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Go to Floor Plan pane on the right of the canvas, find the Drawing Scale option, input a drawing scale value in the box or click the arrow besides the box to choose one scale from the drop-down menu. Add Floor Plan Shapes From the left libraries, drag and drop shapes to the canvas. Find the best Virtual Tour Apps for iPhone. Compare product reviews and features to build your list. Floor Plans & Maps. For Hospitality. For Real Estate. Pricing Options. Monthly Subscription. Real estate software to create virtual tours. The new way to show your portfolio of properties from anywhere and at any time.

Creating floor plans or decorating a house is not a simple job. In fact, unless you spend a hefty amount or have some clear knowledge of what you are doing, creating a house plan is going to be a big deal. Even if you are a professional, you need to spend several hours drawing and re-drawing. Lucky for you, you have a smartphone that can do almost anything thanks to the growing app ecosystem. So, here are some of the best house plan drawing apps. Of course, the apps or the plans created using these apps are not an alternative for an actual architecture. However, these apps can surely be helpful in getting you started and sorted.

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  1. = TIP: If you’re going to buy home design software, our current preference is Home Designer Software by Chief Architect (read the Chief Architect review here). Overview Pros. Many templates for quick start. I also find the templates helpful in learning the software. Split 2D and 3D views so you can see your changes in 3D as you make them.
  2. Home and Landscape Design Essentials v20 is the ideal program for the DIY person who wants powerful tools and capabilities to develop home plans and design interior rooms and landscaping options. This user-friendly home and landscape design software suite combines all the materials, tools, textures, furnishings, accessories to help make home design and landscaping projects a stunning.
  3. With RoomSketcher, it’s easy to create high-quality floor plans. Draw your floor plans yourself or order floor plans from our Floor Plan Services – all you need is a sketch or blueprint. With the RoomSketcher App, our easy-to-use floor plan software, you can draw a floor plan in minutes on your PC, Mac or tablet. Then, generate high-resolution 2D & 3D Floor Plans at the click of a button.

Best Floor Plan Apps

1. Floor Plan Creator

If you are looking to create precise and accurate floor plans, then Floor Plan Creator app is for you. The app is filled with almost every feature you’ll ever need to create detailed floor plans. You can create multiple floor rooms in 3D style and get automatic calculations for perimeters, rooms, walls, etc. Add to that, if you already have supported laser meters, you can use them in combination with the app for more accurate measurements. Once you complete the floor plan, the app gives you a 3D tour of the full plan.

Price: The base app is free and has ads. To remove ads and export your plans or sync them with Cloud, you need to upgrade to one of their paid plans via in-app purchases. The basic plan costs around $5 and the Pro plan costs around $10.

Download for Android.

2. Grapholite Floor Plans

Grapholite Floor Plans is a very minimal, user-friendly, and feature-rich application to create floor plans on the go. Unlike Floor Plan Creator which allows you to create 3D plans, Grapholite Floor Plans lets you create a floor plan in a more traditional way, like an actual architectural plan on a paper. One of the best features of the Grapholite Floor Plans is that it allows you to arrange space using virtual office tables and other furniture elements. This allows you to have a good idea on how you can effectively utilize the floor space and whether you need to make any changes to the existing floor plan.

Price: The base app is free. However, the free version will not allow you to export created plans. For that, you need to upgrade to the Pro version via in-app purchases.

Download for Android and iOS.

3. MagicPlan

MagicPlan is one most popular, feature-filled, and award-winning house planning app for Android and iOS. Just like with Grapholite Floor Plans app, you can create floor plans in a traditional way. When needed, you can take a picture of your existing house and create floor plans from it. What’s more, MagicPlan can show the existing dimensions and add floors and walls. Additionally, you can add furniture objects, photos, and annotations to help in creating proper house plans. If you have laser meters, you can use them in combination with the MagicPlan app. Simply put, if you are looking for a professional-grade application to create your house and floor plans then MagicPlan is for.

For Android users, as good as the app is, do keep in mind that you need to have an Android device that has a gyroscope and should be compatible with Android AR Core. If you don’t have either of these two, your device is not supported.

Price: The base app is free. The export feature and some additional objects are locked behind a paywall. To get access to them, you can either purchase one-floor plan at a time for $2.99 or subscribe to their service for $9.99 per month. As a subscribed user, you can export any number of plans you want.

Download for Android. and iOS.

4. Home Design 3D

If you are looking to redesign or remodel your house then Home Design 3D is for you. This is all in addition to being able to create 2D and 3D floor plans from scratch. One of the best things is, you can adjust the thickness of the walls while creating your 3D plans. The app includes hundreds of furniture objects and accessories to design your house. Additionally, you can color the walls, duplicate your favorite items, import pictures, and textures, edit objects, etc. Once you are done with the design plan, you can export it locally or sync them to your favorite cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox.

Price: The base Home Design 3D app is free. However, in the free version, you cannot save or export your plans. For that, you need to upgrade to Classic, Gold, or Gold Plus versions for $0.99, $10, and $20 respectively via in-app purchases. Depending on the version you’ve upgraded to, you will get access to different features. There is a built-in feature comparison chart to help you choose the best plan.

