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Do you wonder how vulnerable password-protected word-processing, spreadsheet, and Zip files are when users send them into the wild blue yonder? Wonder no more. Some great utilities can show how easily passwords are cracked. But there are some countermeasures you can take as well. Read on to learn more about both.

How to crack files

Most password-protected files can be cracked in seconds or minutes. You can demonstrate this “wow factor” security vulnerability to users and management. Here’s a hypothetical scenario that could occur in the real world:

May 04, 2018  Steps to unlock PDF using PDFPassword Remover 3. Install the Cisdem PDF Password Remover software on your mac and open the application. Click on Open PDF button to open the locked PDF file. If you know the password of the locked PDF, then check the first option and type in the password. Then click on “Decrypt” button followed by “Save As”. Jun 27, 2019  For example, on a Mac, you can do this with Preview, or any other PDF viewer and the built-in PDF printing feature. First, open the protected document in Preview and provide the password it requires. Click File Print to open the print dialog. May 24, 2016  How to remove a password from a PDF file. If you’ve decided to remove a password from an existing password-protected PDF file,then you’ll need to at least know the password to the file. Unfortunately, breaking into encrypted PDF files is not easy unless you know the password for the file, but if you do, then it’s easy to unencrypt.

  1. Your CFO wants to send some confidential financial information in an Excel spreadsheet to a company board member.

  2. She protects the spreadsheet by assigning it a password during the file-save process in Excel.

    The downside is data loss and time spent rebooting.). Windows software on mac.

  3. For good measure, she uses WinZip to compress the file and adds another password to make it really secure.

  4. The CFO sends the spreadsheet as an e-mail attachment, assuming that the e-mail will reach its destination.

    The financial advisor’s network has content filtering, which monitors incoming e-mails for keywords and file attachments. Unfortunately, the financial advisory firm’s network administrator is looking in the content-filtering system to see what’s coming in.

  5. This rogue network administrator finds the e-mail with the confidential attachment, saves the attachment, and realizes that it’s password protected.

  6. The network administrator remembers a great password-cracking tool available from Elcomsoft called Advanced Archive Password Recovery that can help him out so he proceeds to use it to crack the password.

Cracking password-protected files is as simple as that! Now all that the rogue network administrator must do is forward the confidential spreadsheet to his buddies or to the company’s competitors.

If you carefully select the right options in Advanced Archive Password Recovery, you can drastically shorten your testing time. For example, if you know that a password is not over five characters long or is lowercase letters only, you can cut the cracking time in half.

You should perform these file-password-cracking tests on files that you capture with a content filtering or network analysis tool. This is a good way to determine whether your users are adhering to policy and using adequate passwords to protect sensitive information they’re sending.

How To Password Protect Pdf Free


The best defense against weak file password protection is to require your users to use a stronger form of file protection, such as PGP, or the AES encryption that’s built in to WinZip, when necessary.

Ideally, you don’t want to rely on users to make decisions about what they should use to secure sensitive information, but it’s better than nothing. Stress that a file encryption mechanism, such as a password-protected Zip file, is secure only if users keep their passwords confidential and never transmit or store them in unsecure cleartext (such as in a separate e-mail).

If you’re concerned about unsecure transmissions through e-mail, consider using a content-filtering system or a data leak–prevention system to block all outbound e-mail attachments that aren’t protected on your e-mail server.

What if you have an old password-protected PDF file whose password you do not remember any longer? What if you need to access the file urgently? No need to worry as there are a few ways to decrypt the PDF file and bypass the password. In this article we will discuss various methods to remove security password from the PDF files.

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Method 1: Google Chrome to Crack PDF Password

You can use Google Chrome to remove the password from PDF. But, this method will only work if you already know the password. If you do not know the password, skip to the next method in this article. Chrome comes packed with a native PDF reader and does not require any additional plugin. You can open the password protected file in Chrome browser and then save it on your hard disk sans the password. Here are the simple steps:

1. Open Chrome browser on your computer.

2. Locate the PDF file you wish to crack the password from on your hard disk.

How To Remove Password From Pdf

3. Drag and drop the file onto the Chrome Window.

4. Chrome will now begin to render the file. Enter the PDF file password when prompted by Chrome. You should now be able to see the file within the Chrome Window

5. Press CTRL + P (if you are using Windows PC. If you are using Mac, press CMD + P) to bring up the print menu.

6. On the left pane, under ‘Destination' press ‘Change' button.

7. Choose ‘Save as PDF' as the new destination on the popup Window.

How To Remove Password Protection From Pdf

This will be it! The new file will be saved on your hard drive and it will be without any password protection.

