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Planning is one of my favourite topics to write about because I LOVE LOVE LOVE planning. I love pulling out my planner (together with it’s partner in crime, coffee), the feel of the soft leather in my hands and the weight of all my dreams and vision and goals carried within the pages. I love creating something new on paper and seeing my jumbled, chaotic thoughts come into clarity as I scribe them onto paper. You don’t have to be an artist to plan, you don’t have to have a lot of time, you just need a pen and paper and some peace and quiet (midnight anyone?) and you too can watch the magic happen! In today’s episode I am going to explain a bit of my planning system: Why I plan, how I am planning out my summer, making your own planner, morning basket and looping, and more! There will be more episodes in this series because I know it’s a hot topic, but this post will have all the links and information you need as you follow along.

Homeschool Minder helps you organize lessons, assignments, and grading so you can focus on what’s important, education. Never Use Your Calculator Again Our gradebook will keep track of every assignment and instantly calculate up-to-date course grades for each term and year. HomeSchool MInder is a great option for families that are very active, preparing for college applications, or would like to track many different things in addition to scheduling lessons for your students. Homeschool Solutions. Finally, Homeschool Solutions ( is a seventh option for homeschool planning software solutions. May 22, 2020  The best part of the planner was being able to keep track of all my to-dos, meal plans, appointments, and homeschool plans all in one place. Destroying the homeschool planning part was unfortunate. A Simple Plan, Homeschool Planner. Mardel offers a simple homeschool planner called A Simple Plan. There are no whistles and bells. Homeschool Planning Software. Some parents choose to teach their children in a very organized fashion (to keep the feel similar to “normal” schooling), while others have a more free flowing style of education. Both of these methods work great, but for the organized parent software that helps plan out each day can be a huge help. Jul 08, 2019  This 2020 homeschool planning form is a 12-month view so that you can see at a glance and highlight which weeks you’ll school and which weeks you’ll have off. Grab your FREE 2020 homeschool year planning form (7 steps free homeschool planner) from Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool. Set automatic reply mail app mac free.

my Travellers notebook and hand painted/sketched inserts

But I don’t need to plan…

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There’s a lot of homeschool moms out there that view planning with a bit of disdain. They, like myself in some seasons, see it as restrictive and too rigid for their free-flowing spontaneity. So before I share the episode with you I want to address my friends in the skeptic camp for a few moments. As a perfectionist I can relate to this sentiment. I generally try to stay away from planning because as soon as I draw them out I feel bound to them and they *can* bring a sense of failure if you don’t keep up. That being said, there are so many ways to plan and list and sketch out your year that don’t include lesson planning. The big picture planning of your homeschool are things like routines and books to get from the library and writing projects you want to do and what your plan is for your loops or morning baskets. Think of it like a vision casting meeting for your homeschool. Just you and your thoughts and figuring out how you can make sure you are implementing those into your day. It allows you to check and balance your mission or goal for homeschooling against what you are doing… do they line up?

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