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The use of the internet has been increased to a large scale with the passing time. There are many sites that provide you different videos to watch. Sometimes people not only want to watch the videos but, they also want to download it to watch it when they are on any trip and have no internet connection. It happens many times that people end up downloading one video twice or thrice that fill up their space. Nowadays with the increasing knowledge of the internet, many software is introduced that help person to remove duplicate video files from their system. So in this article, we are going to talk about several tools that can help you to find and delete duplicate video files easily. These duplicate video finders are best in their own ways.

Part 1: iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder – The Best Duplicate Video Finder

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In this part, we have the unmatched iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder that is recently designed for people who wants to find and delete duplicate video files from their system. It can remove any kind of files including Word Documents, videos, pictures, PowerPoint, and music files in Windows 10/8/7/XP. It supports almost 100 types of format.

It makes your PC system neat and tidy by removing junk files in a single click and boosts its performance. This duplicate video remover meets your needs and locates the same file intelligent by the title or content within it. All you have to do is simply click on remove and get rid of your junk files. With 100 % accuracy, it removes all the unneeded data and increases the performance of your system.

Clean Duplicate Files Mac

This program is designed to complete your work in less than one minute that required a lot of time before. It can compare the content from different files with different names and delete the actual duplicate video files from your PC.


There are many video file finders but why iBeesoft is best of all? It is because of the exceptional features that make it stand out among all.

1. Quick and Accurate

It quickly scans the hardware to find a duplicate video. As you click on start scan the process starts and the scanning is done in less than 10 minutes and you can see the duplicate videos. It is the quickest and most accurate software that consumes just a few minutes to do its work.


2. Scan duplicates with size and types

It is an intelligent duplicate video finder. You can set the type and size as it is able to locate the target duplicate files on your system. It is capable of working with accuracy and deal with duplicate files.

3. Works automatically

It efficiently scans the duplicate files and selects one of the two for you automatically. All you have to do is click on remove and get rid of that junk.

4. Simple to use

iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder is a very professional software yet very simple to use. It provides you with the full information and there is no complexity in its use. A common person can easily use this to delete duplicate videos.

5. Boost your system

The only work of iBeesoft is not just to remove duplicate video files but, it boosts the performance of pc and clears the storage for you. It leaves your system clean and more efficient.

Part 2: How to Find Duplicate Video Files with iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder

Click on download and install the best duplicate video finder on your computer. There is no harm in installation as it is virus-free so, install it without any fear. You have to connect the external hard drive to your computer in case you want to clean external hard drives.

STEP 1: Launch it in your computer and click on + to locate the place from where you want to remove duplicate video files whether it is from folder or drive.

  • Add/Filter types: Click here if you want to find the type of file covered there. You can deselect other file types to speed up scanning.
  • Set size of files: If you have large-sized files then this option is very useful. It will easily locate the duplicate files and appear these to you.

STEP 2: As iBeesoft has scanned the duplicate files with one copy selected. Click on the preview to see the details provided. Then click Remove and free up your space from all those duplicate video files.

Part 3: Other Top 5 Duplicate Video Finder You Might Want to Know About

1. DupeGuru

DupeGuru is one of the most effective duplicate video finders of this time. It is designed with a special matching algorithm that finds and analyzes the names, tags, and content inside the files. It works very efficiently for music files. It is designed with a Music Mode that looks for duplicate music files if any format and removes them.


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  • Safe to use
  • Have to separate apps dupe guru picture edition and dupe guru music edition.


Microsoft Duplicate File Remover Software

  • It may require three downloads to check the library
  • If your library is big it works fairly slow for that

2. Easy duplicate Finder

It is designed for the users who want to get their work done in just one click. It has several scanning modes and finds out the duplicate files by matching size, names, and content. It is designed with the wizard mode that provides you an option to choose what kinds of clean up you want.


  • Comes with the UNDO feature. It can recover the accidentally removed duplicate video files
  • It provides different scan modes for different type of files
  • It is versatile and easy to use


Best Free Duplicate File Remover

  • Cloud backups can take space in your system
  • The duplicate video finder works slowly for antivirus and large files

3. Wise Duplicate Finder

A wise duplicate finder is also one of the best duplicate video finders. It locates the duplicates by comparing names, content, and size from your system and removes it with ease. It is quick working software and comes with a backup option that allows you to restore the files that might have been deleted by mistake. It has another interesting feature that is finding empty files and Delete them.


  • It will allow you to select or deselect files that you want to include in the scan
  • The delete duplicate video tool will also allow you to choose a minimum or maximum file size for the scan
  • It can retrieve accidentally deleted files


  • Sometimes it takes a much longer time to find exact duplicate files
  • It doesn’t allow saving the scan list for future use

4. CloneSpy

CloneSpy is another unpaid utility that works very well. It works the same as many other paid utilities. It also offers a byte-to-byte comparison. It is even capable of finding the hidden duplicate video files in your hard drives. It can also find the duplicates that are not exact matches like having different names and the same content or same names and different content.


  • It provides fast scanning
  • The results are 100 percent accurate
  • It offers several methods for filtering


  • This duplicate video remover may be used by some wizards to direct inexperienced users through the duplicate file identification and elimination procedure

5. Anti-Twin

Anti-Twin is another dedicated application that finds duplicate video files. It offers the option 'compare the file content' if the names are different but the content inside is the same. The removed files move to the recycle bin or direct get deleted from the system. It clears the storage and improves the working of the system too.

Microsoft Duplicate File Remover Free


  • It provides a preview option to see which file is needed or which is not
  • It comes with a user-friendly interface
  • It find duplicate videos quickly and removes them


  • It may work slowly at several times on specific devicess

The duplicate video finder is a need of every system as no one has enough time to sit and hunt for the similar files. iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder is a very effective application that provides you plenty of features to and saves your time as well. Its automatic and fast working saves time and gives a boost to the system to work more effectively. So instead of wasting time on other tools to find and delete duplicate video files, start using it to delete all the duplicate files on your computer.

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