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VMWare Fusion has announced that a 'tech preview' of its virtualization app with support for macOS Big Sur is coming in early July.

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Among other features, macOS Big Sur lays the groundwork for an upcoming Mac shift to proprietary Apple Silicon.

Aside from announcing the tech preview, VMWare didn't offer any other details about how its own virtualization software will support macOS Big Sur — or how it'll be supported by ARM-based chips. In a subsequent tweets, VMWare Fusion asked its followers how they'd use Fusion on ARM.

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Share with us your big dreams.. how would you use Fusion on ARM? https://t.co/GrtNmpJiC3

— VMware Fusion (@VMwareFusion) June 23, 2020

Customer name Bluefin Distribution. Industry Wholesale Distribution of toys, collectibles, novelty and hobby products. Solution Official North American distributor for several renowned brands and leading distributor to thousands of specialty, chain and independent stores, Bluefin required a warehouse management system and a point of sale solution that were both integrated in real time with.

Current virtualization software won't work without support on ARM-based platforms, though Apple has said that macOS Big Sur introduces 'virtualization technology' that will allow users to run Linux on machines with Apple Silicon.

During its WWDC 2020 keynote, Apple showed off a Mac with an ARM A12Z Bionic chipset running a Linux distribution in Parallels, suggesting that the company is working to support virtualization software through the transition.

Other Intel-based apps will continue to run on ARM Macs with the help of Apple's Rosetta 2 emulation technology. The shift to ARM chips will also allow future Macs to run iPad and iOS apps natively.

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Fusion Point of Sale (FusionPOS™) is a full feature point of sale solution for retailers wanting to fully leverage your accounting system to provide centralized management in highly distributed retail environments, without sacrificing any functionality available in standalone retail solutions.

Fusion Register is the core component of FusionPOS™ and provides the basic end user interface for the system. Leveraging “skin” technology, the register user interface can be tailored to the requirements of each client and are both keyboard and / or touchscreen compatible.

Among the key differentiators for FusionPOS™ are the ability to handle multiple customer types within one system, the flexibility to determine on a line by line basis the fulfillment methodology for an order and different register types to handle different requirements.

What makes FusionPOS™ different from other point of sale solutions?

  • Eliminates duplicate data entry

    • All items, customers and pricing data in your accounting system are automatically shared with FusionPOS™. No manual intervention required.
    • All transactions from FusionPOS™ are automatically returned to your accounting system for final processing. Users may select the extent of their participation in the final processing as dictated by their internal policies and procedures.
  • No down time

    • Retail stores can transact business even when the internet connection is lost. This means increased reliability and an enhanced customer experience.
  • Multiple CRM levels

    • FusionPOS™ can maintain individual customers’ transaction history without creating individual customers in your accounting system. This allows for retaining large amounts of customer centric data critical for analysis of buying patterns and focused marketing efforts independent of the constraints of the ERP.
  • Phantom items

    • FusionPOS™ allows phantom items i.e. items which exist in FusionPOS™ but do not exist in the ERP. Phantoms are derivatives of ERP items and are converted back to the stocking unit of measure for posting.

FusionPOS™ can be enhanced by a number of Fusion applications that target specific markets:

  • Fusion Enhanced Pricing

    • The Fusion Enhanced Pricing module provides retail specific, non-standard pricing beyond the scope of conventional ERP systems, including bundled prices, BOGO, merchandise promotions, vendor based specials and more.
  • Fusion Gift Card

    • FusionGC is a prepayment card which can be used at multiple locations. Balances are maintained in real time and can be added to/from any location, and are available via the web.
  • Fusion Scheduler

    • Ideal for salons, restaurants, field service, etc., the Fusion Scheduler visually allocates any resource and assigns prices to tasks. These “appointments” can be easily converted to register transaction where additional material or labor items can be added as needed.

Customer Types

In FusionPOS™ each client can determine the nature of each customer and the degree in which that customer’s data will migrate to your accounting system.

a. Cash Customers

  • FusionPOS™ Cash Customer is used where customer or transaction specific data isn’t needed, while speed and accuracy is. Examples include insignificant purchases, high volume transient environments, etc. Transactions for Cash Customers are “rolled-up” into a single, location-specific Sales Order / Invoice in your accounting system for each user-defined reporting period.
Vmware fusion for mac

b. Accounting Customers

  • FusionPOS™ also has the ability for direct one-to-one integration with your accounting system for Accounting Customers. Such customers are used for either open account transactions or those requiring follow-on activities such as layaway, ERP fulfillment, etc.

c. Marketing Customers

  • FusionRMS™ also maintains Marketing Customers. These are used when customer data is desired for marketing, returns or relationship purposes but there is no need to set them up in your accounting system. Marketing Customers retain the same transaction integrity as Accounting Customer, but transactions for Marketing Customers are “rolled-up” into a unique Sales Order / Invoice by location for posting into your accounting system.