Method 2: The Best Solution to Crack Password from PDF Document - Dr.PDF

As we know there are two kinds of password that can be used on PDF file, Owner password and user password. Many online PDF password breaker service will only help you break owner password. But not crack open password, we highly recommend using iSeePassword Dr.PDF which is one of the best password break tool you will find. It helps you break PDF passwords as well as any other restrictions. Whether the PDF file has the owner password or master password, this incredible program will take care of all.

Just download the trail and try to crack PDF security password all by yourself. Easy, and safe, never damage to your original PDF data.

Part 1 Crack Open Password from PDF File

Download and install PDF Password Cracker on a computer. After you download the program on your computer, install and run it, then you will see the main interface like blow.

Here we will use the first option to recover open password. Click 'Add File' button to import your PDF document. Then you will be asked to select a type of attack, do not be intimidated! This is just for recover your file password instead of damaging your data.

You can choose between Brute Force Attack, Mask Attack, Dictionary Attack. We recommend you choosing Mask Attack because it can improve the chance of finding your password. Click the settings button to make parameters.

Once your finish the parameters then click Start button, then waiting! It may take a little longer if the password is file is actually a lot more complicated.

Once the password is found, you will get a messages with Congratulation word. Then you can now use the found password to open your PDF document without any issue.

Part 1 Crack Owner Password from PDF File to Edit, Modify or Print

Open the Dr.PDF again and choose the second option.

Click the Add File button to import PDF files. You're allowed to add up to 200 file a time. Even though the program still shows consistency in play and never crashed. There are two ways to saved the exported PDF files, one is save the target PDF on the source folder. It means you can save the PDF on the folder where the source file are. You can also specify an output folder for the exported PDF files.

NOTE: You're allowed to clear the imported PDF lists by clicking Remove button on the top toolbar.

Start to Break PDF Password Now! After you imported the PDF files and specify the output folder, just click the Start button to begin the breaking process. If there is a lock icon appearing on the PDF item bar, it means the imported PDF file is protected by open user,then you will be asked to type the Open password in the pop up window.

Method 3: Use One of the Free Online Tools to Crack PDF Password

If you don't know the password of the PDF file, Method 1 will not work. Thankfully, there are several online tools that let you crack the password of various types of PDF files. Some of these tools also allow you to select multiple files at a time. This saves you effort and time. But, there are some serious drawbacks of using the free online tools. First of all, most such free tools restrict password crack to PDF files of certain size. For instance, you may not be able to crack the password if the file size exceeds 100 MB. You also need high speed internet connection to process multiple files.

You can check these online PDF password cracker sites:




PDF Unlock

FoxyUtils UnlockPDF

Conversion Method

Need online access Need online access Need online access

File Size

150MB 5MB 30MB

Type of files

All files Owner-Restricted files only All files


Preserved Some formatting may not be preserved Preserved


Easy-to-use Easy-to-use Easy-to-use


Free Free Free

One of the biggest challenges is that you cannot always trust these tools. There are some sites that end up sneaking in the malicious programs to your computer. That's certainly not what you want.

If you are still using the free online tools, here are the generic steps to crack the PDF password:

1. Open the web browser on your computer and visit the website which you intend to use to crack PDF password.

2. Click the button 'Select Files' or 'Open Files' (the button label may vary across sites). The 'Open' dialogue box should appear.

How To Open Password Protected Pdf

3. Select the PDF file (or files) from which you wish to remove the password.

4. Click 'Open' button at the bottom and wait for the website to complete the process.

If you are lucky, the website will process all the files successfully. However, more often than not, you may encounter an error message. These websites are not very effective. So, what is the solution? Look at the method 3.

When you receive a password-protected PDF file in email, the file text is unsearchable. Also, you may have an old file whose password you may have forgotten. In both the cases, you can use the methods outlined above to crack the password.

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