Flextime Time Lapse Software For Mac


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To make a good time-lapse video, you’ll need a still camera or a video recorder and good video software. We recommend Movavi Video Editor – it’s an easy movie maker for both PC and Mac. If you would like to know how to do time-lapse with Movavi Video Editor, download the program and follow the tutorial below.


File TypeWildgame Innovations Video File

DeveloperWildgame Innovations
CategoryVideo Files

What is a WGI file?

A WGI file is a video recorded by Wildgame Innovations software, which is used to record wild game activity in different locations for hunting purposes. The video is a collection of time-lapse images known as 'flex-time.'

Flextime Player

The WGI file can be opened using the software that comes with the Wildgame Innovations camera. It may also be opened by the VideoLAN VLC media player.

Flextime Time Lapse Software For Mac Download

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Programs that open WGI files
Wildgame Innovations software
VideoLAN VLC media player
Wildgame Innovations software
VideoLAN VLC media player

Wildgame Flextime Time Lapse Software

VideoLAN VLC media player

Flextime Viewer

Updated 5/5/2016
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