Download for Android and iOS.

5. Planner 5D

Planner 5D is very similar to Home Design 3D in that you’ll be to creating floor plans in both 2D and 3D. I suspect, that the reason why the app developers named the apps as it 5D (2D + 3D). Additionally, you can arrange custom furniture objects and virtually decorate your house for better planning. One of the interesting features of the app is that it supports Chromecast. This enables you to visualize your house plan on a big screen without exporting the designed plan. You can export your creations or sync to cloud services whenever you want.

Price: The base app is free. Some features like exporting, syncing, furniture objects are locked in the free version. You need to perform in-app purchases to unlock those advanced features.

Download for Android and iOS.

6. Kitchen Planner 3D

Kitchen planning is not something to be trifled with. Generally, there will be a lot of things in the kitchen and without proper planning, everything goes south quickly. This is where Kitchen Planner 3D comes into play. This simple app allows you to properly design your kitchen. Obviously, the app comes with a lot of kitchen objects to play and plan with. Once you have the plan or design, you can export them in the format of your choice.

Price: The base version is free and has ads. Some features like the ability to undo and change cabinet doors and handles need to be unlocked via in-app purchases.

Hp laserjet cm2320 driver. Always before connecting the device to your Mac for the first time.

Download for Android.

7. Houzz Interior Design Ideas

Sometimes, all you need to is come up with some ideas to create interior designs and floor plans. In those situations, Houzz Interior Design Ideas got your back. There are millions of high-resolution photos and plans to design and plan your house as you need. To keep track of things, the app provides proper annotation tools so that you can jot down your ideas. There is also a visual match feature that helps buy the same exact product you see in your favorite photo.

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Price: The app is free and has ads.

Download for Android and iOS.

I hope that helps. Comment below sharing your thoughts and experiences about using the above floor plan apps to create floor plans and house decoration plans in Android and iOS.

Alternatively, RoomSketcher is a good floor planning app for Mac computers and if you are looking for a web tool try SketchUp

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Learn how to create floor plan on Mac OS X easily and quickly. Use powerful but intuitive floor plan software equipped with smart shapes to create floor plans in an amazingly simple way.

Open a Drawing Page

Firstly, open a drawing page and the shape libraries will show up simultaneously. On the File menu, point to New, click Building Plan. Choose the type of floor plan you want and then double click its icon.

Edraw Max: a swiss knife for all your diagramming need

  • Effortlessly create over 280 types of diagrams.
  • Provide various templates & symbols to match your needs.
  • Drag and drop interface and easy to use
  • Customize every detail by using smart and dynamic toolkits.
  • Compatible with a variety of file formats, such as MS Office, Visio, PDF, etc.
  • Feel free to export, print and share your diagrams.

Set the Drawing Scale

Floor Plan App Mac Real Estate Punch Game

Go to Floor Plan pane on the right of the canvas, find the Drawing Scale option, input a drawing scale value in the box or click the arrow besides the box to choose one scale from the drop-down menu.

Floor Plan App Mac Real Estate Punch Recipe

Add Floor Plan Shapes

  • From the left libraries, drag and drop shapes to the canvas. As you drag or move a shape, the gridlines and dynamic blue guidelines help you align it with other shapes.
  • Drag room shape or wall shape to form the exterior wall structure.
  • Drag the white square/circle handles to resize floor plan shapes or double click the dimension text to type the length or width value.
  • Connect the walls by dragging one wall to another. When the connection point turns into a white square, release the mouse and two walls will be glued. Intersections between two walls are cleaned up automatically.

Edit Floor Plan Shapes

Add more wall shapes to form the interior structure.

Drag a door shape and move it towards the wall. When the wall turns to dark red, release the mouse. The door will be automatically aligned and glued to the wall.

Floor Plan App Mac Real Estate Punch Free

To set the opening direction, go to Home tab to click Rotate and Flip button. Drag the yellow control point to change the door opening angle and direction.

Real estate floor plans

Change a shape's color and border by clicking any quick style under the Home tab in the Styles group.

Add Dimension Lines to Walls

Dimensions can be added to the floor plan to show precise measurement and scale. The dimensioning library has included lots of smart dimensioning symbols that enable users to draw interior dimension, exterior dimension, angular dimension, radius dimension and much more.

Add Floor Plan Contents

Double click a shape or a table to type in text. If there is on built-in text box, you can click on the Text button on the Ribbon and draw blank text boxes on the canvas.

Choose a different font under Home tab. Customize the size, color and alignment by clicking the relevant menus. Click the arrow under Font Color for more Paragraph settings.

Change Floor Plan Theme

By changing floor plan theme, go to the right Theme pane.

Save or Export Floor Plan

Click Save on File tab to save as the default format. Choose Save As to decide where to save your documents.

Hit Export & Send to export the floor plan as images, presentation slides and web documents and so on.

Print Floor Plan

Click File tab; choose Print and then the print setting and preview window shows. You can choose which pages and how many copies to print here.

If the drawing page is larger than the print paper, the drawing will be printed on more than 1 paper. To print it on only 1 paper, click More Print Setup.. and then choose Fit to.

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