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Thannes, Yes, I too have this same issue. I have had apple care look at this issue multipule times, Kensington support multipule times and still no luck. Kensington said my track ball was very old , a version 1, or something. Soooo... I even bought a wireless expert trackball, but still had the same issue. Sent that back. Called kensington back and asked them 'what now?'

Kensington expert mouse mac software 2017

Kensington says it is an OSX issue, yet apple can't figure it out. Apple wants to do a full OS re install. nope sorry I draw the line there. I will just live with it.

I was hoping the upgrade to 10.13.4 would 'accidentally' fix it, but it didn't...well only for a very brief moment:

Kensington Expert Mouse Best Buy

The 'expert mouse' has been setting on a desk, unused, since we bought it (a month ago) because it works so poorly. The buttons can't be programmed to do anything and the curser speed can't be adjusted. Contacting Kensington is nothing but frustration - you get people who have no clue about the product or why you're calling. Apr 15, 2018  Thank you for contacting Kensington Technical Support. We understand the inconvenience you are experiencing with the Expert Mouse Wired Trackballmodel # 64325. In this regard, we suggest you to follow the below mentioned troubleshooting steps and check how it fares. Go to System Preferences right click on TrackballWorks remove. Mac OS: Download, 'Kensington SlimBlade Trackball Driver for Mac 1.03'. KensingtonWorks™ 2.1.18 for Mac Jun 15, 2020. KensingtonWorks™ 2.1.18 for Windows. Kensington Expert Mouse - Wireless Ergonomic TrackBall Mouse for PC, Mac and Windows with Ambidextrous Design, Optical Tracking, Scroll Ring & 55 mm. KensingtonWorks™ Customization. Free downloadable software provides an even more personalized experience, giving you the ability to assign a wide variety of program functions to each of the 4 buttons, as well as adjusting cursor and scrolling speeds.

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I , like you , have to unplug then plug back in my mouse to get Trackball works to recognize the mouse. However when I finished the software update to 10.13.4, upon the first reboot I did not have to unplug the mouse...It Worked!!

ahhh but upon the very next cold dice.

Kensington Expert Mouse Mac Software

I have tried every usb port, with and without hubs, connecting the mouse directly to the imac, then the mouse and keyboard separated on the USB ports/channels/rails. no luck. We tried the new Trackball works v1.3.0, then back to the old..etc. no luck.

Kensington Trackball Expert Mouse

Kensington Expert Mouse Mac Software Update

Last 2 things I will try, is a different keyboard, or maybe buy a new wired expert mouse, just to see..

One dollar big mac apps.

Kensington Expert Trackball Mouse K64325

I have:

Kensington Expert Mouse Mac Software Update

iMac Pro v10.13.4

May 22, 2018 11:42 AM

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