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Ground-up rewrite of the best journal for Mac and iPhone. View Product. Ankush Choubey Student Written 3yr ago. It's simple to use and works across mac/ios seamlessly! 🙏 helpful 1 Comments Share. View more recommendations. Integrations with apps like Uber, Moves, FourSquare, etc., for some quantified self-styled journaling. Jul 10, 2020  My Mac contains my life. Photos, novels, screenplays, blogs, plans, you name it. And because I live a paperless life, it has scans of everything from. May 06, 2014 The best journal and diary apps to help you keep track of you memories, record important events, and collect your thoughts on your iPhone or iPad! Looking for the best iPhone apps or best iPad apps to journal with? There's something beautiful, almost magically analog about a crumpled old note pad, a key-locked journal, a well worn moleskin, and the ink and graphite that fill their. Aug 15, 2008 For me, it's the best diary app out there at the moment. I tried iDiary and like a lot of the features in it. For me, Notebook wins out mainly for the sync ability with Toodledo and through Toodledo I can create and edit my diary on a regular PC or Mac as well as through the iPhone.

No matter who we are and the kinds of lives that we live, we all have memories, whether they're good or bad. Regardless, these memories are always worth remembering at some point, because who knows what will happen? What if we lost all of our memories one day and can't remember a thing? That's why keeping a journal is so important, even if you think it's silly, it's one way to recall all of the great events and milestones that occurred in your life.

In days old, people kept analog journals written in pen and paper. But now we're equipped with smartphones, and these are an even better way of keeping our memories intact since we probably have hundreds, or even thousands, of photos and videos to relive moments with.

These are the best apps for keeping a digital journal of your life as it happens.

Day One Journal

Diary Apps For Mac And Iphone

Day One Journal is my absolute favorite way to keep a journal. This beautiful app lets you create multiple journals and color code them for easy organization. All of your journal entries can be formatted with rich text options, have photos, include activity, location, and even weather data of your location, and more. The latest update added audio recording capabilities, a new intuitive editor, a gorgeous Dark Mode, and other slick features.

Day One Journal is free to download, but you have a few limitations on the number of journals you can keep and how many photos you can upload. If you go for a Premium subscription, which starts at $3.99 a month or $34.99 a year, unlocks unlimited journals, up to 30 photos per entry, audio recording, Dark Mode, 25 percent off of printed books, and more.


Momento is similar to Day One, except it's more about automation with your social network feeds. With Momento, you can manually create journal entries with some rich text formatting, multiple photos, tags, locations, and other bits of data that you want to remember. But the real magic lies within the ability to link up your social media accounts, which then populate each day's entries as you go. All of your updates and posts are fetched and pulled into Momento, so it's like a digital record of your private and online lives.

Momento is free to download and use, but you'll be limited to three social accounts. You can add three more through in-app purchases, or subscribe to Premium to get unlimited accounts. Premium starts at $3.99 a month.


Keeping track of how you feel is just as important as remembering memories. Because some of us don't mind keeping track of our own mental health and well-being. Moodnotes is a sleek app that helps you track your moods and the reasons behind how you feel. The colorful interface is warm and welcoming, and it'll ask you how you're feeling. Pick a mood that reflects how you are doing, and each one of these is represented with an emote and color. You can choose to add more details to the entry, or just leave it as is.

If you opt for more details, the app asks you why you feel the way you do. Doing this makes you think and reflect on why you're feeling that way. For the negative moods, Moodnotes helps you identify traps that you've fallen into, and even give some tips on avoiding doing the same thing in the future.

Over time, Moodnotes keeps track of patterns in your moods and helps you get into the mindset of developing healthier perspectives. This app is most effective when used daily.


If you want something that's like Day One, but is available on pretty much every platform, then Journey is for you. Journey lets you create journal entries with text, photos and video, location, activity, and more. Journey is cross-platform and accessible on all platforms because it syncs seamlessly with Google Drive, and you can import Day One entries into Journey if you want to switch.

Journey, like the other journaling apps, is free to download and use, but you'll get the most out of the app by becoming a Premium subscriber. This starts at $3.99 a month or $29.99 per year.


