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A new app called Sensei has arrived today for Mac that lets you monitor and tweak performance to get the most out of your machine. Sensei features a beautiful user interface with rich icons. Nov 27, 2018  App Cleaner for Mac is a simple application that uninstalls applications and all associated files. It is available from many download sites, although not from the App Store, and it installs easily.

I often feel that my Mac has two parts: the friendly part and the scary part. The friendly part includes the Dock and the desktop, the brightly colored icons, and document folders. Those are what I look at all day and use with confidence.

The scary part lurks in the depths of the Finder. It’s a maze of confusing filenames and official-looking icons. When I find myself in the scary part, I’m always worried that clicking the wrong thing—let alone deleting the wrong thing—will damage my Mac forever.

What’s a cache? Why is it here? If I trash it, will my laptop survive?

Let’s face it: There are parts of your Mac that don’t feel safe to touch. Unfortunately, however, if you want to get the best performance out of your computer, you might have to.

Luckily, there are tools that can automate and combine the tasks in the scary parts of your Mac—they can help you manage your entire hard disk (and not just the parts you usually see). The more time you spend learning to use these tools, the more control you’ll have over your Mac’s performance.

With Macbooster, the scary side of your Mac gets a whole lot friendlier.

MacBooster’s features

Macbooster 8 is an app designed to make hard disk management more straightforward and user-friendly. Its interface helps guide you through the process of identifying, evaluating, and eliminating files that can slow or harm your computer.

Here’s a rundown of its features:

  • System Junk: Scans your hard disk and recommends junk files that can be safely deleted without harming performance. Also creates a breakdown of each file that you can select for deletion.
  • Virus and Malware Scan: Checks your disk and removes any viruses. Also finds and removes malware and other stubborn and unwanted files.
  • Turbo Boost: Optimizes disk and storage permissions to speed up your Mac’s performance.
  • Memory Clean: Helps clear away applications, operations, and files that hog your computer’s RAM.
  • Privacy Protection: Clears away cookies and browsing data stored by web browsers like Chrome and Safari.
  • Uninstaller: Completely deletes unwanted applications and their associated files.
  • Startup Optimizer: Disables startup clients so that your Mac can boot up at top speed.
  • Large and Old Files: Scans your files by age and size and suggests candidates to be deleted.
  • Duplicate Finder: Detects identical versions of a file and suggests them for deletion.

MacBooster combines all these features in a sleek, easy-to-understand package. The app’s sidebars let you expand selected files and use a series of checkboxes to choose which ones you want to delete. It also reduces the risk of accidentally deleting important files: in order to delete anything, you have to not only check the box next to a file, but also hit the round “Remove” button. The app’s streamlined interface lets you make simple and informed decisions about how to use your disk space. With helpful suggestions, prompts, and visualizations, you’ll quickly see which changes have the most impact on your computer.

Application management & removal

Speaking of app management, MacBooster does a nice job here too. Its Uninstaller has handy filters to delete unneeded apps. And as to the useful ones, it would be great to see something like “automated updates” for them. Like the Updater tool that is provided with CleanMyMac X, MacBooster’s alternative. You should try the free demo of CleanMyMacX, available here.

Macbooster’s System Status tab is a great place to get an overall picture of your Mac’s health. It pulls together information from the app’s main scans and makes suggestions about which areas need the most attention. It also offers an overall grade of your Mac’s performance (Mine was “poor!”).

What makes Macbooster unique?

Macbooster stands out from the crowd for its thoroughness, polished design, and high level of user control. There are loads of applications out there that try to position themselves as all-around disk managers. Here’s what places Macbooster in the top tier.

  1. Depth: Every step of the way, Macbooster lets you see what’s going on. The app presents all information clearly and in a way that’s easy to understand. Rather than clumping files together, Macbooster allows you to make specific choices about which files to keep and which to trash—from the biggest application to the smallest subfolder.
  2. Speed: Macbooster does its job on the double, taking only a few seconds to scan an entire hard disk. You don’t have to wait long to give unwanted material the boot and get back to more important things.
  3. Appearance: Macbooster’s visual design is easy on the eyes: it’s understated but attractive, making it intuitive and a pleasure to use. Furthermore, the use of color cues helps to ensure that you’re taking all the right actions. This couldn’t be farther from the experience of rifling through deeper parts of Finder, where everything looks the same.

In a crowded field of disk space analyzers, it’s the little things that make the difference. The unified view offered by Macbooster’s System Status pane, handy privacy features, and RAM manager all help distinguish the app from the competition. Together, Macbooster’s features help make the task of disk management feel like just another part of your normal workflow.

Is Macbooster Safe?

