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Jul 03, 2020  iBoysoft Data Recovery Free starts off by having you select the hard drive to scan, and then shows all the deleted files in a regular folder structure like you see above. You can browse through them much like you can in Explorer, and easily select the files you want to restore. There are very simple ways of getting a list of files in a folder without external software. One option is using the Windows command “Dir folder File.txt” from the Command Prompt. However, messing around with console commands is not to everyone’s liking and Dir is also quite limited. Here’s a selection of 10 free tools to save.

  1. Mac Folder Structure Sync Hard Drive Free Software Free
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  3. Sync Folders Pro Mac

Are you looking for a reliable folder sync solution that will do the job right? You’ve come to the right page. However, before you download and start using the software, it is important to understand these tools as well as why you should use them, to say the least.


To begin with, a folder sync solution can help you create copies of files and folders in more than one location. It’s that simple. Now, let’s look at some of the best Folder Sync tools that you might find useful.

Good Sync

We understand that a perfect sync solution might as well come to the market soon, but Good Sync is excellent enough to do a better job. Good Sync is not only easy to use but also it is secure and can sync any file or folder between computers, mobile devices or drive. There is no need to use the cloud for this job.

Free File Sync

People spend countless hours online looking for free sync solutions. If you fit in the lot of those who are always looking for quality software at $0.00, Free File Sync should work for you, bro. What’s more is the software is cross-platform; it works perfect on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

All Way Sync

All Way Sync has a secure sync algorithm. It uses these sets of rules to sync data between desktop computers, laptops, and USB drives. Moreover, the software can synchronize data between FTP and Web DAV servers. It comes with an easy-to-use interface, and it is known to sync data in minutes.

Folder Synch Software for Other Platforms

Mac Folder Structure Sync Hard Drive Free Software Free

Are there additional solutions that we can add to this list? Of course, yes. Because people use different computer and different operating systems, there was a need to create folder synch tools that can work on these computers. So, if you are looking for a software just for Linux, Mac, Windows or Android Smartphone, you will find the list below quite helpful.

Mac Folder Structure Sync Hard Drive Free Software

Folder Sync Software for Windows – DirSync Pro

If you are looking for the best software that can help you sync files and folders on Windows, you should use dir sync pro. The software not only sync your files and folders securely but also it does it within minutes so that you don’t have to wait for too long for the process to complete.

Mac Folder Structure Sync Hard Drive Free Software

Folder Sync Software for Mac – Synkron

Synkron is the best computer program that you should be using to sync files and folders if you are on a Mac Computer. You can use this tool to analyze the content of the sync. Moreover, you can use the software to remove files form synchronization list. Although we’ve put this one in the category of Mac OS X, you can use it on Linux or Windows Machines.

You'll need to purchase the receiver itself, but connecting them comes without a cost.Another handy feature is the portability of the devices you're using. You can add up to six devices to one receiver.This software is free. Logitech unifying receiver mac software.

Folder Sync Software for Linux – csync

Because it is designed for the normal users, C Sync can be used by anyone, including those have limited understanding of Linux Operating Systems. Use this software to sync all your files or folders as you please. The software is secure, and it will sync your files in minutes.

Folder Sync Software for Android – Syncthing

Sync Thing is the best Android app for synchronizing the files on your internal storage as well as the Micro SD Card. You can sync the data between your smartphone and your computer. In fact, the app will store all the data you sync on your computer’s hard drive. Download the app from Google Play Store.

What is Folder Sync Software?

A Folder Sync Software is an application that makes a copy of your file and folders to another location of the same computer or to storage on a network or smartphone. People almost always use the software as a mean of creating backup for their projects although a number of people also sync files to share data between computers and other devices.

For example, the software is often useful for people who would like to have a similar version of data on both their home computer and office computer. Moreover, the software can detect changes made to files or folders as well as well as the files, which you create. You can also delete files and folders using these tools.

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Keeping your files up to date is important, and that is why the best sync software for Mac is a must-have. While there are a plethora of software solutions out there, they can help you with file synchronization, and you need to choose only the best tool that can help you do the job with ease. Because of the increasing necessity to synchronize and backup data on devices and cloud systems for easy access to files, you will find the following software the best to use for synchronizing files.


Free File Sync

Are you looking for free software that can help you to sync your files and folders? You should consider trying the Free File Synch software. The software is cross-platform; it works perfectly on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. The purpose of this software is to save you time while enabling you set up and run your backup job.


Are you struggling to find the best sync software for your Mac computer? Well, you can use Good Sync for proper synchronizing. The best thing about this software is that it works fast, and it gives you the best result. You can use this software to sync files between computer and mobile devices with ease.

Box Sync

The best thing you need to know about this software is that it securely sync your files and folder without the need to save the document to the cloud. You can use the software to exchange data between computers, mobile drives, and driver without using the internet.

Laplink Sync

If you are looking for the best software that will synchronize your data fast and securely, you will find this solution useful. You can sync files between computer, mobile phone and tablets without connecting to the internet. The software is easy to use, in the sense that you sync files and folders with just a few clicks.

Sync File Software for Other Platforms

There are still many more best software solutions that you can use to sync your files and folders. Perhaps the best thing about the software is that each solution is easy to use, but most importantly, the software solutions are cheap, hence affordable. The following is a list of additional sync software for other platforms.

Syncthing for Windows

One of the features that make this software the best solution is that it is secure. That means you can be sure that your data is private because all your data will be stored only on your computer. You can be sure that the software will not compromise any central service on your computer. Also, the tool is cheap and easy to use.

FileSync for Mac

This is a Mac OS X software for version 10 and above. You can use this software to synchronize selectable file and folders on USB flash drives, external drives, Networked Macs, and mounted disk images. The software is powerful. So much, in fact, it will enable you to store multiple synchronized lists of files and folders.

SyncMate Popular for 2016

External Hard Drive Sync Software

Sync Mate is the popular software for 2016, and there is both a free edition and a premium version of the software. With this software, you can not only synchronize data on multiple devices but also enable you to check the supported devices before buying and using the software. The premium version of the software support bookmark, iTunes, and iPhoto sync.

Sync Folders Pro Mac

What is Sync Software for Mac?

Can you mute an app in mac. The term synchronization in computing is the process of making sure that files and folders in one or more locations are kept up to date. The sync software for Mac is computer solutions used to help users to keep their files and folders up to date. Data synchronization has become popular and relevant, especially in the age of cloud computing. You can also see Time Sync Software

It is important to know, however, that file sync software solutions can also store data on your computer and enable the transfer of data from one device to another. In fact, many sync software solutions will help you transfer data between your computer and mobile devices. You can also see Sync Software

Sync Software solutions are the best backup and sync tools on the market. They use accurate and secure algorithms to synchronize data between your computer devices like PCs, Laptops, remote FTP, and the like of online data storage.

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