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Writing your name at the end every email can be a bit annoying, not to talk of time wasting. As such, most email clients have a signature option to automatically add whatever you want at the end of the message. Needless to say that Apple’s Mail app client is no different.

So, how can you set up the email signature on your macOS devices, you wonder? Well, you’re about to find out. If you haven’t add your email yet, first you need to add your email in Mail app.

Dec 05, 2014  Apple Mail has let you make your special mark with an HTML-style email signature since OS X Lion. The process of setting up an HTML signature in Apple Mail. Jul 21, 2016  To add an image or logo to the signature, select the image to use from the Finder and then drag and drop it into the Signature section of the Mail app That’s it, the logo signature or image signature has been made and is ready to use. Using the image signature in Mac Mail app is the same as any other custom signature in the mail client.

How to Add Email Signature on Your Mac?

  1. Add signature for email account.
  2. Using multiple email signatures
  3. Add image in signature
  4. Select email signature in preference
  5. Choose signature when composing email
  6. Other customizing options
  7. Signature for iCloud
  8. Using HTML templates for signatures

Oct 21, 2019  Copy image that you want add in signature first from your Drive or Folder on Mac, Directly past it inside signature location (last pane) – Show in step 4 Now easy to use when you compose mail or Change signatures you created for the mail account, See Below image. Jun 06, 2019  Prefer a written step-by-step guide? Read on here: Subscribe to our FREE. Jan 06, 2020  This video explains how to install your email signature in Apple Mail on iOS (iPhone and iPad) The installation guide is available from here:

1. Adding Signature to Email Accounts

Follow the steps outlined below to setup email signature on your Mac.

IOS doesn't allow this, so you're given access to the Kingston app's 'walled' storage on your iDevice. On Android, that means different devices will be able to handle different files. Kingston wi-drive app for mac. Pocket-lintUsing the app, you can stream files to the device, but, as you might expect, your phone/tablet/iPod will need to support that format for it to work. For example, our 7-inch Galaxy tab is happy with MKV video, but our Motorola RAZR is not. On Android devices, you can see the whole file system.

  • First, launch the mail app from your Dock or Launchpad.
  • Click on the Mail option at the menu bar and access the app “Preferences…” section. A small multi-tab window that allows you to change the email client settings should pop up.
  • Click the “Signature” tab at the top of the page. You will see three columns and select your preferred email account from the first column.

Mac Mail Signature Html

  • Next, click the + icon to add a new signature. Enter the name for your signature in the second column.
  • Type the new signature on the third column.
  • And if you want to remove any email signature from the list, just select the signature and click the – icon.

2. Using Multiple Email Signature

Mail app allows you to have multiple signature for single email account. You can create different signatures under “On My Mac” section and drag and drop the signature to required email account in the list. Alternatively, you can directly create new signatures for individual email account by selecting the email and click on + icon.

3. Using Image Signature

The email client on Mac is more flexible than the iPhone’s. As a result, not only you can add multiple text signatures, but you can also use images. To do this, just drag and drop the image into the signature box. But don’t forget to resize the picture before adding to the box. You can also do markup inside the signature box.

4. Choosing Email Signature in Preferences

On the Mail preferences section, you can setup a default signature for each email account. You have the following options when clicking on “Choose Signature” dropdown:

  • None – no signature.
  • Select specific signature for default option.
  • At Random – Mail app will randomly choose the signature from the available options.
  • In Sequential Order – Mail app will sequentially select your signature from the available signatures when you create, reply or forward emails.

5. Choose Signature in Emails

You can also choose the signature when you create a new email or when you are replying and forwarding. Go back to you Mail app and click on “Compose new message” icon. Alternatively, go to “File > New Message” menu or press “Command + N” to open a new message.

Here you can choose the signature from the dropdown and set the image size of the signature if you use image file in the signature.

6. Other Signature Options

Mac allows you to keep the font type of the signature as same as your email font. Also ensure to check “Place signature above quoted text” to add the signature above the previous text when replying or forwarding emails.

Mail app will automatically add signature when you are creating a new email, replying or forwarding a received email.

7. Signature for iCloud

When you are using iCloud Drive, select “iCloud” option and setup email signature as explained above. This signature will be available on other Mac devices when you use the same iCloud account.

8. How to Use HTML Signature?

Well, text and images are long gone. Now you need to add social icons and other HTML stuffs on the signature to identify yourself. There are no options in Mail app to insert HTML template signatures.

You need use third party apps for this purpose. Go to App Store on your Mac and search for “html mail signature” apps. You will find few premium apps depending upon your App Store country. Purchase an app and create templates as you need. Remember, you need to design HTML template on your own. The app will only allow you to add signature file in the Mail app library. The design and look of the signature is completely depends on your HTML code.

HTML Email Signature for Mac

The other option is to subscribe to apps outside App Store like WiseStamp. It offers variety of email signature templates to choose and customize. However, you need to subscribe on monthly basis to use the app.

To Wrap Up

Setting up an email signature on your Mac offers a lot of benefits. From sharing a link to your website to adding a logo to promote your brand, this simple feature gives your messages a little personality.

So add your name, link, signature, or picture to your email today. You just have to create it once and use it for as long as you want.

Your identity in signature at the End of mail that you send from Mail app on Mac or iPhone is Very useful for all professional and Business purpose. Here you have to learn how we can make our signature more delightful and informative. Yes, you can add emoji, Images (Business logo, Picture), Plain Text, Web address, HTML, Digital Signature or name in your Signature. Also able to set different signature in different mail account, Switch to another mail account also gets new signature and more. Learn how to add Email Signature with image in latest macOS.

Note: Existing Signature created on iPhone doesn’t make any effect after create signature on Mac for the same account. Signature on Mail app for different devices, Save it locally and use when you compose new mail.

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How to add Email Signature with image On Mac

1: Launch Mail app on Mac.

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2: From Top Mac menu, Under Mail > Click on Preference.

3: Next, Option windows click on Signature option from top tab.

4: First Pan Showing all added account in your Mail app, Choose account where you want create signature for that. Here I made signature for my iCloud mail account.

5: Next, Click on “+” icon and gives name of the signature.

Note: Under single mail account you can add any numbers of different signature with this “+” option.

Last pane is for make signature, type here it will auto save and will be found when you compose new mail from mail app.

Add Photo/ Picture or Logo in Mail Signature

Copy image that you want add in signature first from your Drive or Folder on Mac, Directly past it inside signature location (last pane) – Show in step 4

Now easy to use when you compose mail or Change signatures you created for the mail account, See Below image.

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Future time you can re-Edit, Remove or Add more signature easils that’s you show in above steps.

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