Epson Stylus Photo 870 Driver Mac Os X


  1. Epson Stylus Photo 870 Driver Mac Os X
Epson Stylus Photo 870 Driver Mac Os X

Product(s): Stylus COLOR 670/ 740/ 777/ 860/ 880/ 900/ 980, Stylus C40/ C60/ C80, Stylus Photo 780/ 785EPX/ 820/ 870/ 875DC/ 890/ 1270/ 1280/ 2000P Subject: Available options for connecting your EPSON printer to Mac OS X 10.0 This bulletin was created to inform you of the currently available options for connecting your EPSON printer to Mac OS X. Stylus Photo 870, Epson Stylus Photo 870, C11C304111, The ultimate A4 quality printer - printouts lasting over 10 years.

Print via the SMC Barricade print server 40 comments Create New Account
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Sistema: Mac OS 10.14.x Mac OS 10.13.x Mac OS 10.12.x Mac OS X 10.11.x Mac OS X 10.10.x Mac OS X 10.9.x Mac OS X 10.8.x Mac OS X 10.7.x Mac OS X 10.6.x Descrizione: Common Updater for Apple Software Update for Epson Stylus Photo 870 Scaricare Epson Stylus Photo 870 Common Updater for Apple Software Update v.2.18. Epson Epson Stylus 1000 Driver Autocad ADI v2.50s: Ms Dos: 18/11/02: Epson Stylus Color 777. Win Me, Win 98, Win 95, Mac OS 9.x.x, Mac OS 8.6.x, Mac OS X: 18/11/02: Epson Stylus c70: Win Me, Win 98, Win 95, Win 2000, Win XP, Win NT 4.0, Mac OS X: 19/11/02: Epson Stylus Photo 870: Win Me, Win 98, Win 95, Win NT 4.0, Win 2000, Win XP: 19/12/02.

I think the SMC Barricade print server has a 25-pin PC style parallel port? So that means I could print out to a printer with a parallel port from my Mac using the Barricade, as long as LP or CUPS supports the printer?

Yes, I've been using my SMC Barricade working this way with my HPLJ 6MP since last year and works in 10.1.x also. (See Here for more info.) Although until a recently, there was there was an issue where the Barricade wouldn't terminate printjobs correctly. A recent SMC firmware upgrade (R.1.93s1) seems to have fixed this. For some odd reason, SMC refuses to document this tip (i.e. using 'lp' as the name of the printqueue) on their site and I've seen OSX users have to re-discover it at least 3 times so far.

I'm currently using an old HP LaserJet Series II PCL printer attached to my SMC Barricade via a Parallel cable. I can print wireless by Airport or by Cat5 from my PCs. I installed Gimp Print which has the required CUPS drivers.
There's really nothing for SMC to document here. They've already stated in the manual what the name of the queue and the IP address of the print server. That's all you need. If Apple had made available the necessary CUPS driver, I wouldn't have needed Gimp Print and GhostScript.
By the way, I had this whole LaserJet II setup running before Jaguar thanks to a hint from this site.. using Ghostscript.

I agree.. I posted this hint. SMC tech support had told me that the Print server did not support CUPS, only Linux!
Anyway, I emailed the tech support person these instructions and asked them to post it on the FAQ. We'll see.
Also, the naming the que 'lp' tip is not found in their print server general faq, only in the Win 2000 instructions!
-- SBK

Note that if you have rev 1.41.004 of the Barricade firmware, you must set the queue name to 'LPT1', not 'lp'. If you try to set the queue to 'lp', print jobs are stopped midway through the print process.
The firmware rev 1.93s1 appears to be for another version of the router (part number 750.5312) only.
Following the advice posted on this site, I was able to get my Mac running 10.2 to print to my HP DeskJet 970xi using the Gimp-Print 4.2.2 drivers.

YES! this was the tip I needed! thank you!!!

I replaced my failed 7008BR with a 7004ABR, and it is running firmware 1.42.003. The trick with this unit is also to use the Win-oriented terminology LPT1. And I think that much of this is now documented on the SMC site.

FYI, LPT1 is case-sensitive . lpt1 will work, while LPT1 will not.

I am not having much luck with this. I followed the instructions found here using both lp and lpt1 as the print cue and using the 'Epson Stylus Color, CUPS+GIMP-Print v.4.25' driver. When I try to print, I get a message, showing 'Printing 0,28%' etc., up to 100%, followed by 'Connecting to on port 631' followed by 'network host is busy'. ( is the IP address I use for the SMC 7004AWBR router to which the Epson 740 is attached by a parallel printer cable)
I am using a 7004AWBR, Firmware 142.005, and OS X Panther.
Any suggestions?

