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Mar 27, 2020  Learn the programming language Swift, used by Apple to create apps. This colorful, user-friendly app includes clear instructions, a glossary of common coding terms, and a variety of fun and engaging levels to play. This app is ideal for middle school students who.

Published 3:35 PM EDT Jul 13, 2020

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While students across the nation prepare for virtual learning this year via online classes, and many adults continue to work remotely from home, owning a high-speed laptop has never been more essential. Apple, of course, is one of the most dependable brands if you're looking to invest in a fancy new computer. Its newest MacBook Pro has a stunning display and an array of useful features, but with such renowned quality comes a high price tag. Luckily, you can score an amazing deal on the latest model on Amazon right now.

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For a limited time, the 16-inch MacBook Pro in Space Grey, which lists for $2,199 at most retailers (or $2,399 on Apple) is going for just $1,999.99 on Amazon. You'll see the total savings apply when you add it to your cart and get to the last stage of checkout. It's also the lowest price we've seen this laptop go for on Amazon, so there's no time like the present to scoop up the latest and greatest MacBook at an incredible markdown.

When we tested the 13-inch model of this MacBook Pro, we were wowed by its slim design, lighting-fast functioning, powerful speakers and easy to use touch bar, which is compatible with Touch ID for fingerprint login. This larger model will be able to handle even more graphics-intensive tasks with its 16-inch retina display with True Tone technology, which corrects white balance to match the color temperature and light around you—for a pleasurable viewing experience no matter your environment.

In terms of specs, it has 16 gigabytes of RAM, 512 gigabytes of storage and Apple's new-and-way-improved Magic Keyboard, which we fell in love with in our testing. You'll also be getting a Ninth-generation 6-Core Intel Core i7 Processor, which means it can handle any type of user multi-tasking on various apps and programs with ease. Another notable highlight is its 11 hours of battery life, on a single charge no less.

With nearly 700 glowing reviews, it's a safe bet that this laptop will be a perfect match for students, photographers, graphic designers and everyone in-between. And at this price, it's finally an amazing value, too.

Get the 16-Inch MacBook Pro on Amazon for $1,999.99 (Save $200)

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Published 3:35 PM EDT Jul 13, 2020

We’ve developed tools to help you guide how your students use devices and apps in the classroom, and give you valuable insight into each student’s progress as they work with them. So you can focus on what’s most important: teaching.

The Classroom app is a versatile teaching assistant that puts teachers in charge of every iPad and Mac in the classroom, so they can keep students on track.
The Schoolwork app lets you easily assign anything from worksheets to activities in educational apps, follow students’ progress, and collaborate with them in real time.

A home base for you and your students.

The best way to learn is by doing and making. The Schoolwork app helps you and your students more effectively use the creative power of iPad. You can easily distribute and collect assignments, keep an eye on student progress in educational apps, and collaborate one on one with students from anywhere, in real time. It’s easy for students to use, too. Assignments automatically appear on their iPad, organized by due date and class. And Schoolwork helps you keep track of how everyone in class is doing — so you can tailor your teaching to the needs of each of your students.

  • Easily share content with students
  • Leverage the power of apps
  • View students’ progress across all their work
  • Tailor instruction to student needs
  • Collaborate and provide instant feedback
Mac Apps To Help With School

Easily send out anything from announcements to assignments with Handouts.

Handouts are as easy to create and send as an email, and flexible enough to contain almost anything: web links, PDFs, documents, and even links to activities in apps. You can use them for announcements, reminders, or assignments. And your students can view Handouts across all their classes to keep track of everything they need to complete.

Assign an entire class — or an individual student — a Handout. Enter the recipient, date, description, and activity, and choose the optional request for return if you want the student to hand something in.

Once your handout is ready, just tap the arrow to send.

Some of the most useful educational materials are found within apps. But students, especially younger ones, often have a hard time finding those materials. Schoolwork makes it as easy as possible to direct students to the right place in the right app. First you can browse popular apps like Tynker, Duolingo, and GeoGebra to find content that fits your curriculum. Then you can select a specific app activity to share with students on a Handout. When students get the Handout with the activity you’ve chosen, they can go right to the activity with a single tap. It’s all made possible by a new developer framework called ClassKit. Many top educational apps are using ClassKit already, with even more on the way.

  • GeoGebra 3D Calculator
  • Kahoot!
  • Journeys of Invention
  • IXL
  • Molecules by Theodore Gray
  • Nearpod
  • Incredible Numbers
  • Lexia
  • GeoGebra Graphing Calculator
  • Quizlet
  • Tynker: Coding for Kids
  • Explain EDU
  • Hopscotch
  • Puppet Pals (School Edition)
  • TinyTap

Tap to add an app activity, and you’ll get a list of all your available apps, highlighting those that support student progress.

Once you tap a supported app, you can browse a list of activities and view more detail on each. Bangla writing software for mac.

Tap to add the selected app activity to your Handout. It’s that easy.

Schoolwork and the apps built to support it provide insight that’s never been possible before. When your school enables the student progress feature, you’ll get a snapshot of each student’s overall class performance, be able to check on students' app activities, and see how far they’ve gotten on assignments. It allows you to tailor your teaching to each of your students — whether they need an extra challenge or extra help. And because Apple cares deeply about privacy, this information is just between you and your students. We don’t look at it or use the information. Ever.

See how all of your students are doing across the Handouts you’ve assigned.

Tap into an individual activity to get a more detailed view of how each student is progressing.

Check in on students’ work to see how they’re doing across all of their Handouts and tailor your teaching to each student’s needs. You can even return work to a student and ask to try again.

Work in real time together, even when you’re not together.

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When you use Pages, Numbers, or Keynote in Schoolwork, it takes just a few taps to collaborate with your students on their assignments and add written or verbal feedback directly to their documents — at any time, from anywhere. You can even use Apple Pencil on iPad to mark up Pages documents as easily as you do on paper.

Once IT gets you set up, you’re all set.

Schoolwork will be set up for you by your IT department using Apple School Manager. They’ll take care of keeping your class lists up to date as students move in and out of your class. If enabled by your IT department in Apple School Manager, you can now also create and manage your own classes.


Keep your class fun and engaged. And focused.

The Classroom app turns your iPad — and now your Mac — into a powerful teaching assistant. It puts you in the driver’s seat of every iPad and Mac in class, so you can guide students through lessons and keep them focused on the task at hand. Classroom also makes it easy to share information — send and receive files with the entire class and individual students using AirDrop, or show student work on the big screen.

Make sure everyone is on task. And on the right screen.

View any student’s screen on your iPad or Mac. Classroom allows you to see every student’s screen at the same time and navigate individual students or the entire class to a web page, book, or app. You can also lock students into a single iPad app or mute audio on student devices, so students stay focused.

Watch the video about using AirPlay in Classroom

Show student work on the big screen.

Watch the video about using Screen View in Classroom

See what students are working on.

Watch the video about using AirDrop in the Classroom app

Save time and focus on teaching.

Privacy is built into everything we make.

Teachers see all of the wonderful things created by their students. We don’t. All Apple products are built with an integrated approach to privacy and security — providing schools with devices, apps, and services that keep student work and personal information secure. And with Managed Apple IDs, the school controls student information and can choose to enable or disable apps and services such as iMessage, FaceTime, or student progress reporting with the Schoolwork app.

Apple has received ISO 27001 and 27018 Certifications for implementing an Information Security Management System with measures for protecting PII in public cloud environments. We also meet the requirements of the new EU GDPR framework. In addition, Apple has signed the Student Privacy Pledge, further underscoring our commitment to protecting the information of students, parents, and teachers shared in our schools.

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