Camera App That Supports Split Screen Mac


No Need For A Green Screen. Adding a green screen to your PC setup is time consuming and costly, not to mention difficult to move. XSplit VCam offers cutting edge background replacement without the need for complex setups, and tons of space - no matter where you are. May 12, 2020  If you’re not on board with Split View, there are alternatives for creating a split-screen setup. One of our favorites is Cinch. It creates hot zones on the four corners of.


New & Recommended Features

Camera App That Supports Split Screen Mac Computer

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Mac How To Split Screen

  • Split Screen

    With Split Screen, you can connect two document cameras, either wired or wirelessly, to your computer and present in split-screen. Visualizer will create two panes for your live feeds, and you’ll be able to adjust them independently.

  • Compatible with iDocCam

    Visualizer newly supports iDocCam. By using iDocCam on your iPhone and Visualizer on your Mac/PC/iPhone/iPad/Android tablet or 4th generation and above version of Apple TV, you can view, control, and adjust the live images captured by your iPhone’s camera in Visualizer.

  • Reading Aids

    With this newly added feature to Visualizer for Chrome, you have additional tools such as line marker, highlight strip, magnifier and masking bar to aid you in reading books, magazines, documents and more.

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  • Picture-in-Picture

    Picture-in-Picture (PiP) comes in handy for your live presentation or video recording. You can use the main window to show what you're working on and the pinned overlay window to show yourself talking it through. Available on Mac and Windows.

  • Scan Document

    You have a few options to scan your documents with this feature. You can go for auto-detection, or manually choosing the area you wish to capture. You can also choose to save the images as jpg or pdf files, change aspect ratios, and/or scan 2 pages at once. Available on Mac and Windows.

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