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Register Types

FusionPOS has several register types to meet the cost and functional needs of clients.

a. Fusion Cash Register

  • FusionCR™ integrates seamlessly with your accounting system inventory. Add an item and it is immediately available at the register. Pricing, availability, etc., can all be controlled with one interface. Daily transactions flow seamlessly back into the your accounting system with no manual interaction. Purchasing, financial reporting, and cash management are performed within the system, leaving store managers to focus on enhancing your customer’s experience.
  • FusionCR™ also provides complete transaction processing for today’s retail environments. Capable of completing a transaction with one touch, FusionCR™ is intuitive and easy to use with minimal training without compromising functionality. Its flexible user interface can be tailored to meet store level requirements with over seventy five time saving functions available on demand. Item lookups are quick and easy, and can be performed manually or by scanning a barcode. Returns and exchanges can be verified against the original purchase to avoid fraud. Sales, refunds and exchanges can be on the same transaction.

Fusion Mac Software For Sale By Owner

  • Keyboard or Touch screen
  • Multiple clerk login modes
  • Employee Time clock
  • Flexible Item Look-up
  • Serial number tracking
  • Multi-layered security

Vmware Fusion For Mac Download

  • X / Z tape
  • Multi-location item lookup
  • Over / Short reports
  • Multiple item selection
  • Discount item – $ of %
  • Discount sale – $ or %
  • Price Change
  • Sale Comment
  • Item Comment
  • Scale Integration
  • Print / reprint receipt
  • Print / reprint invoice
  • Commission plans
  • Split Commissions
  • Exchange item / sale
  • Suspend Sale
  • Refund item / sale
  • Barcode receipt / invoice

Fusion Mac Software For Sale Online

  • FusionCR™’s fully integrated Payment Manager offers ultimate flexibility in tendering a sale. Our ability to handle multi-payment tender types per transaction along with multi-currency capabilities means no hassle for your clerks or customers. FusionPOS™ also includes integrated, PCI compliant credit/debit card processing and signature capture.
  • FusionCR™ provides detailed retention of all customer activity and history ideal for loyalty or targeted marketing initiatives. Customers can be set up quickly and easily with user-defined data fields. Customer data can be retrieved by multiple attributes, including loyalty card, telephone number, name, and more.

b. Fusion Customer Service Register

  • Built on the feature set and inventory integration of FusionCR™, the Fusion Customer Service Register (FusionCSR™) dramatically extends the reach of your accounting system by adding AR integration.

FusionRMS™ for Acumatica FusionCSR™ enhancements include:

  • Accounting Customers exist at each register.
  • Accounting Customers can be set up for approval from the register. This allows for independent processing of the current transaction from the pending approval process which could impact the terms and conditions of future sales.
  • Accounting customers may purchase on account or make payments on account from the register. Further, FusionCSR™ checks credit status before processing any sale transaction.
  • Fusion CSR™ processes individual transactions for an Accounting Customer while transactions for non-accounting customers roll-up into one transaction in your accounting system.
  • Lay-away-All lay-away transactions are recorded in your accounting system, accurately tracking the associated liability. The lay-away liabilities are reversed and properly recorded upon completion of the layaway and completion of the sale.
  • Customer specific pricing-Fusion CSR™ enables customer specific or contract pricing to be synchronized with the your accounting system assuring company-wide pricing integrity.

c. Fusion POS Register

  • The Mobile Register brings all the functionality of the
    FusionCSR™ to the HP Elite tablet. Place orders, invoice. accept credit cards, scan items, etc., all while never loosing contact with the client.

d. Fulfillment Types

  • FusionPOS™ allows the operator to select from multiple fulfillment types depending on the nature of the transaction,including carryout, pick-up, ship, install, etc. Fulfillment types may be determined at the line level ideal for environments where an initial carry out sale is followed by a delivery or shipment. The FusionPOS™ integration first creates a Sales Order in Acumatica for each transaction (Accounting Customers) or roll-up transaction (Cash or Marketing Customers). Payments are applied to the open sales order. Fusion then matches the Fulfillment Type with your accounting system’s “Ship Method”, allowing items flagged for future shipment to remain as an open Sales Order. For items otherwise flagged, Fusion can auto post the shipment and / or the invoice depending on client preferences

FusionPOS Optional Enhancements

Fusion Software also provides specific enhancements focused on better serving the Retail markets. These include:

  • Fusion Replenishment
    • Fusion Replenishment provides corporate offices with the ability to quickly and easily generate Purchase Orders or Transfer Orders to restock distribution centers or remote store shelves. Using real time inventory data, Replenishment manages cascading distribution channels where stores may be replenished through transfer orders from regional warehouse (TO) who are in turn replenished from corporate warehouse (TO) or from vendors (PO). Replenishment order quantities are automatically suggested using user-defined parameters including average daily sales, lead times and current stock on hand. POs and TOs are automatically uploaded into your accounting system through standard internet connection.
  • Fusion Inventory Management
    • (FusionIM ) is a version of FusionWMS meeting the needs of retail stores. It allows each store to conduct basic inventory transactions i.e. receiving, physical count and label printing. However, it also allows for the store to generate Purchase Orders or Transfer Orders to replenish inventory. Replenishment order quantities are suggested using user defined parameters, including average daily sales, lead times and current stock on hand. POs and TOs are automatically uploaded into your accounting system through standard internet connection.
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