Like the idea of journaling but just don't have time? Then Daylio's micro-journaling method may be best for your needs. Daylio simply asks you to pick your mood for the day, and then add an activity to go along with it, presumably the one that makes you feel the way you do. This counts as an entry, and optionally, you can add some notes to it if needed, just like a traditional diary. But the core focus with Daylio is fast and simple micro journaling. As you use it more, it keeps track of your mood by showing the data in simple charts and graphs, and you'll see what your average mood is.

Grid Diary

If you tend to be someone who has trouble getting started with writing a journal entry from scratch, then Grid Diary is a good option. It uses journaling templates of inspiring questions to answer and has them all lined up in a grid. Pick the one you want to answer for the day and then write your answer as a journal entry. It's a good way to get some inspiration for your writing, and you can always use your answer as a lead-in to writing about your entire day.

For many, it's just hard to write, so having journaling templates is more effective in getting the juices flowing. You can also add photos to your entries, search for specific keywords, and sync your data. Grid Diary is free to download and use, but you can upgrade to Pro ($4.99 one-time purchase or $1.99 monthly) for passcode lock, multiple export formats, multiple reminders, custom font styles, and more.

Five Minute Journal

Do you have five minutes to spare each day? If so, then grab Five Minute Journal, because that's all you need. Five Minute Journal has writing prompts and questions that you answer quickly and easily. You can even add photos if you'd like, and there are also daily quotes to help inspire you, as well as weekly challenges. All of your entries get displayed in a beautiful timeline, where you can go back and reflect on memories with ease. There are also reminders, passcode lock, and backup/export to PDF options available.


Penzu is a journaling app that focuses on your privacy. With Penzu, you're able to create rich text entries with photos and sync your journal to access on the web for free. All you have to do is create a free Penzu account. However, to get the most out of Penzu, you'll need Penzu Pro, which you can get for $4.99 a month, $19.99 a year.

Penzu Pro unlocks all of the available features, such as passcode lock for your journals, unlimited journals and photos, customize journal covers, and more.

What are your favorites?

These are some of the best journaling apps we've come across in the App Store at the moment. Personally, I'm a huge fan of Day One and have been using it as my journal for years now.

What are your favorite apps for journaling? Or do you prefer to stick with pen and paper? Let us know in the comments!

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If you are searching for the best password protected diary and journal apps for your iPhone and iPad, you are at the right place. In this article, you can see 12 best password protected diary & journal apps for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

These best password protected diary and journal apps have lots of advance features such as creating multiple entries on the same day, optional passcodes & reminders, auto-addition of location & weather data, photos, searching and exporting all or some entires to PDF.

Best Password Protected Diary & Journal Apps

1. Capture 365 Journal: Best Diary App ( iPhone + iPad + Apple Watch ) :-

It is one of the best and most beautiful password protected diary – journal apps for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

With the help of Capture 365 Journal app, you can access your journals all the time, and it allows you to capture your thoughts and special moments whole day.

Capture 365 Journal has lots of amazing and powerful features such as sync with iCloud, Dropbox or 365 Direct sync, Cloud sync service data encryption, location & weather etc.

You can add multiple photos & videos, add passcode & Touch ID protection, use automated backups, export your journals as email, PDF or RTF by dates and tags, reminders, search and view your journals by tags and locations and, much more.

One of the best diary apps on the Appstore for iPhone & iPad users.

2. Chronicle – A Personal Journal / Diary Writing App ( iPhone + iPad + Apple Watch ) :-

If you want to protect your words with password and share or read them on your computer in PDF, text, and email format, you can install Chronicle app on your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

With the help of Chronicle-A personal journal / diary writing app, you can create backups and save them to other apps such as Dropbox, Drive or Evernote.

You can add photos where you want, you can pick a font and font size just like you do in iBooks, you can customize the text color of your journal, you can resize and rotate photos.

Very useful app that lets you export your entire journal as a plain text file, you can also set a password to protect your journal entries. Useful diary writing app for iOS users.

Diary Apps For Mac And Iphone 7

3. Day Diary – life memories, notes & diary app ( iPhone + iPad ) :-

Do you want to keep your notes and memories safe with password and backup? If yes, you can use Day Diary app on your iPhone and iPad.

With the help of Day Diary app, you can keep your memories with password lock, you can write your thoughts about something that bothers you, you can write your strongest filling and come back anytime to fill that moment again.

