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The average person doesn't really need to look at their Mac's logs or status messages, but more advanced users and tech troubleshooters turn to Console to glean important information on what's going on under the hood. Thanks to a redesign in macOS Sierra, if you're looking for more information on what your Mac is up, it's much easier to find and read the information than ever before.

  1. Made for Your Mac. Lightkey was engineered from the ground up as a native Mac app, so it’s finally goodbye to the Windows emulation. It perfectly matches your Mac’s look and feel and comes with all the familiar features like Dark Mode, full screen view, autosaving, copy and paste, unlimited undo, or automatic updates.
  2. Visual studio (MAC) Console Application duplicate Ask Question Asked 3 years, 7 months ago. Active 3 years, 2 months ago. Viewed 15k times 6. This question already has answers here: External Terminal / Debug outside the IDE (2 answers) Closed 3 years ago. Maybe some of you know, that Visual Studio (Preview) is ready to use.

Write a console application that consumes the class library. Use the dotnet new command, create a console application in the src folder named App. Dotnet new console -lang 'F#' -o src/App The following directory structure is produced after running the previous command.

Console gets a new look

Previously, data in the Console app looked like run-on sentences. Distinguishing the process from the event was difficult, at best. Now, these lines of text are separated by columns, which can also be filtered by errors and faults. You can customize the columns to specify what data you are most interested in.

When you search for a term, you'll be given a secondary search option to look for the queried term under a specific category, like Process, Library Path, Message Type, and more. When you find the term and category you are looking for, you can save the filtered information in your tab bar, so you can click on it to check data at any time.

There is a new Now button that will immediately zoom you to the end of the data stream, looking at the most current threads. Even as new data appears, your window will remain at the bottom, so you can always see the newest incoming information.

You can also view data by Activities to see what actions are taking place by different processes. This is helpful for developers working on debugs for their apps, but is also a quick way to look for issues you may come across.

Sep 19, 2019  If there are items in the menu bar that you feel don’t belong there, hold Command, click on the icon, and drag it outside of the menu bar. Note: this only works for first-party icons. It is possible to remove third-party icons from the top bar on Mac by clicking on them and selecting “Quit” or “Close,” but this will stop the app from. Oct 09, 2018  The macOS menu bar is a great place for quickly accessing system and application functions using menu extras or 'menulets', but it can get cluttered pretty quickly as. Jan 21, 2019  Here’s how to remove those pesky icons once and for all! Why Do Third-Party App Icons Show up on Mac Menu Bar? By default, the menu bar doesn’t contain very many icons. You’ve got the stand clock, internet connection indicator, and battery tracker to start. Remove app from menu bar mac.

F Console App In Mac Free

When you select a line, something that is causing an error or fault, for example, you can view additional detailed information about the problem. You can also share that information to someone else via email, text, and social media. Or, you can save it to your Notes or Reminders app, or another third-party note-saving app.

Unfortunately, Console has also been redesigned to only show you data from the time you open the app. That means, if your Mac crashed and you want to find out why, opening console after the fact may not yield you any useful information. You can browse Console's log archives, but it is an arduous process that involves creating a system diagnostic report first.

Why should I care?

When you first look at the Console app, it might look like a bunch of confusing tech jargon that only engineers and computer scientists would give a crap about. But, even the everyday Mac user could, potentially, benefit from using Console.

Let's say your Mac is starting to act up – maybe you keep getting error messages when trying to empty the trash, or a particular app doesn't load properly.

F Console App In Mac

You've tried all of the general troubleshooting options, turning it off and on, deleting and reinstalling software, etc., but you can't seem to fix this one problem.

F console app in mac free

F Console App In Mac Computer

You can launch Console, filter the data by Errors and Faults (or search for the app), find the line that seems to refer to your problem, and do a quick search on the internet for a solution. Oftentimes, Console will provide an error code, which is very useful when troubleshooting a problem on your own.

Even if you can't diagnose the issue yourself, you can send the error details to your IT support, so they can better understand the problem and help fix it remotely.

Console isn't a go-to app for the average Mac user, but for those that do use it, it's invaluable. And, thanks to a complete redesign in macOS Sierra, it's even easier to find and track the data you need.

What do you think?

Are you a regular Console app user? Let us know your best practices and what you think about the redesign.

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