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Hi, I've downloaded the project files (the HTML file and the CSS file) and saved them both in the same location on my mac's hard drive. I'm not using a CSS folder yet, so the route to the css file in the HTML file is simply 'style.css'. When i load the html file into the browser i simply get the html content. It's not applying the css file. The Chrome and Safari hack targets Safari 5.1-6.0 and Chrome 10-24. Nothing else. The media query around it simply guarantees that it is ‘either Safari or Chrome’ so at least that part will remain accurate. At the time that hack was released, newer versions that could not work were not created yet.

Default paragraphs in this page have yellow background. In any of the following test cases a blue background is set with a special (hack) rule. When the background is blue, the hack is applied.
Note: 'All' IE5+/Win, Op6+, Moz, IE5/Mac, Saf

Chrome and Safari Browser CSS Hacks. Here are the most common CSS hack for Chrome Browser and different versions. You can also check hack for Firefox and Internet Explore/Edge. Aug 31, 2015  Creating a CSS file. Since the current version of TextEdit, the built-in text editor in Mac OS X, doesn’t allow saving “.txt” files in its default configuration, there are three options to.

IE5/Mac only
/**//*/ selector { property: value; } /**/


All except IE5/Mac
/**/ selector { property: value; } /**/

IE6- only
/**/ * html selector { property: value; } /**/

IE5.5- only
selector { property: value; property: normal-value; }

IE7 standard only
*:first-child+html selector { property: value; }

All except IE6-
html>body selector { property: value; }

IE6+ quirks and IE5 (= all IE/Win quirks) only
* html selector { property /**/: value; }

Css hack mac safari only tickets

All except IE6 standards
selector { property /**/: value; }

All except IE5.0
selector { property/**/: value; }

All except IE5.5
selector { property: /**/value; }

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Css Hack For Mac Safari Only

Op < 9.5 only
@media all and (min-width: 0px) { html:first-child selector { property: value; } }

Safari 3 only
selector:not(:root:root) { property: value; }

Css Target Safari Only

Safari only
@media all and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 0) { selector { property: value; } }

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Css Hack Mac Safari Only Using

Gecko (1.8+) only
@-moz-document url-prefix() { selector { property: value; } }

Css Hack Mac Safari Only Works

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