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Language converter software is a tool to translate texts between several languages. With an advent of technology and business operations across the countries, the requirements of communication in different foreign languages have increased multifold. To facilitate these requirements, one can use these softwares and perform communication in client’s language easily.

Free Language Translator for PC – Free Language Translator is a This is a desktop language translator application for Windows. This Open Source Office And Business Tools app, was developed by Decebal Mihailescu Inc. And recently, updated to the final version at January, 3rd 2019.


To know more about these softwares one can search Google using “language converter software,” “download language translator for android,” “translator download offline” or “download free translator 75 languages.”

Free Language Translator

Language Translation Software For Mac Free
  1. Jul 26, 2011  Download the latest version of Translator for Mac - Translate 50+ languages with voice support. Read 1 user reviews of Translator on MacUpdate.
  2. A collection of language and translation software programs for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 along with software reviews and downloads for 32-bit and 64-bit titles.

This is simple language converter software which translates texts between forty languages. It comes with automatic source languages detection facility and create custom dictionary. It is easy-to-use software and allows selecting different keyboards layouts to suit the languages. It allows change font style and size and allows saving translations to a document.

Ginger Translate

This is simple to use language converter software which can translate between forty different languages. It allows one to express oneself naturally in many languages. It comes with easy download and translates quickly for any language. It helps to communicate with everyone with ease and improve one’s English knowledge as well.

World Lingo

This is online language converter software which can convert between fifteen languages. It can convert through multiple ways like uploading document to convert or entering or pasting text to convert. It can convert a website language and email contents also. For document conversion it allows to choose multiple languages for target language.

Bahara Software

This language converter software can convert between Indian languages and supports Latin. It is easy-to-use software and comes with language based keyboard layout. It can perform spell check and comes with Braille script for blind people. It can create notation for Carnatic and Hindustani music. It can export documents and perform automatic texting.

Other Language Converter Software for Different Platforms

There are various language converter softwares available for different platforms like Windows, Android, and Mac Os. Since they are platform dependent, verifying platform compatibility is essential before proceeding for downloading and installing the software. To understand these softwares one can find below details which are provided for each platform individually.

Free Language Converter Software for Windows – Free SRT File Translator

Language Translation Software Free

This is efficient language converter software which helps to translate texts between several languages. This software helps to translate idioms and phrases that are native to a language. It can perform translation in quick time. It does not occupy computer resources much and works quite straightforwardly. It comes with user-friendly interface.

Free Language Converter Software for Mac OS – Translator

This incredible software comes with beautiful interface and performs translation of words and sentences of large number of popular languages. It can translate in very quick time and very easy to operate too. It can detect input language easily and automatically. It integrates with Google translate to provide accurate translations.

Language Converter Software for Free Android – iTranslate

This is award winning language converter application which supports more than ninety languages. It can translate words, phrases and texts. It can perform voice translation also. It allows changing the output voice to male or female. It allows translate email contents and provides dictionary for many languages. It provides huge landscape keyboard for easy operation.

More Great Language Converter Software for Windows, Mac and Android Platforms

For Windows version, some of the language converter software is “Easy Translator”, “FREE English-Hindi Translator”, “Magic Translator”. For Mac Os version some of the language converter software is “Universal Translator”, “Easy Translator” and “Translate DotNet”. “All Language Translator,” “Language Converter” and “Google Translate” are some of the language converter software for Android application.

Most Popular Language Converter Software for 2016 is Babylon 10

This is robust language converter software which supports seventy seven languages. It can convert email content to any desired language and it allows translating power point presentation too. It also allows translating texts easily and quickly. It allows browsing web page in any desired language and makes communication very smooth.

What is Language Converter Software?

Language converter software provides easy and quick translation facility between several languages. They come with an easy-to-use interface and perform reliable conversion between languages. Some of these softwares can convert power point presentations to the client’s language which helps to make them understand the content better in their language.

They have the ability to recognize the input language easily and hence perform quality translations. To know more varieties of these language converter softwares and get more knowledge about them one can search Google using “language converter online,” “English to Hindi Translator Download,” “language translator app for Android” or “professional translation software.”

How to Install Language Converter Software?

One can check the vendor website and follow the installation procedures and perform installations smoothly after downloading the software. One should check for system requirements and predefined requirements from the website and fulfill them before installing the software. The installation instructions are easy to follow which will be provided with illustrations.

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Benefits of Language Converter Software

Language Translation Software For Mac Free Music

Language converter software comes with many features and provides quick conversion of languages. They come with text to speech and spell check features. Some of these softwares come with the facility to convert the source text or document to multiple languages. They help to increase one’s vocabulary by providing a dictionary for different languages.

They contribute to translate websites into the desired language for better understanding the contents. They help one to learn proper pronunciation and export the converted document to different image file formats. They assist the business community by providing easy communication for international customers. They come with user-friendly interface and convenient to use.

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