick calendar, calculator, timer and stopwatch makes it an all in one application.

This is a steadfast utility application which lets you quickly save an event and set a countdown for a specific time alert. There are ample alert options including standard alert sounds and display messages which can be customized as per your requirement. Multiple alerts can be set at the same time with this application; however, the biggest drawback is that you can’t edit them.

The Timer is an excellent application which includes the functions of an alarm clock, stopwatch, clock and timer all in one. It is embraced with an intuitive user interface which lets you browse through its various utility options.

This alarm clock app for mac has display options of up to 12 different time zones which include about 420 locations across the globe. The application is compact and covers a very little space of the desktop screen.

As the name suggests, Simple Floating Clock is an application which floats on the screen to show the current time. The translucent clock conveniently sticks around your desktop and does not disturb the view of your wallpaper.

Download Alarm Clock For Mac

This is the most comprehensive and detailed clock which is meant for the mac users. It has ample features which include time displays, calendars, and hourly chimes. The drawback of this application is that the functioning takes a time to understand.

FlexTime is a wonderful application for those who wish to set and schedule various time sensitive activities. This application not only reminds you to complete an activity on time but also alerts you about the next activity which needs to be started.

You can schedule anything to everything with this application. For instance, you can manage your activity classes and the break interval which you need in between.

Clocks are one of most essential instruments in our daily lives; however, many of us find it inconvenient to carry a wrist watch every time. With the help of the alarm clock apps for mac you can set your time sensitive task with utmost convenience.

These alarm clock apps for mac are crafted specifically for the users for who work on tight schedules and deadlines. There are ample alarm clock applications which the mac users can download for free. However, only a few of them actually solve the real purpose of an alarm clock. The above-mentioned applications are the ones fully loaded with excellent features and utility options.

Music Alarm Clock App For Mac Laptop

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