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Mar 22, 2017  You can store all of your books in one bookshelf for easy access. It also has a few features that make book reading on the Mac a pleasant experience, like realistic page flipping, hypertext support, Text to Speech, and a fully customizable color option. You can make the font, background, and book border any color available on the spectrum. Mar 29, 2019  The text to speech method on a Macintosh computer allows users to select any amount of text and convert it into speech, which enables your Mac to read out loud to you. This can be a useful procedure for those needing to rest their eyes from the computer screen or for those who want to multitask. Here are some steps on how to make a Mac read to you. Feb 29, 2016  How to make your Mac speak text you select. Making your Mac speak selected text is easy. This is an accessibility feature that you have to enable from the System Preferences app on your Mac. To ensure the feature is enabled on your Mac, follow these steps: 1) Launch the System Preferences app and open the Accessibility preferences pane. Jan 17, 2020  Use the Text size slider to make the text on the page smaller or larger. Use the Page theme option to change the background color. Option available, include White. May 27, 2020  Read text by page. To read the current page, press Narrator + Ctrl + I. To read the next page, press Narrator + Ctrl + O. To read the previous page, press Narrator + Ctrl + U. Read text by paragraph. To read the current paragraph, press Narrator + Ctrl + K. To read the next paragraph, press Narrator + Ctrl + L. To read the previous paragraph.

  1. Mac Apps To Make Text On Page Easier To Read Text

On every major release of Windows, starting with Windows XP all the way to Windows 10, Microsoft includes ClearType, a feature that let you make text more readable on your display.

ClearType font technology was developed by Microsoft specifically to improve the readability of text on LCD screens, like the one on your laptop, tablet, and desktop monitor. Using ClearType will smooth the edges of the words on your device making them sharp and clear, very close to what you see printed out on a piece of paper.

While in Windows XP, ClearType wasn't enabled during installation, starting with Windows 7 and later versions the feature came turned on by default, as most computers today come with an LCD screen. However, this is not the case on every device. In addition, the default configuration may not be the correct settings for your optimal text readability.

Mac Apps To Make Text On Page Easier To Read Text

AppsMac Apps To Make Text On Page Easier To Read

In this Windows 10 guide, we'll walk you through the steps to enable and set up ClearType on your device to make fonts look as great as they can possibly be.

How to use ClearType Text Tuner

  1. Open Start, do a search for Adjust ClearType text and click the result.
  2. Make sure to check the Turn on ClearType option and click Next.

    Quick Tip: You can quickly check and uncheck the Turn on ClearType option to see a preview of how the text would look like with and without ClearType.

  3. If you have multiple monitors, you'll be asked whether you want to tune all your displays or only one. If this is your case, it's recommended that you enable ClearType on every monitor. Make your selection and click Next to continue. Youku app for mac review.

  4. Windows will also check that your monitor is using its native resolution. (If this isn't the case, you'll have to go to Settings > Display > Advanced Display Settings and check the screen resolution to recommended settings.) Click Next to continue.

  5. On a set of five samples, you'll be asked to select the text that you feel most comfortable reading. The highlighted text is the current settings for your device. Pick the text that looks best on each sample, and click Next.

  6. If you have multiple monitors, you'll need to run the same set of steps for each monitor. Once you completed the steps, click Finish to apply the new settings.

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It's worth pointing out that this feature goes hand in hand with Display Color Calibration. This is another recommended feature you should use in combination with ClearType to calibrate your display settings to make sure your monitor is set to display the most accurate colors and black levels.

Did ClearType improve how you view text on your screen? Tell us in the comments below.

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