When using a disk cleaner, you give an app access to the deep interior of your computer and authorize it to make changes. That makes safety and security a top concern when choosing the right analyzer for you. Macbooster is updated regularly by its developer (it’s currently in version 8), meaning it’s continually checked for security vulnerabilities. However, because the app has not been notarized by Apple, it may potentially have compatibility problems with macOS Catalina.

When using third-party apps, the best choice is always to check the App Store first. If, like Macbooster, an app is not distributed through the App store, always download it directly from the developer’s website. That way, you know exactly what you’re getting—third-party distributors sometimes package downloaded apps with additional junk or harmful software.

You can also help protect against security threats by ensuring that you always use the most updated version of Macbooster.

CleanMyMac X shares many features with Macbooster and is fully notarized by Apple. This means its code has been check for viruses and Apple found it safe to use on macOS Catalina. Unlike many similar tools CleanMyMac X also has a disk visualizer it calls “Space Lens” that builds an interactive map of your drive. It looks like this and is handy to detect folders that take up too much space.

Macbooster Review: The verdict

MacBooster is a well-designed, safe, and effective disk cleaner and memory manager for Mac.

What makes it stand out is its Duplicate Remover — a incredibly useful feature to add more organization to your digital world. The rest of features are also impressive. Macbooster is a solid pick for exploring the scary depths of your Mac’s disk. MacBooster subscription costs $59.95 per year and can be used on 3 Macs. You can may also check MacBooster alternatives and see our picks for 5 best Mac cleaner apps. For your convenience, here is also a comparison chart that matches MacBooster against its best known alternative, CleanMyMac X.

We’re aware of a recent scrutiny of some of our Mac App Store apps and wanted to address it: https://blog.trendmicro.com/answers-to-your-questions-on-our-mac-apps-store/

“Why choose Dr. Cleaner?” This is a common question that many people want to ask as there were too many cleanup apps for the Mac and many don’t know which one is the best one or safe to use. However, do not simply believe that there are no viruses or adware found on the macOS. Once you download apps from unknown websites or unidentified developers outside the App Store, there is a big risk that these apps may carry Trojan, viruses, or adware. Also, apps outside the App Store cannot provide a quick update when a new macOS is released. After you upgrade your system, these apps may fail to start or even make the entire system crash.

To free up disk space, use Dr. Cleaner as it’s the best Mac Memory and Disk Space Cleaner in the App Store. The App Store is the official digital distribution platform provided by Apple to allow users to search and download apps safely. Apple has an official authorization procedure to review every app’s functions and code before the app can be launched in the App Store. Apps will only run in a sandbox. For example, deleting certain files or scanning user content requires permissions from users.

What is Dr. Cleaner?

Dr. Cleaner is a cleanup app that offers Memory Optimization, Disk Cleaning and System Monitoring to keep your Mac optimized for its performance. Dr. Cleaner is designed to clean unnecessary files on a Mac with only a few clicks.

The latest Dr. Cleaner is equipped with several features such as Junk Files Cleaner, Big Files Scanner, Duplicate Files Finder, Intelligent App Manager and File Shredder.

Trend Micro has a wealth of experience in this field for more than 30 years, and has received recognition and praise from millions of users all over the world. We have been selling Dr. Cleaner in the App Store for quite some time and it has been downloaded millions of times since its introduction. Therefore, you can feel safe to download and use Dr. Cleaner.

Dr. Cleaner Guideline

To give you a clear picture, we’ll walk you through Dr. Cleaner from four aspects: Menu Window, Main Console, Preferences, and Technical Support.

Free mac disk cleaner

Menu Window

We’ve designed an attractive user interface both in Dr. Cleaner’s menu window and on the main console. The menu window displays the usage of CPU, network, and memory, as well as the size of junk files on your Mac.

Memory Optimizer

Perhaps you didn’t know that there are applications running in the background of your Mac, which take up physical memory and affect its performance. When installed, Dr. Cleaner will automatically calculate and display memory usage and then free up your Mac’s memory in seconds with just one click. If you want to see which apps take up significant memory, you can click the three-dot icon next to “Memory Usage.” It will show you details about the app that uses the most memory on your Mac.

Junk Files Cleaner

Junk files, temporary files, system files and other items that you don’t need will accumulate on your Mac over time. These useless files take up precious hard disk space and degrade the performance of your Mac. With Dr. Cleaner, these unnecessary files can be cleaned up to make your Mac run much faster.

We know how much you are concerned about junk files on your Mac, so we collect as many application caches, logs and useless files as possible for you. Click “Clean” to clean up junk files quickly. You can also see the details by clicking the three-dot icon next to “Junk Files.”

