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This tutorial will show you how to hack your SNES Classic Mini on your Apple computer running MacOS. Mac users can now use hakchi2 to add more games, play different consoles, and much more on their Classic. This tutorial will guide you step-by-step on how to install a free Windows VM to your Mac and set it up so you can begin hacking.

This tutorial is the same and works for both the SNES Classic Mini and NES Classic Mini.

1. Download and install VirtualBox here (click on OS X hosts under VirtualBox #.#.# platform packages).

2. Download the VirtualBox Extension Pack here (click on All supported platforms next to VirtualBox #.#.# Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack). Open the file and press Install.

3. Download and extract MSEdge on Win10 (x64) Stable for VirtualBoxhere.

4. In VirtualBox, go to File > Import Appliance..

5. Hit the folder icon, select the .ovf file extracted from step 3, and press Continue.

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6. Press Import.

7. Connect your SNES Classic Mini to your Mac and turn it on.

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Learn how to play NES, Game Boy, Sega Genesis, N64, PlayStation 1, Dreamcast, and more games on your SNES Classic Mini. RetroArch lets you play games from other consoles on your SNES Classic. This tutorial will show you how to install RetroArch and import ROMs to your system. Hack your SNES Classic Mini for MAC OS X and iOS. This tool will work on your Mac, all latest versions are supported. Our tool is reliable and will do exactly what you expect and more. Hack your SNES Classic Mini will not only work on MAC but it will work on WINDOWS 10 AND 7 and iOS, Android. Update hakchi2 to a different version. Uninstall hakchi2 and factory reset SNES Classic. Correctly switch from hakchi2 to hakchi2 CE. Disable hakchi boot splash screen. Run hakchi2 on a Mac. Add more storage to SNES Classic with external hard drive mod. Install BIOS files. Add custom borders. Oct 09, 2017  A guide has been posted on NeoGAF, but be warned, there is a chance you could brick your SNES Classic. The hack works by flashing the SNES Classic's operating system (kernel). How to Hack Your SNES Classic Official Release – 300+ Games will not only work on MAC but it will work on WINDOWS 10 AND 7 and iOS, Android. Because out tools is adapted to all popular platforms, and we working to add more platforms every day.

8. Select MSEdge - Win10_preview and go to Settings.

9. Go to Ports > USB > check Enable USB Controller and select USB 2.0 (EHCH) Controller.

10. Press the + USB icon and select Nintendo Co., Ltd.. and press OK.

11. Turn off the SNES Classic, then hold the reset button, turn the SNES Classic back on, and release the reset button (the power light should not be on).

12. Again, select MSEdge - Win10_preview and go to Settings.


13. Go to Ports > USB and hit the + USB icon and select Onda (unverified) V972 tablet in flashing mode.. and press OK.

14. Select MSEdge - Win10_preview and press Start.

15. When prompted, sign into Windows with the password (note: the 0 is a zero):


16. You will now have a Windows VM running on your Mac which you can use to install hakchi2 and add games, consoles, and more to your SNES Classic. From here, you can now follow any of our guides. We recommend this tutorial (how-to add more games to your SNES Classic) to start. When installing running hakchi, you will be prompted to install .NET Framework.

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