Diary writing habit can improve your lifestyle including work format. You can sync your notes with Google Calendar, you can set your personal font size to make it comfortable to read or write for your eyes, you can tag your notes, you can attach images for your notes and, you can do much more.

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4. Secure Diary App : Password protected diary app ( iPhone + iPad ) :-

With the help of Secure Diary App, you can protect your journal with a password on your iPhone and iPad.

This password protected diary and journal app has lots of amazing and advance features such as quick search by a record’s date or content, possibility to name your special days and records to make them stand out among the rest, automatic sync between your iPhone and iPad.

You can also share your posts or publish them without leaving the app quickly & easily.

5. Day One Journal: Personal Diary & Journal App ( iPhone + iPad + Apple Watch ) :-

Day One Journal is one of the best password protected diary and journal apps for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

This app has several unique features such as sync across all your devices, passcode and Touch ID lock, powerful text formatting with markdown, recall every details, powerful search, multiple journals, export to PDF,HTML & JSON, Unlimited photo storage & journals and, you can also share your memories.

6. Secret Diary With Passcode ( iPhone + iPad ) :-

Secret Diary With Passcode is a great and user-friendly app for iPhone and iPad.

With the help of Secret Diary With Passcode app, you can see all your diary entries at a glance, you can create, modify, delete entries in a very simple and intuitive way.

You can also add pictures and search functionality to your entries. You can also set a password to protect your diary secrets, you can change password whenever you want.

This app also lets you customize app theme, change color of your entries and manage reminders easily.

7. Diary, Journal, Notes: Diaro ( iPhone + iPad ) :-

With the help of Diaro app, you can organize your created diary or journal entries or notes easily, you can keep your entries private by adding a passcode.

You can attach or capture unlimited amount of photos to your content and change change interface color, create backup and restore your data, store it in Dropbox.

You can organize diary or journal entries using folders, tags & location and, you can also share entries and pictures to email, SMS, Twitter etc. Diaro app is a powerful and user-friendly interface adapted for iPhone and iPad.

8. Life Diary – Save your memories, notes ( iPhone + iPad ) :-

If you want to store your memories and thoughts and, keep them safe with password with backup option, you can try Life Diary app.

With the help of Life Diary app, you can set password and use Touch ID to lock the diary, you can sync your notes with Google Calendar, you can tag your notes, you can set your personal font size and, you can also attach images for your notes.

9. Diary App – Journal with password ( iPhone + iPad ) :-

Are you looking for one of the best and perfect password protected diary and journal app for your iPhone and iPad? If yes, you can use Diary app on your iPhone and iPad.

Diary app has lots of amazing and user-friendly features such as easy navigation between your diary entries, add or edit image functionality, quick entry add, edit or delete, search or export to PDF functionality, multiple color styles from which you can choose, reminders functionality, password lock functionality to keep your secret save and, much more.

10. Moment: secret diary & journal app( iPhone + iPad ) :-

My Diary App For Windows

Moment is a great and advanced password protected diary and journal app for iPhone and iPad users.

This app has lots of useful features such as unlimited journal entries, quick diary entry, custom reminders encourage capture, timeline, calendar and photo views, passcode & Touch ID protection, local and iCloud backup and restore, search & filtering and, you can also write notes and add photos.

11. Everyday Journal : Useful Diary App( iPhone ) :-

If you can want to keep your memories, thoughts and ideas private and, store your photos alongside in a great timeline on your iPhone, you can use Everyday Journal app on your iPhone.

With the help of Everyday Journal app, you can clean user interface, you can keep protect your personal and private journal, you can write directly from reminders, you can tag posts with activities and, you can do much more.

12. Grid Diary / Journal App ( iPhone + iPad ) :-

Grid Diary is one of the best and most intuitive password protected diary and journal app for iPhone and iPad.

Grid diary app has several amazing and unique features such as fantastic grid format, photo attachment, full text searchable, backup & restore, prompt library for writing inspirations, cloud input, passcode lock, sync with iCloud Drive, Dropbox or WebDAV, multiple reminders, customizable font styles, export to Evernote or Dropbox and, much more.

One of the best diary apps on the Appstore for iPhone users.

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