CPU Usage Monitor

Mac Os Disk Cleaner

Some of you might ask, “Why is CPU usage included?” If you have a friend who loves playing online games, you will know the importance of monitoring CPU usage. With this feature, the apps that use significant CPU resources will be displayed. It also lets you know how much the CPU has been used and how long your computer battery can last at the same time.

Network Usage Monitor

If you are paying to get an unlimited data usage plan or even a plan with limited data usage, you are probably concerned about the speed of your internet connection most.

We think it is useful to let you know the real-time download and upload speeds of your Mac, so we added this feature. You can also view more network related information such as your Wi-Fi signal quality.

Main Console

Disk Cleaner App Mac

Besides the menu window illustrated above, the main console is another important part of Dr. Cleaner. It has six sub-features: Junk Files, Big Files, Disk Map, Duplicate Files, App Manager, and File Shredder.

Junk Files

“Junk files” on the main console is a little different from that in the menu window. We provide a lot of options that allow you to clean up more unnecessary files.

The Mac hard disk is the storage device that holds the entire Mac operating system and all of the important files and data. Through normal use of your Mac, the hard disk will become cluttered with hundreds or even thousands of junk files. These junk files are created by the system and other programs. They write temporary files to the hard disk during installation or running processes so that they can work more quickly. We equipped Dr. Cleaner with advanced efficient algorithms that make it scan and remove junk files within seconds.

Big Files

“Your hard disk is almost full!” You might have seen this alert message on your Mac screen. Take it easy. We know you have a lot of videos or other big files on your Mac and they occupy a lot of hard disk space. With our Big Files scanner, you can easily spot them and remove them if you don’t need them anymore. Is that all? No! If you hover your mouse on a file, you will see a magnifier and a lock icon. Once you click the magnifier icon, you will locate the file. If you click the lock icon, the file will be added to the whitelist which will be locked.

Disk Map

The “Disk Map” option is a significant function that helps you manage all the files on your hard disk using a visual map.

It quickly scans your drive and builds an amazing visualization of all the files and folders on your computer, allowing you to easily navigate the system and find the content that takes up the most space.

All folders and files under the home folder are listed out by size. As for some system-required critical-files, deleting them would provide a prompt that those are important and are not allowed to be removed. With “Disk Map”, you can also find out when this file/folder was created, modified and last opened. Furthermore, hovering your mouse on a folder then clicking the magnifier icon will direct you to the file location.

Duplicate Files

It is common that sometimes we create duplicate files such as pictures, videos or even apps without realizing it. Worse still, they occupy so much memory and affect the performance of your Mac. Whether they are self-generated or accidentally duplicated, you probably will want to remove these duplicate files. With “Duplicate Files”, it’s not a problem anymore. Let’s say you love photography and you have saved a lot of duplicate photos on your Mac. Just open Dr. Cleaner, click “Duplicate Files”, and then choose your photo library to start scanning photos on your Mac.

In the scan results, we provide an option called “Auto Select” to help you automatically select duplicate files. The information provided by “Auto Select” is listed below:

  1. Folder where duplicate files are located
  2. Dates modified
  3. Similar file names
  4. Other qualifications

You can choose “Remove to Trash” or “Delete Permanently” on the confirmation page. It’s really easy and effective to delete duplicate photos.

App Manager

According to our investigation, most users normally open an app once and never use it again. Therefore, in many cases, they may want to remove these apps. For most people, they will delete these unwanted apps by dragging them into the trash, assuming that doing so will free up hard disk space. But this isn’t enough.

When you attempt to uninstall an app, there are often invisible or hidden parts left on your Mac – even after you have emptied the trash. They are known as leftovers.


Leftovers are an app’s associated files and folders that can include different languages, log files, agents, or processes that might try to start an application. This is a natural part of how the macOS is built.

To solve this problem, we developed this App Manager to help you remove apps completely. This manager helps you detect all app leftovers automatically so you can remove them with just one click.

Is it only an app uninstaller? No! It is also an app updater. We know there are hundreds of Mac apps updating every day. For App Store apps, update is just one click away. But if you want to update the apps that are available outside the App Store, you need our App Manager. We review recently-updated non-App Store apps every day to ensure that your apps are up to date.

File Shredder

Data security is very important for everybody. Technically, to permanently remove a file from your system, you must use a program that can overwrite the file with random series of binary data multiple times. This process is often referred to as shredding. In this way, the actual content of the file is being overwritten. The possibility of recovering this fragmented file is almost impossible. With “File Shredder”, you can remove files from your hard disk without worrying that they will be recovered. If you want to delete some files permanently, you can try this feature. We use a special algorithm that can effectively prevent files from being regenerated.

