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First, I’ll admit Mac users have engineering software such as Matlab, Labview and AutoCAD. For 3D design and analysis in OSX there are few software platforms that are considered powerful CAD programs. Available CAD platforms are Sketchup, Maya, TinkerCAD but why not Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor, Parametric Creo, NX, ANSYS or even NASTRAN?

Qnap nas app for mac. Graebert specializes in 2D/3D CAD software to create and modify DWG drawings on Desktop, Mobile and Cloud as well as surveying software and services.

Apple BootCamp provides Windows capabilities

Since 2006, Mac users have been able to install Windows to a second partition or hard drive. The only prerequisite is installing BootCamp and having an Intel processor. This development has had both positive and negative effects on engineering software becoming native to the Mac platform. It has enabled anyone with Apple hardware to install CAD software for design and analysis. This in turn has provided software companies with a financial incentive to develop high-end programs for the Apple platform.

Delivering on CAD promises

Best free mac cad software

In 2010, Solidworks CEO Jeff Ray told the world Mac users would be getting Solidworks. It’s been 6 years Jeff, where is it? To answer this question, a reason could be that former executives raised enough capital to develop OnShape. A cloud computing CAD platform that runs natively on any Mac. One advantage of OnShape is that it allows both PC and Mac users to design and analyse cooperatively in real time. While this is advantageous to corporations and educational environments, cloud platforms are a drawback to users who prefer standalone installations.

A second argument he presented was, “…we have to be every bit as committed to that platform as we have been to Windows. Given the hundreds of developers we have working on Windows we can’t just go to them and say, ‘Starting tomorrow, you’ll start working on Mac.’”. He is correct in the sense that Solidworks would have to be every bit as committed but suggesting he would use the same developers for both Windows and Mac is completely inaccurate and unrealistic. Statements like this suggest there may be other reasons behind what is to all intents and purposes a commercial decision.

Is it all about the money?

Jeff Ray’s statements could be interpreted as a financial decision. We all appreciate that an immense amount of resources would be needed to develop engineering software for a new platform. Dedicating the required assets may not create the desired returns demanded by shareholders and boards of directors of today. However, if companies are unwilling to take a chance on new and potentially lucrative markets, where will tomorrow’s growth come from? What happened to innovation, companies willing to take a risk to stand out from the rest?

Future Engineering Software

The future of CAD design for most companies appears to be moving towards the cloud. Dassault Systèmes and Autodesk have already implemented versions of Solidworks and Inventor for cloud CAD development. A key advantage is both PC and Mac designers using the same CAD software, regardless of platform, which would simplify installation to licensing maintenance. OnShape recently conducted a study asking professional CAD designers what their biggest complaints were when working on large products. The top complaints were using different versions of software, licensing fees and loss of data. It’s beginning to make sense why so many companies are pushing the cloud platform.

Mac software for the near future

Mac users would be ecstatic if given the option to install standalone software packages such as SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor. Unfortunately at the moment it appears more beneficial for companies to move towards cloud CAD platforms to control costs and maximise exposure. Cloud platforms will make it easier for companies to produce and maintain high quality software. This would also make it more financially feasible to release regular updates in the future.

As of 2016, users willing to convert to cloud computing will have their desires met. However, Mac users who are waiting for companies to develop natively for Apple platforms could be waiting for some time with no guarantee of change in the foreseeable future. Is there a potentially enormous market awaiting any company willing to take a chance on fulfilling this appetite on Apple platforms? Are there any companies out there who are brave enough to take a short-term hit for potentially huge long-term income streams?

2D cad software provides the CAD professionals in quick processing of 2D CAD designing. They help in laying out plans and creating electrical or electronic diagrams. Most of this software come with traditional Autocad software user interface which makes the users easy to work with.


They also allow creating 2D or 3D objects with the help of comprehensive tools. To know more about this software one can search Google using “2d cad software list”, free 2d cad software for windows 7”, “2d cad software reviews” or “2d cad software, free download”.

Free 2D

Free 2D software enables quick and easy processing of 2D designing. It enables layout drawing, making diagrams and plotting dimensions. It enables easy transition by importing wizards, matching fonts as well as color schemes and supporting XERF, etc. It comes with built-in command finder which enables quick and easy processing.

DraftSight 2D CAD Software

Where to find the bestfree mac apps. This software enables simple to use which comes with best community support as well. It enables reading .dwg and .dxf files prior to 2.5 versions and allows them saving in R12 to R2007-2010 versions. It comes with training videos, tutorials and much more materials for better understanding. It is extremely simple to install.


NANOCAD comes with a professional user interface and it is simple to learn and resembles classic CAD interface. It comes with comprehensive tools for developing 2D or 3D objects. It comes with advanced table editor and it allows setting several plot areas easily. Its scripting engine helps users perform regular tasks by automating them.

Other 2D CAD Software for Different Platforms

Mechanical Cad Software For Mac Free

There is a plenty of 2D Cad software available in various platforms like Linux, Mac Os, and Windows. This software is platform dependent and they work with the platforms that they are designed for, hence one should check for platform compatibility. The features of this software for each version are provided below.

Best 2D CAD Software for Linux – LibreCAD

LibreCAD is open source and comprehensive 2D CAD application which allows customizing. It supports more than twenty languages and works on all major platforms. It comes with elegant editor and integration with CMake. It comes with extensive community support which is provided by developers as well. It comes with many features like adding or changing icons in documentation.

Best 2D CAD Software for Mac Os – CADEMIA

CADEMIA is simple as well as flexible CAD software. It provides certified security for your system and comes with simple tools for CAD documentation. It comes with complete and proficient services. Professional CAD users can get best solution from this software. It allows executing the software instantly and works on many platforms.

Best 2D CAD Software for Windows – Punchcad

Best Cad For Mac


Free Cad Software For Mac

Punchcad is the best software to create varieties of 2D or 3D designs. It comes with hundreds of tools to produce excellent drawings using simple sketches. It can produce architectural, mechanical, electrical as well as electronic drawings. It can also draw plans for innovations as well as thoughts. It allows accurate drafting too.

Most Popular 2D Cad Software –AUTOCAD Mechanical

This software comes with Autocad software functionalities and many other tools to automate mechanical drawing works. It provides layer groups: isolate, restore, and more feature. Drawing rectangles is easier using this software. It enables to document 3D CAD models. It comes with command preview and contextual menus features. It helps in making layer management easy.

What is 2D Cad Software?

2D Cad software is professional tool for creating 2D designs. They come with pack of tools to produce accurate drawings as well as plans easily. They allow creating plans for various home projects like furniture plans too. They provide easy editing and make dragging as well as dropping various shapes with ease. They allow making multi-dimensional objects quickly by creating object patterns. You may also see Product Design Software

They also come with various trimming tools to make the drawing perfect. To know more varieties about these software one can search Google using “3d cad software”, “free 2d cad software open source”, “2d cad software free” or “2d cad software download”. You may also see Plant Design Software

Mechanical Cad Software For Mac Pro

2D CAD software is most valuable tools for CAD professionals and users who require to plan, design and draft various drawings and objects. They provide automated processes, tutorials, community support and come with comprehensive tools to create professional drawings. They are very valuable and reliable software for planning and designing purposes.

Cad Programs For Mac

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