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Install the updates to your mail client, to patch it up for work with latest version of Mac OS. Mail app in macOS Mojave offers new features for sending, receiving, and viewing email messages. Apr 15, 2020  The Mail application that ships with macOS and OS X is solid, feature-rich and spam-eliminating software that is also an easy-to-use email client. Optimized to work on the Mac, the Mail app is trouble free and full featured. It can handle all your email accounts in one place. Aug 04, 2019  Mail app running slow on a Mac machine is both unexpected and unwanted. After all, you want to be able to use Apple’s flagship laptops with their custom-built applications rather than trying to work with a secondhand program that doesn’t have the features you’re used to.

Explore the world of Mac. Check out MacBook Pro, iMac Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, and more. Visit the Apple site to learn, buy, and get support. Apr 23, 2018  If you lock your Mac you’ll put it to sleep and need to type in your login password on your Mac’s lock screen (or unlock it with TouchID on a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, or with an Apple Watch). If you put it to sleep, you won’t necessarily lock it. In order to lock your screen, you need to set up the password in System Preferences.

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A lock on your MacBook will deter the casual thief from swiping your MacBook off of your desk or table. Most laptops have a built-in Kensington security slot, but MacBooks do not, so you'll need some adapter to use a Kensington lock. Each of these includes an adapter or other workarounds. Not every lock on this list is compatible with every model, so be sure to check compatibility before you buy it. Here are some of the best laptop locks you can buy for your MacBook.

Universal and adhesive-free: Kensington MacBook Laptop Locking Station

Screen Lock Mac Os

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Kensington's design is a locking station that attaches to the back of any MacBook or other thin laptops without having to use any adhesives.

From $53 at Amazon

Universal bargain: 13C Laptop Cable Lock

With an included anchor plate that can be adhered to anything, this lock is universal. It's a key lock, and two keys are included.

$11 at Amazon

Universal combination: 13C Laptop Cable Lock Combination

Similar to the other 13C lock with an anchor plate and a cable, but instead of a key lock, this one has a four-digit combination lock.

$15 at Amazon

For 2015 and older MBPs: KGear Security Lock Bracket

This lock bracket is fairly unobtrusive, but be aware that it can possibly scratch your MacBook. It has a combination lock and a 6-foot cable.

$30 at Amazon

For MacBook Air: Maclocks Slot Adapter

This unobtrusive slot adapter offers an elegant solution for the MacBook Air. A 6-foot cable and combination lock are included.

$48 at Amazon

For MacBook Pro with Touch Bar: Maclocks Slot Adapter

This is the elegant solution for MacBook Pro with Touch Bar models. Along with the slot adapter, you get a cable with a combination lock.

$34 at Amazon

Extra accessory: Kensignton Desk Mount Anchor

This is not a laptop lock, but rather an anchor just in case your desk doesn't have any place to wrap a cable around securely.

$10 at Amazon

Which one should you choose?

No lock can keep a determined criminal from stealing your laptop, unfortunately, but any of these will act as a theft deterrent. My personal pick would be the Kensington MacBook Laptop Locking Station. I like the fact that it's compatible with any MacBook or any laptop up to 15 inches and that it doesn't require any adhesives or permanent modification to your MacBook. It will not interfere with your MacBook's Touch Bar. There no modifications to your MacBook necessary, no adhesives, nothing permanent that could affect your warranty. Scratch-resistant bumpers along the back protect your MacBook from cosmetic damage. You can choose either a keyed lock or a combination lock when you order. Kensington offers a two-year warranty and lifetime technical support.

If you're looking to spend less, I'd go with the 13C Laptop Cable Lock. Don't worry about size or compatibility at all. You can stick this onto any laptop, tablet, phone, or any other item you wish to protect as long as it has a hard surface for the anchor plate to adhere to. The security cable is 6.5 feet long and can be attached to any fixed object. You get two keys that fit the lock head. Obviously, a determined thief could remove the anchor plate, but only with some difficulty. As I mentioned, a laptop lock is a deterrent, not an infallible theft-prevention tool.

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There are a number of different ways to lock or sleep your screen in macOS. Before we show them to you, however, it’s important to make the distinction between locking your screen and just putting it to sleep.

If you lock your Mac you’ll put it to sleep and need to type in your login password on your Mac’s lock screen (or unlock it with TouchID on a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, or with an Apple Watch). If you put it to sleep, you won’t necessarily lock it. In order to lock your screen, you need to set up the password in System Preferences. Here’s how to do that.