Besides the features in the menu window and on the main console, “Preferences” is also a powerful tool.


“Preferences” is the soul of a product. In Dr. Cleaner’s Preferences, you will see “General”, “Notifications”, “Memory”, “Duplicates”, “Whitelists” and “Auto Select.”

On the “General” tab, you can choose “Auto start at login” and other options according to what you prefer.

On the “Notifications” tab, you can disable the notification about smart memory optimization.

Furthermore, Dr. Cleaner is also equipped with the Smart Memory Optimization feature on the “Memory” tab. This feature uses artificial intelligence. You can set auto clean when your available memory is low or when apps close. We believe it’s very helpful when you use your Mac.

The “Duplicates,” “Whitelists” and “Auto Select” tabs work when you use the “Duplicate Files” feature on the main console. When there are too many duplicate files on your Mac, you can set the rules on the minimum file size and files to exempt and to prioritize during deletion.


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If you need technical support, click the robot icon either in the menu window or on the main console. Here comes our technical support! Can i use u-verse phone app on my mac computer download. We provide two ways to contact us if you have suggestions or troubles when using Dr. Cleaner. You can contact us via email or online chat.

If you choose “Feedback,” you will get our response via email. Make sure to provide a correct email address.

If you choose “Online Chat”, we will provide online support for you. No matter what issues you encounter, we have a lot of Apple Certified Support engineers waiting to help you with your problems.

More Tools

Besides the features designed in Dr. Cleaner, one of the best helpers for the Mac, we have developed some other optional tools to make your Mac perform better.

Dr. Battery

As an amazing tool, it helps you easily access and monitor detailed battery information from the menu bar, such as the current charging level, battery capacity, power usage, number of times it has been charged, and many more. With Dr. Battery, you can extend your battery life and enjoy a more reassuring internet surfing.

Dr. Antivirus

To keep your Mac safe, we developed Dr. Antivirus to prevent viruses from infecting your Mac. We have the world’s largest antivirus and spyware active-monitoring laboratory that would safeguard your Mac all the time.

Dr. Unarchiver

We have also developed a powerful decompression tool called Dr. Unarchiver. It is different from other decompression apps because it not only supports almost all archive formats but also has a secure check procedure before you extract a file. The best part is, we provide this app completely for free.


Q: What does Dr. Cleaner scan on my Mac?

A: Currently, Dr. Cleaner scans only the User Home Folder that is located in /Users/[your user name]. As Dr. Cleaner is a sandbox app in the App Store, it accesses your User Home Folder under your authorization.

Q: What is the basic system requirements for Dr. Cleaner?

A: For security, we only support Dr. Cleaner on macOS 10.10 or later. And yes, we are already compatible with the latest macOS High Sierra.

Q: What languages does Dr. Cleaner support?

A: Dr. Cleaner supports the following languages:

1. English

2. French

3. Italian

4. Korean

5. German

6. Simplified Chinese

7. Spanish

8. Traditional Chinese

The Trend Micro Dr. Cleaner team has officially launched a voluntary program of multi-language translation. Many thanks to the following volunteers who have helped to translate Dr. Cleaner into non-English languages:

1. Gérard Alunni, who helped on the translation to French.

2. Peter B., who helped on the translation to German.

You are welcome to join our program. Your help is highly appreciated. Your name will be included on the Dr. Cleaner designer list in the App Store.

You can also leave us a comment if you would like us to add other languages.

Q: What is the smart uninstaller in Dr. Cleaner?

A: Dr. Cleaner has a smart uninstaller that allows you to delete leftovers of an app more thoroughly right after you move it to Trash, which is also an AI feature.

To use this function, you should follow the steps below:

1. Move an app to Trash.

2. Dr. Cleaner will scan the leftover files of this app automatically and prompt the user to delete these files in a popup window. Click “Deeply Uninstall” to remove these leftovers.

3. Dr. Cleaner will indicate how much disk space it has freed up for you.

To Wrap Up

Is Dr. Cleaner worth trying? The answer is absolutely yes! Don’t hesitate. It can clean up your disk space, help improve performance, and solve other Mac issues you might be having. What’s more, it is the cheapest cleanup app for the macOS. Whether you are new to the Mac or an advanced user, Dr. Cleaner is a good choice for you. It’s also important to note that although Dr. Cleaner can help you free up a lot of space, don’t forget to back up your important files in case of an unexpected event, for example, your hard disk malfunctions. We regard customers’ data security as the most important thing. We hope you will have fun using Dr. Cleaner!

Always Here for You

Thank you for reading this article. How do you like Dr. Cleaner? If you have any questions or suggestions, please write them here. We are trying our best to meet your needs and we are always here for you.

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