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So if you are looking for best quantity takeoff software in 2020, you are at the right place. Best Quantity Takeoff Softwares for Construction Esimates 1. PlanSwift is a digital construction estimating software, which is suitable for all kinds of construction projects including industrial.

  • Compare the best Construction Estimating software for Mac of 2020 for your business. Find the highest rated Construction Estimating software for Mac pricing, reviews, free demos, trials, and more.
  • Construction takeoff software, free download - TakeOff, Bridge Construction Set, Gene Construction Kit, and many more programs.
  • Download Now. The On-Screen Takeoff® PlanViewer is a FREE, limited, light version of On-Screen Takeoff® Professional software. On Center’s blueprint takeoff software is a free tool that helps to manage projects easily and collaborate across teams without any stacks of paper.
  • Save Time on Flooring Takeoff and Estimating. One Click area select for tile,carpet, hardwood or laminate floor areas. Speedy perimeter measurement for nail strip and baseboard needs. Measure, count, calculate, print or export your estimate with our easy takeoff software. Estimate more accurately in less time. Bid and win more jobs.

Basic Viewer


Plan Viewing and Printing for everyone in the Office
Basic is a FREE viewing, printing and takeoff tool. Its purpose is two-fold. First, it’s an excellent introduction to eTakeoff and provides simple measurement capabilities on its own. If you aren’t an estimator or only have simple takeoff needs, then Basic may be all you need. However, Basic is actually a powerful complement to our Advanced and Premier products. Basic is perfect as a free add-on for everyone else in your office who needs to view or print plans. All information created with the Advanced or Premier versions of eTakeoff can be viewed with Basic. Estimators can thus share their takeoff detail, annotations and issues with Project Managers and others without having to pay for additional copies of eTakeoff.

Electronic Planroom Integration
A simple click on a drawing name in an integrated planroom displays and saves the drawing on your computer. Switch from plan to plan without going back to the planroom. Download multiple plans in the background while you’re viewing.

Easy Scaling and Measuring Set the drawing scale by selecting from a list of scales, setting a custom scale or calibrating from a length shown on the drawing. Measure count, length, perimeter and area in one pass. The close-up window shows the area under the cursor for absolute precision. Combine multiple groups of points in a single measurement. Cut out parts of an area. Digitize arcs with just three points. Seagate hard drive mac software. Transfer quantities to other applications via the clipboard. Measurements cannot be saved with the Basic version of eTakeoff.

Dimension – Advanced

Superior Technology
eTakeoff is written utilizing advanced database technology for speed and efficiency. There’s no time-consuming conversion to other file formats to improve performance. Whether you’re using a single page TIF file, or a 200 page PDF file with color photos, your takeoff won’t slow down.

Free project planning software mac os x. With a little more maturity, it can become a leader in its category.Jim Akin is a technology writer and editor based in Minneapolis.EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was updated to remove a claim that Microsoft Project is not available for use on the Mac. Macworld’s buying adviceHold off for at least one maintenance upgrade, but then give Project X serious consideration if you need a sophisticated Mac-based project-planning and -tracking tool for complex small-business projects.

Online Construction Takeoff Software

Advanced Measuring and Scaling
Measurements can be saved, printed, and displayed in a list. They can be edited, moved or copied. Two point line and rectangle takeoff lets you digitize a collection of lines or rectangles by clicking on the end points. Display the pitch and angle for measurement lines. Pre-defined Measurement Assemblies (Extensions) are included for roof areas, volumes, wall areas and more. Measurements can be displayed in an infinite variety of colors and styles (traces). Detail scales let you set a special scale for an area within a drawing.

Flip/Rotate Measurements
In some estimating environments such as hotels or office buildings, a row of rooms or other objects may be repeated on opposite sides of a hall. It can save time to takeoff one side of the hall, then copy, move and flip the takeoff to do the second side.

Advanced Viewing Tools
The Control Panel provides quick access to lists of layers, drawings, measurements, quantities, traces and other convenient tools. You can open an unlimited number of drawing windows to display multiple drawings simultaneously across multiple monitors.

Measurement List
All measurements for a project can be shown in a printable list. Each measurement contains 4 separate quantities to be displayed in the Measurement List. The list can be sorted by one or more column values and subtotals can be displayed. Cells in the list can be dragged and dropped into other applications such as Excel.

