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Best Virtual Classroom Software

Mark Student Attendance and Share Homework with the School App for Teacher. Atcovation connects teachers with school management, students, and parents all through a single app. With the App, teachers can mark attendance of students in their class in no time, without any paperwork.

  • Free for up to 100 Students
  • Fluent HD Video/Audio/IM Chat
  • Screen Sharing and Whiteboard
  • Polls, Survey and Report
  • Recording and Playback

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In recent years, virtual learning has grown in popularity and pieces of virtual classroom software like ezTalks stand out in the market, making it difficult to choose one that will suit your school's training requirements. Luckily, we've listed 4 best free virtual classroom software here to help you with your search.

1. ezTalks Webinar

ezTalks Webinar is one of the best virtual learning software for free in the world. Why does it top our list of the best free virtual classroom software? There are a number of reasons why this software stands out from the rest.

Reason 1: Save Cost
It renders virtual classroom software free sign up. The free version allows instructors to host classes comprising of up to 100 students, while the paid version at affordable price allows up to 10,000 students.

Reason 2: Deliver a Seamless Learning Experience
ezTalks Webinar delivers top-notch audio and video quality, so students should not worry about a poor learning experience. Polls & survey helps to collect feedbacks effortlessly for a better understanding of students’ needs so that the learners can connect with the topic seamlessly.

Reason 3: Create an Interactive Virtual Classroom
There's an ability to share screens and whiteboards, ensuring effective online collaboration. Besides, you are allowed to send instant messages and have direct communication with teachers or classmates either publicly or privately via text as long as you want.

Reason 4: Manage Class for Good Order
You can mute/unmute the students if necessary. Besides, the host can set the one he/she wants as the presenter. The chatting process will be also conducted in order. All these help to not affect class management.

Reason 5: Review after Class
The platform also has a recording & playback feature, thus allowing learners to explore the benefits of virtual learning without any limitation and allowing the host to share recording file links on different platforms for larger crowds. Those who can’t join the live class can also download the recording files for playback.

2. Fastmeeting

Fastmeeting is the No.1 video conferencing provider in China. It provides high-efficient, simple and cost-effective product for online meeting, training and education. You can get instantly connected with your global teams for real-time video communication and data sharing via your desktops or mobile devices easily!

It distinguishes itself with quite a lot of features, including:

1) Fluent HD Video and Audio. It provides 1080P high definition video quality and the nondestructive voice transmission of labial synchronism by various advanced audio technologies, Fastmeeting delivers the “face to face” immersive meeting experience.

2) Fast Data Sharing. Whether Office files, PDFs, applications or video files, all of them can be presented to all participants simultaneously. The clarity is guaranteed by advanced vector technologies.


3) Multiple Interactive Options. Multiple roles to have group chats, private chats and raise hands to speak, with multiple communication ways such as texts, videos and audios.

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4) Feature-Rich Meeting Controls. Rich features for meeting controls like multi-level management, recording, roll call, subtitles and video loops, etc. to deliver an on-the-spot meeting experience.

Free Classroom Attendance Mac Apps

5) Cross-Platform. Enjoy online meetings on Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android system. And connect people via different devices seamlessly without any hassle.

3. Udemy

With over 2 million students across the world and 13,000 courses, it is easy to see why Udemy featured in our list. This virtual classroom software to free download allows instructors to create robust courses, including PowerPoint files, video lectures, screencast videos, audio files, mashup videos, documents, and text. This is a very professional-looking software that has lots of features to offer. It also allows creators to hold live online sessions through its virtual classroom platform free of charge. You may be nodding your head after reading these features, but Udemy offers some unique feature that if used correctly can provide unique interactivity.

4. Moodle

Moodle is primarily aimed at the virtual learning, but is also used by most organizations especially for training purposes. The virtual classroom software for free boasts the feature you would expect in virtual classroom platform, such as progress tracking and student dashboards and includes mobile friendly themes, add-ons and the ability to cash in on courses you are offering through PayPal.

Free Classroom Attendance Mac Application

Because Moodle is one of the big names in the virtual learning arena, it enjoys the support of a massive community with countless of plugins and options to modify it to your liking. Moreover, it benefits from lots of online documentations which come in handy should you need assistance with support issues or questions.

Why Virtual Learning So Popular?

The increasing popularity of virtual learning is for good reasons. One of the primary advantages of virtual learning is that it allows learners to work at their own convenience regardless of their geographical locations. This perk is particularly important for people living in remote areas and don't want to commute daily to school. Most students also save cash on gas, parking as well as bus passes. Remember that when choosing a virtual classroom software, you need to understand the benefits of different virtual learning class types as well as the features of each product, so you can make a wise decision.


Virtual learning has become immensely popular over the last decade, thanks largely to the technological advancement. Teachers can now expand the size of their classes, while students can take the courses they like without leaving their homes. We hope this article will help you choose an awesome free virtual classroom software that will meet your needs.

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