I was able to print via an SMC router/print server under Jaguar. When I upgraded to Panther, this feature broke.
I bought a new SMC router last week, the SMC2804WBRP-G, which is a wireless G router with built-in USB print server. The manual it comes with is terrible.
For printing on the Mac, the manual says this:
'Macintosh OS supports Plug-n-Play installation of the printer server servicice.'
That's all the manual says. I am not sure what they mean by Plug-n-Play since the printer plugs into the back of the router. I tried to configure the print server like I did with my old router but I get the is busy message.
I have not got the print server working on a Windows XP machine either.
I'll probably have to call SMC Tech support about this one..

PROBLEM SOLVED! The problem turned out to be a Panther bug. The Fix is posted here:

I read the whole thread, researched a lot in the Net but still can't print :o(. I'm trying an HP OfficeJet 725.
Where I am:
I created the printer accordingly
I can see the Jobs in it
I can see the Print server receiveing a Job on SMS Status page, in the web management interface
If I configure the print as 'Generic' it does print, but just mixed characters (garbage) so I'm inclined to think the problem is the printer driver.
I have installed:
Jaguar (10.2.8)
ghostscript 8.00-3 (via fink)
hpijs-foomatic-1.4.1 (that comes with a driver for HP OfficeJet 725)
I also tried CUPS, downloading the HP-OfficeJet_725-hpijs.ppd CUPS driver from and having it copied to /usr/share/cups/model/ (just a cp command)
What am I missing here?
Thanks a lot

I have been trying to get the print bridge to work on my powerbook g4, 10.3, smc router, epson 740i printer and so far no luck. I think I have the computer side of things done right?? But when I try to print it seems like it is uploading something and then it says Network Host '' is busy. Can someone please tell me what I have done wrong and how to fix so that I can print?... I would love to have this working.

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Just for an update... I fixed the problem myself. I am loving my SMC router! It was the lowest price router and it came with a usb print bridge!! The fact that it all works so well and that it was possible to use the print bridge is awesome. This was money well spent. I found this string very helpful. The tech support from SMC emailed me the links to this thread.

Epson Stylus Photo 870 Driver Mac Os X

Hello, I am having the same problem. Could you post your solution and send me a copy at the email below?
[email protected]

I am having the same problem with my SMC router when printing. Could you please email me the solution.
[email protected]

Name the print queue 'LPT1' instead of 'lp'. That has really made a difference on my Mac (10.3.3). Now my old HP LaserJet 4L works again both with CUPS and Foomatic drivers.

Does Anyone know how to change the Print Que for the SMC Barricade G's Print Server?

Has anyone got this to work on an Epson Stylus Photo 870? As soon as I print the job is cancelled. I am running Mac OS X 10.2 on a 400 MHz TiBook and my Barricade has firmware version R1.94a2.

Try installing Gimp-Print 4.2.2 drivers unto you Mac. These are additional CUPS drivers you can download. I saw a Epson Stylus Photo 870 driver.
There is a Mac OS X 10.2 build of Gimp print available

That did the trick!
Thanks muchly!!!

I tried the smc barracade tip for getting the CUPs printer drivers set up by going to and changing my printers from generic postscript to epson stylus printers. For the first time ever I can print to my color printers without swapping cables between my mac an W2K box.
On the W2K box I set the TCP/IP Print Server Service to automatically start, then created a new local printer, created an LPD port and pointed it to my epson inkjet. After getting a successful test page, I went to the mac.
On the Mac, I went to the print center as reccomended, and created my printer using the IP address and LPD queue name I had just set up on my W2K box. Then I went to and clicked on printers->modify and changed my printer from generic postscript to an Epson Stylus Color. It works!!
Now I can print over ethernet from my Mac to both my old parallel stylus 600 and my newer USB based stylus photo 875DCS!!
Whoo Hoo!!

I have the same problem with the above on a SMC Barricade. After this tip, I managed to get a printout, however, after each job, there is a blank page followed by a Job Trailer. How can I disable that? Thanks. (email:[email protected])

This is a known problem with SMC Barricades. Check out the thread at and complain to SMC tech support about not fixing this with a firmware upgrade!

Hi folks!
I have a European versjon of the SMC 7004ABR router and have had the same problem. Current firmware is v1.40.020
Am running Mac G3 B&W and OSX.2. As a curiosity, I have hade problems defining the printer queue: lp dosn't work, but lpt1 does!
I have also spent a few hours scratching my head regarding the job trailer!
A call this this week to the European Office, and I was sendt 3 firmware upgrades to test. V1.40,023 and 024 plus V1.41.01.
The trailer problem vanished with the 1.40.024 firmware! So they can definately fix the problem.

See the thread here:

The extra blank page plus 'job trailer' sheet firmware problem has been fixed with the beta firmware SMC tech support sent me:
'V1.41.00X -- Test version, bug should fixed.'

I have a mixed network: one Mac OS X machine and several MacOS 7, 8 and 9 machines. Is there a way to print from 7/8/9 machines to an 'lp' printer on my Barricade router?