Measurements and annotations can be assigned to one of an unlimited number of layers. The visibility of layers can be turned on and off to show or hide the assigned items.

Bid Codes
Bid codes can be assigned to traces or measurements to enable merging takeoff information into other applications such as Excel. Standard bid codes can be created or imported with extensive control over bid code formatting. Drawing Legend Each drawing can display a “legend”. This is a table of the traces used in the drawing with the trace description, unit of measure, all measurement details or total quantity of measurements using that trace.

Annotate drawings with text, lines, rectangles, ovals, clouds, freehand lines and arrows. Create bi-di-rectional hyperlinks that connect a link on one drawing with a view of another drawing.


Issue Management
During the takeoff process issues may arise that need to be resolved later. The Issue Management feature allows you to define issues and assign annotations, drawings and measurements to them. Issues can be flagged as open, critical or resolved. The issue list can then be displayed to see what items still need to be resolved.

FTP Integration
FTP is an Internet protocol that allows a web site to work much like a file server. Many general contractors are using FTP sites for plan distribution. FTP Integration simplifies working with FTP protocols. When the FTP information is entered for a project, the drawings on the web site appear automatically in the drawing list. Selecting a drawing downloads it (unless previously downloaded), adds it to the project and displays it for viewing and takeoff.

Drawing Comparison
Drawing comparison allows you to overlay two different drawings and see the differences between them. Markings that are common to both drawings are shown in black. Markings that exist in the old drawing but are missing in the new drawing are shown in red. Markings that are added in the new drawing are shown in blue. Drawing comparison can be used to compare an original drawing to a revised drawing, compare different floors in a multi-story building or compare a specific unit to the original model in residential and other types of construction.

Dimension – Premier

All Advanced features plus:

Pattern Search (Autocount)
Very few takeoff products perform a Pattern search as quickly and elegantly as eTakeoff. Pattern Search can be used to find multiple occurrences of symbols representing components that need to be quantified. These symbols can represent material in any trade including door & wall types, fixtures & receptacles, signs, fire alarms, piers, and even landscape material such as trees & shrubs. A symbol is selected in the drawing. eTakeoff then searches the entire drawing (or user defined area) for other occurrences of the symbol. The results are sorted and displayed in a window for review. You can easily select and deselect matches which are then converted into a count measurement.

User defined Assemblies , Formulas and Variables
Assemblies can be created for measurements or for an entire project. Measurement assemblies are called Extensions and allow you to create variables and formulas to calculate quantities based on measurements. This is a powerful capability that lets you completely customize takeoff input to match your own estimating workflow. For example a Wall Extension would assemble the parts of a wall like track, studs, insulation and drywall from the measured length and user input variables such as Wall Height, OC distance, insulation type and track type. Extensions can be as simple as entering the slope for roof pitch or as complicated as assembling all material needed for a concrete slab. Project assemblies accumulate all the measurement assemblies so you can have totals for all necessary materials. Project assemblies can perform further calculations using formulas and variables. Project assemblies are created using the Quantity Worksheet.

Advanced Excel Integration
Instead of transferring quantities to Excel, formulas can be transferred that refer back to eTakeoff measurements. If the measurements change, the value in Excel is updated to reflect that change. Formulas based on bid codes can also be transferred. The formula calculates the total quantity for all measurements with that bid code. From Excel, the user can drill down on a formula to see the measurement it uses in eTakeoff.

Quantity Worksheet
The quantity worksheet is a powerful tool that employs a user-defined structure (such as WBS) to organize and summarize all takeoff measurements, quantities and annotations across the entire project. This provides a complete audit of all takeoff for further analysis and reporting. From the quantity worksheet you can then easily transfer quantities to other applications such as Excel.

Free Online Construction Takeoff Software Mac Pro

Advanced Project & Drawing Management
Project and drawing management tools allow you to perform tasks on multiple items. You can view all your projects at once and sort them by Bid date, Description or Plan Source. Select to Auto Backup, hide or delete multiple projects. Purge unused drawings from a project in one simple pass. Generate scaled grid drawings for field sketches.

Digital Takeoff Software

Advanced Measuring Tools
Premier offers additional measuring tools to make takeoff more efficient, such as two point takeoff, extending measurements across multiple pages and more. You can even create and edit annotations in an extra drawing window, allowing you to take measurements in the main window and mark them off a schedule in the second window.

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