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Facial recognition software helps in automatic identification and verification of individuals from digital images. These application software also retain the potential of identifying facial features from video frames as well. Some of these software identify individuals with the use of certain features such as the shape and size of one’s body organ like nose, eyes, cheekbones and others with the help of specific algorithms.


While till date you were familiar only with voice and fingerprint detection, facial recognition is in vogue which helps you to be more secure with your personal belongings such as computer use, mobile, ATMs and others.

May 04, 2005  Mac Apps A. I just doubt that there is an economic incentive at this point. I have seen facial recognition software for windows, and you can download a free, fully-working demo of it. Aswitcher macrumors 603. I have seen facial recognition software for windows, and you can download a free, fully-working demo of it. Face Recognition Software Software - Free Download Face Recognition Software - Top 4 Download - Top4Download.com offers free. software downloads for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android computers and mobile devices. Visit for free, full and secured software’s. Dec 06, 2017  Facial recognition, on the other hand, is nothing more than software running on a processing element to evaluate the image it receives from the camera, compares it to the image that a trusted platform can secure in its memory and either unlocks the system or not.


If you are looking for a multi-platform face recognition software; Luxand FaceSDK is the best software that will meet all your needs. With automatic camera specific real-time alerts, this software finds use with your desktop, mobile and web applications. Luxand adheres to recognition for security based on the entire face and other facial features. The software is also associated with various applications for image enhancement.


Developed initially for the churches, Churchix is a recognition software which identifies people who have attended events present in images and videos. This is the first of its kind software which helps in live classification & enrollment. You are only required to do the least task of just uploading the images and videos in the data base of the software and Churchix automatically recognizes people.


Best suited for mobile, website and desktop applications, this facial recognition software delivers you with 100% accurate results of its identification and verification which is based on both live and uploaded images and video frames. With its service, it confidently replaces other manual systems used for the purpose leaving you with the final identification.

Rohos Face Logon

This software is designed specifically for Windows and makes way to both windows phones and desktops. With its use you enjoy the benefit of automatic login upon face recognition. Also one can get many faces registered for a single account at the same time. This technique makes the software most suitable in case of partnership business firms.

BioID Facial Recognition Authenticator

Best for Macs, this user authenticator software meets the needs of multinational companies who can get this 2D static image search authenticator uploaded to their mobiles. BioID Facial recognition authenticator works when the company’s clients on the other end log in with their authorized ID securely. So now you can keep yourself free from remembering passwords and opt for secure login with facial recognition.

Face Recognition-FastAccess

Facial Recognition Software Download Mac Pro

Available for Android phones, this recognition software assists you a faster login with the thumbnail view of the closest matches. The software is now available in its new version 2.0 which finds compatibility with all android phones and devices. While your friends and family express their will of using your phone; feel free to let them use by just keeping your apps protected with Face recognition First Access.

Facial Recognition Software Download Mac


One of the most popular desktop recognition app, KeyLemon provides the utmost security against others access to your desktop. This app is free for OSX and Windows. It allows recognition done through the webcam image. Also upgrading its security recognition measure, KeyLemon has come up with voice recognition for Windows devices.

What is Facial Recognition Software?

These software help in identification and verification of the authentic user of any devices. These software have been recognized of great help for investigation purposes by police and other sectors. Facial recognition software possess the potential of identification based on both live and recorded images making sure there is no violation of your security needs. This identification is done minutely taken into consideration various structures of one’s face like eyes, lips, nose facial angle and others.You can also see Cyber Security Tools

Facial Recognition Software Download Mac

To be specific about its benefit; it is devoid of any error which usually occurs with manual devices. Not even can identical twins pass off without being recognized by this type of recognition software.Security measures are very important these days to keep away from theft and other types of fraudaltry.You can also see Photo Management Software

This security enhancement becomes convenient and handy with these types of facial recognition software which you can download easily with various platforms as per the convenience of the apps. So it’s time to bid goodbye to passwords and opt for facial recognition for identification and verification of authenticity. Considering these reviews will help you with the search of best recognition software.

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Facial recognition technology is growing leaps and bounds. It is, indeed, a fascinating subject. In fact, this technology in the coming years can reveal Social Security Number, find your Facebook profile, and all of your photos publicly available on the Internet can be instantly searched to find out more about you, which is, simply put, downright scary. [Source]

Improved detection of the image frame area when using the SA-21 strip-film or SA-30 roll-film adapters. Nikon coolscan iv ed driver mac os x. Full Specifications What's new in version 4.0.2.

Free Face Recognition Software

Like speech recognition, Apple hasn’t utilized the facial recognition technology to its full potential. On Mac, there exist applications that can detect your face, but these are not fully-fledged, high-end softwares. However, Apple, Microsoft and Google have incorporated facial recognition technology into their indigenous photo management apps, which are free to use.

Face Recognition Apps to Tag Photos on Mac

Here is an attempt to list some of the well-known face recognition apps that automatically tag the pictures stored on your local machine.

iPhoto, which is Apple’s photo management app, has a face recognition and tagging feature. If you have thousands of photos, and you’ve tagged only a dozens of them, then it wouldn’t take you long to realize that manually tagging photos is a painful task. Let iPhoto do the rest for you.

iPhoto matches the photos that are already stored in your database, and it will automatically tag them. Plus the out of the box integration makes iPhoto a near-perfect to managing your photos. What more? iPhoto can even recognize cats.

iPhoto is a part of iLife, which is usually bundled as a freebie when you purchase a Mac.

Google’s free photo management utility, Picasa, is an excellent option that not only organizes your photos but also uses face-matching technology to tag and identify people in those photos. In a matter of minutes, depending on the number of photos you have, Picasa can recognize and tag faces automatically.

The Windows Live Photo Gallery is another web-enabled photo management tool that is similar to Picasa. It can edit photos, automatically detect faces and tag them. Although not as accurate as you’d expect, it can also pull in names from your Live ID’s address book.

However, you should know that there are a number of reasons why face detection might not just work every time when you use these apps. For example, when the face is tilted in a different direction, or due to the changing lighting condition, these apps will fail to detect and tag the faces automatically.

Picasa’s face detection technology deserves a seal of approval. It can churn thousands of photos faster than iPhoto does, and photos can be accessed from your Mac or PC. That said, it goes without saying that the winner is Picasa.

Protect Your Mac With Facial Recognition Apps

If you are in the look out for a standalone face recognition system for protecting your Mac — MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and iMac — against illegal access when you are out, then KeyLemon is worth giving a shot. The software detects your face, locks the computer when you are away, and unlocks the session with face detection. As one would expect, the software can be yours for a price of $29.

Free Facial Recognition Software Download

Verilook is another commercial face identification app primarily used for biometric system developers and integrators. It can store and recall data on Mac and Windows, and comes with an SDK that can be yours for almost a whopping $550.

Facial Recognition Software For Windows

If you are interested in learning more about creating your own software to recognize faces on your computer, then check out this nifty little guide put together by the students of Cornerll University to help you get started and learn the facets of creating a face recognition system.

Facial Recognition Free Software

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