Llc Resolution Software Mac Free


Change resolutions faster than a T-1000 changes shapes!

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Llc Resolution Software Mac Free

Resolutionator makes it simple to use any of your display's available resolutions. Need more space for a project? A quick click of a menu bar icon—or press of a keyboard shortcut—lets you easily switch to any available resolution. No more time-consuming trips through System Preferences.

Designed with retina displays in mind, Resolutionator may also bring additional capabilities to your non-retina display, but we can't guarantee that. So we suggest everyone try the demo before purchasing, to make sure Resolutionator works well with your display(s).

Llc Resolution Software Mac Free Download

Switch via the menu bar

If you're a menu bar utility person, Resolutionator's pre-set for your preferences: It ships in menu bar mode, giving you quick mouse fling-and-click access to all your resolutions.

If you've got multiple displays, you can access all of them through the same menu, as seen in the screenshot. Contrast that with the Displays System Preferences panel method, which requires mousing to each display to change its resolution.

Switch via the keyboard


Download lorex client software for iphone mac. If you prefer the keyboard, assign a hot key of your choosing and switch resolutions via this handy pop-up panel:

It may appear you can only switch resolutions on one display, but fear not! Tap the left arrow to reveal all attached displays; you can then change the resolution on any of them from that same panel.

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See even more pixels

Depending on your display, OS X may offer three to five resolution choices; these are the choices you'll see by default in Resolutionator. If that's not enough for you, though, Resolutionator can show all the resolutions your display reports it's capable of producing, as seen in the movie at right. Just tell Resolutionator to show non-retina and/or silly resolutions in its preferences, and you'll see—depending on your display's capabilities—many more available resolutions.

In particular, enabling silly resolutions will show some resolutions that are greater than the number of pixels on your display. How does this magic work? OS X itself handles the task, scaling everything down to achieve the chosen resolution. You may not need silly resolutions often, but they can be a great help when looking at a page layout on an 11' MacBook Air, for example.

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