Lock Mail App On Mac

How to set up a password to lock the screen

  1. Launch System Preferences either by clicking on its icon in the Dock or by choosing it from the Apple menu.
  2. Click on the Security & Privacy pane.
  3. Choose the General tab and check the option that starts ‘Require password…’
  4. Choose an option from the dropdown menu.

Now, whenever your Mac goes to sleep or a screensaver starts, it will lock and you’ll have to authenticate with your user password, Apple Watch or TouchID to gain access. Weather mac os app issue.

Worried about your Mac’s security in public places? Get Beepify, a Setapp app that protects your Mac from theft.

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How to lock your Mac

If you have a MacBook, a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro, the quickest and easiest way to lock your Mac is just to shut the lid. When you do that, the Mac goes to sleep and when you open it again you’ll need to unlock it.

However, there are occasions when you’ll want to prevent anyone from seeing the screen without actually closing it. And, in any case, if you have an iMac, Mac mini or Mac Pro, it’s not an option. Here are some other ways you can lock your Mac’s display.

1. Use Apple menu

Go to the Apple menu and choose Sleep. This will display the login screen for your account and won’t unlock with a password (unless you’re wearing an Apple Watch when you do it and then it will lock and unlock immediately)

Tip: If you want your Mac to remain locked even when you’re close by and you have an Apple Watch, go to System Preferences>Security & Privacy>General and uncheck the Allow your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac option.

2. Use shortcuts

If you’re using a Mac that’s running macOS Catalina, go to the Apple menu and choose Lock Screen or press Command+Control+Q. This will lock your Mac and return you to the Login screen.

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For older versions of the operating system, press Control+Shift+Power button (or Control+Shift+Eject if your Mac has an optical drive). It will lock the screen.

You can also use a keyboard shortcut to put your Mac to sleep. Press Command+Option+Power (or Eject). This works in a similar way to the previous one, but rather than just lock your Mac it powers down the hard drive, puts the CPU into low power mode and stops background tasks in order to save energy.

3. Set up a hot corner

Hot corners allow you to drag to the mouse pointer to one of the four corners of the screen to initiate an action – you can use one as a sleep shortcut on your Mac. To set it up:

  1. Launch System Preferences.
  2. Choose the Desktop & Screen Saver pane.
  3. Click the Hot Corners button at the bottom right of the window.
  4. In the drop down window, choose a corner.
  5. Click on the menu and choose either Start Screen Saver or Put Display to Sleep.

4. Use fast user switching

Fast user switching allows you to quickly log into another user account on your Mac. But you can also use it to return to the log in window, which locks your Mac. Got to System Preferences>Users & Groups and click the padlock, then type in your password. Click Login Options and check the box next to ‘Show fast user switch menu as.’ You can also choose whether to show the menu as your full name, the account name or an icon.

To lock your Mac, click the fast user switching menu at the right of the menu bar and choose Login Window…

5. Add Keychain Access to the menu bar

This option was removed in macOS Mojave but works on versions before High Sierra:

  1. Go to Finder.
  2. Choose Applications > Utilities.
  3. Launch Keychain Access.
  4. Click in the Keychain Access menu and select Preferences.
  5. Check the box next to Show keychain status in menu bar.
  6. You’ll see a lock in the Finder menu bar. Click it and choose Lock Screen to lock your Mac.

Other ways to protect your privacy

First of all, fet a Finder-like Terminal for Mac that will help you completely control the login settings. It’s called MacPilot. The app covers over 1,200 hidden macOS features. For privacy, you can go into the Login tab and customize access by users, enable the option of automatic screen locking, and edit launch items.

If you’re looking for physical protection of your Mac, Beepify is the app you need. Whenever you have to step away from the computer in a public place, activate Beepify and it will be set to produce a loud sound in case someone tries to close the screen or disconnect charger.

One of the main reasons for locking your Mac when you step away from it is to stop prying eyes accessing your files, browser history, or anything else you don’t want them to see. CleanMyMac X has a tool that gives you even more privacy protection.

CleanMyMac’s Privacy tool allows you to quickly delete your browser history in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. But it also allows you to delete message threads and attachments in Messages, and to remove entries from macOS’ recent files lists.

Also, CleanMyMac’s Shredder is a quick and easy way to securely delete sensitive data. You can download CleanMyMac for free and give it a try.

As you can see, putting your Mac to sleep or locking it is very easy. There are lots of different ways to do it, although some are dependent on the version of macOS you’re using. If you regularly lock your Mac to prevent others accessing it, you should ensure your login password is strong and secure.

Finally, if privacy is important, CleanMyMac has a couple of tools that can help delete sensitive data.

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