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Free up storage space for email accounts in Mail on Mac. If your email account exceeds the storage limits set by the account’s provider, you can take some actions in Mail to free up space on the account’s mail servers. Feb 08, 2018  At first, I though there was little I could do, since most of the files that are on my Mac are quite important, but on further checking I noticed that the Mail app was taking several GBs of space. Apple’s Mail program has a special way to save space on your drive with each of the email accounts that you use. By default, the application downloads and saves attached PDFs (and other images. Delete unneeded email: In the Mail app, choose Mailbox Erase Junk Mail. If you no longer need the email in your Trash mailbox, choose Mailbox Erase Deleted Items. When you duplicate a file on an APFS-formatted volume, that file doesn’t use additional storage space on the volume. Deleting a duplicate frees up only the space.

Jun 06, 2016  On both machines I noticed that the mail app consumes a lot of disk space (400 MB and more) (Setting - System - Storage - Apps and Games) Though, in all of my connected accounts only the 10 (at most) last messages of the Inbox folder are displayed and all the rest of the folders are not yet syncronized since I did not request a sync for them.

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Set up a brother hl-l2320d software mac. If your email account exceeds the storage limits set by the account’s provider, you can take some actions in Mail to free up space on the account’s mail servers.

In the Mail app on your Mac, do any of the following:

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Mac Mail App Storage Space App

  • Delete large messages or messages with attachments, or move the messages to a mailbox on your Mac.

    Tip: To quickly identify large messages, click “Sort by” at the top of the message list, then choose Size from the pop-up menu.

  • Delete attachments that you saved. Choose Message > Remove Attachments; the message remains in the mailbox and Mail indicates attachments were manually removed.

    For IMAP accounts, be sure to download the attachments first—attachments are deleted from the mail server and can’t be retrieved.

  • Empty your Trash mailbox. Messages you recently deleted are in the Trash mailbox but haven’t yet been removed from the mail server. Choose Mailbox > Erase Deleted Items, then choose to remove them from all accounts or a specific account.

  • For POP accounts, reduce the amount of time that copies of messages and attachments remain on the mail server before being removed. Choose Mail > Preferences, click Accounts, select the account, click Advanced, then choose a different option from the pop-up menu below “Remove copy from server after retrieving a message.”

Mac Mail App For Windows


To check the size of messages and mailboxes, view account information.

See alsoKeep mailboxes from getting too big in Mail on Mac

If you're running low on disk space on your Mac, especially SSD space, every extra bit can count. One of the places you can often scrape out a few extra megabytes or even gigabytes is Mail Downloads. Any attachments you open in Mail or Quick Look gets saved right to that folder. Chances are you don't need them, especially the old ones, and trashing them will free up some valuable space.

Mac Mail Is Using Storage

How to find and delete old Mail Download files to free up space

  1. Open Spotlight Search
  2. Type in Mail Downloads and click on the folder when it shows up to open it.
  3. Here you'll see a list of files that Mac Mail has saved. These are all attachments that you've either opened in Mail or viewed in Quick look.
  4. Delete the files you don't need and then close the Mail Downloads folder.

If you send and receive a lot of email, it's very easy for the Mail Downloads folder to get extremely large. Checking it every few weeks or months, whatever is appropriate for your use case is a good idea.

Give your Mail Downloads folder a quick look at let me know in the comments how much space you were able to save on your Mac!

If you need to reclaim even more space on your Mac, check out:


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