I can't answer your question, but I can add a similar problem that I'm having that I recently posted to the Macintouch Forum on the Barricade. Sorry it's not the answer you were looking for.
I've been reading your report on the wireless printing and appletalk bridging on the SMC Barricade with much interest. I recently installed a wireless network consisting of the Barricade, cable modem, tray load iMac (wired connection), and a G4 iMac (wireless).
The old iMac has 2 printers (Epson 820 & 740i) connected to it through a USB hub and the G4 iMac can print to these wirelessly, no problem, in OS X (10.2, native print drivers or GIMP). However, Classic apps (such as Word 2001) running on the G4 iMac cannot even see either printer (and yes, I've turned on all the 'share printer' selections I'm aware of on both machine's Classic environment).
Question number one is: Is it possible to print wirelessly from Classic in such a setup?
Secondly, I got all excited about hearing people's successes with printing to old legacy printers that I dug an old Apple Personal Laserwriter 320 out of a closet for a try. Now here's the tricky part: I've also got an old Apple to PC serial cable (I've never been sure of the nomenclature of these connectors. basically it's an old cable that I used to use on my 6100/60 to go from the modem port to the external modem.. did they even have internal modems back then.. ;) ).
Anyway, the point is that the connectors fit. I plug one end into the Laserwriter and the other into the Print Server connection (not the smaller serial connection) and nothing happens at all when I send a print job to the server (yes the queue is 'lp' and the Print Center says that the IP connection is good).
Question number two is: Am I attempting the impossible with such a cable connection? I recognize that just because the cable fits doesn't necessarily mean that one should wear it (to REALLy mix up metaphors). Should I expect success if I use a LocalTalk to Ethernet convertor?
Any help or pointers would be much appreciated.

You can print to an lpr printer with MacOS 9 (I think 8 too). Just
look for 'Apple Printer Utility' and use that to create a desktop LPR
printer. It will only work with PostScript printers.

Any chance we could get a little more detail as to how to set up an LPR printer using the Desktop Printer Utility in OS 8.6???
I'd sure be grateful..

Epson stylus photo 870 driver mac os x

I followed your directions for CUPS printing on a SMC-Barricade served printer (an HP Deskjet 832C).
It worked for me.. the only snag was it took me forever to realize that it *did*, since the CUPS 'print test page' does NOT work.

I did everything else but I can't access

This solution works on the Ansante 4port router with printer server too! Good work guys!

Got my D-Link DI-713P working today folks--thanks tons!
Mirror software andriod to mac. I used a slightly different technique, though. I was able to create my print queue entirely from within the CUPS on port 631.
In fact it seems there are different drivers available from there than from the Apple PrintCenter app. Odd.
Apparently there are several DSL routers with the same underlying components. I had heard that they used basic LPR TCP/IP printing, but the conspicuousness of the Windoze-only drivers that were included with it fooled me.
Thankfully my printer (HP deskjet 5550) had a USB port in addition to the centronics port, so I could use the Mac anyway without swapping cables. But now I can print from another room wirelessly! Cool! Now, if I could only get it working for my Linux boots..
--MarkOnMac since 2002 ..unixhead

I have a SMC Barricade 7004ABR. Not sure which firmware version. 'lp' doesn't work for the Queue name, but 'lpt1' does work. Try that if you can't get yours working..
OS X 10.2.6

I have a SMC Barricade 2804WBRP-G connected to a PC. I use a MacIntosh PowerBook (OS X 10.3 Panther) with the airport wireless card. 'LP' doesn't work either for the Queue name, but 'LPT1' does work.
I used the following settings in 'Printer Setup': IP printing; Printer Type: LPD/LPR; Printer Address: (the router's address)
The printing was kind of slow though. I'll make a few more tests. At least it works.

I have a SMC2804WBRP-G barricade router and had success using IP printing with 'lpt1' as the print que name.

So close, but yet so far.. I am running OS 10.2.8. I have a new HP Laserjet 1012 which works correctly when hooked up directly to my eMac. I have tried to hook it up thru the USB port on my SMC Barricade. When I add the printer under the IP printer section, put in the URL of the Barricade as the printer address and name the printer as lpt1, it can find it, but I get several pages that are blank and tsxt that is not formatted. I can not get graphics. I assume this is because the printer is specified as 'generic'. My printer does not appear in the list, yet I know the driver exists on the computer because I installed it from the CD and it works when directly connected. I tried using the CUPS admin link to 'modify' the printer and re-install its driver, but when I try to modify the selected printer, it wants me to sign in as someone and enter a password. I have tried ADMIN and HPADMIN and my own name and password, but nothing works. HELP!

thanks for the detailed information but when i try to click the 'modify printer' button at i'm asked for a username and password.

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