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  • Property management companies/enterprise owners (50+ units): If you own a rental business and have to manage multiple residential or commercial properties, your best bet is a solution that offers a wide range of features and integrates with third-party software, such as QuickBooks or other accounting and CRM software. Such a solution will help.
  • Rental Software Comparison. Use GetApp to find the best Rental software and services for your needs. Our intuitive directory allows you to make an easy online Rental software comparison in just a few minutes by filtering by deployment method (such as Web-based, Cloud Computing or Client-Server), operating system (including Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android), pricing (including Free.

Property management software can assist landlords with many aspects of their business, including marketing, renting, and maintaining their rental properties. We evaluated dozens of property management systems and selected the seven best property management software solutions to simplify your business needs. Best 5 Property Management Accounting Software 1. This is the best property management accounting software available today. FreshBooks makes it easy to perform business accounting through a neat, intuitive user interface. The software is versatile and can be used to handle various financial aspects of real estate business. Property management companies/enterprise owners (50+ units): If you own a rental business and have to manage multiple residential or commercial properties, your best bet is a solution that offers a wide range of features and integrates with third-party software, such as QuickBooks or other accounting and CRM software. Such a solution will help.

Rental industry can be quite a tedious business to keep track of and manage. Just think of all the equipment that you’re lending out for someone else to use. You have to manage and keep track of all that. It’s a good thing that rental management software programs are available and can help you out on the job! In this list, are seven of the best rental management software programs to help you manage the equipment you’re renting out.



There are many types of rental software out there. Vacation Rental Software is another program that can assist you with all your rental management needs. Isn’t software a really convenient asset nowadays?

Ciirus Property Manager

Property Management Software

PC Property Manager

The Perks of This Software

If you are renting out equipment, managing who has what and for how long can be rather complicated and tedious. Without a software to help you out, you’ll be doing all these things manually and on separate programs. With a rental management program you can have the weight lifted off your shoulders.

  • Take Note of Your Equipment in Stock
    You can manage your equipment for rent and see just what you have in stock. Never lose track of what you have leased and what’s still on the racks.
  • Know the Status of the Equipment
    If some of the equipment is damaged or broken, you can take not of it with the rental management to make sure you don’t accidentally give your customers a non-working product.
  • Take Note of Your Customers
    Know who you’re lending it to. If the client you’re renting your equipment to doesn’t exactly have a good record of keeping your tools and equipment safe, then you might want to take note and keep them in check.

Keep in mind, though, if it’s not equipment you’re renting, but houses or apartments, then a Rental Property Management Software might be more suited for you than a rental management software.


Quicken Rental Property Manager For Windows

LandlordMax For Mac

Rental Property Management App For Android

Rent Master – Most Popular Software

Rental Management Software Reviews

Keep Your Property Organized

Knowing what equipment goes to whom, in what state and for how long they’re going to be rented out is essential for any rental manager. You have to make sure that the equipment is accounted for and is in good shape. You don’t exactly want the stuff you’re renting out to be in a non-working condition, would you? Your clients certainly won’t be happy.

Thanks to these pieces of rental management software programs, that burden has been taken off your back. You can safely manage your equipment you’ve leased knowing all the details of the agreement without much effort. Doesn’t that sound like a convenient thing to have?

There are special features of a rental management software that can really help you out. These are when you’re:

  • keeping track of reservations and allocations;
  • processing the bills;
  • swapping products;
  • managing other necessities that cannot be rented, such as fuel, and so much more.

If you need a software that can keep track and manage your inventory for you, then go get yourself an Inventory Software to assist you in your equipment organizing. Make sure to manage your business properly in order for it to grow. There are many software out there that has got your back.

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Planning an event can never be easy and it is not possible that you will not feel frustrated while indulging in event planning. But this task can be made much simpler and effective with an ideal event management and planning software.


The event management software offers every single support for you ranging from automated invitation sending, registration management, catering, venue booking, seating management, ticketing, ticket sale recording and tracking attendance as well. With these, you need not waste your time on paper invitations and event promotion. As this software can do all for you. So let’s explore such wonderful software that can make your event successful.


Cvent is another options for you as an event management software program that lets you manage online event registrations, sales tracking, venue sourcing, booking and attendee to offer a mind-blowing event experience to your as well as the attendees. This software also allows you to process secure payments, contact profiles recording, on-site check through mobile app and more.


EventPro is basically a powerful venue booking system with small catering as an add-on. EventPro allows you to mix and match custom event solutions to create your own system for the upcoming events. It lets you manage venue rooms, resources, people and places along with a perfect combinations of event management facilities. So try this amazing tool and add more value to the event.


Bizzabo is another powerful event planner software that lets you manage your event ticketing, booking, invitations and billing. The various data driven decision features carried by this tool lets you analyze the success of your event and make smarter and wise decisions. It’s easy to use event app is capable of helping you in tracking the ticket sales and attendances at the event without heavy paperwork.


PlanningPOD is an outstanding event management program that lets you manage events, venues, leads, calendars, budget, billing and more from anywhere on your device. This is quite easy to use tool and is opted by a wide range of business for their event planning needs. It seamlessly simplifies the process of how they manage their events and put a positive impact on guests.


etouches is a cloud event management software that offers a powerful experience of innovative technology that support you in complete event management including logistics, marketing, budget, networking, mobile and more. This is a perfect solution for you to enhance your productivity and offer great experiences to your customers. Try this wonderful solution for your business.


Eventbrite is an ideal event management platform for event planners to manage their events quite effectively and create their great client base on the basis of professional services. This software eliminates your burden of paper invitations as it sends invitation to your contact list while also tracking RSVP and ticket sales. This tool effectively promotes your event through social media listings.


Eventsforce is a wonderful technology that comes with a complete toolkit to let you manage the event perfectly. The area with which this event management utility can help you include invitation management, registration management, group booking, session selection, email communication, budget, invoicing, delegate meeting and many more thus making your event a success.


EMS, as you amazing event scheduling system that can be used in desktop form, online, tablet or mobile as pee your requirement. This helps you in effectively planning and managing even large meetings and events with same grace and perfection. Ranging from management of resources, services and rooms to people and everything, this program can help you handle all this quite easily and cost effectively.
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Certain is a complete event management solution for planners and marketers that helps you in areas like event planning, registration, attendee engagement, marketing and ROI. This automates the complete organization of events ranging from bookings, invitations, marketeering, attendance and ticket sales tracking to catering and more. Try this wonderful event management tool and make your every event a success.


Lyyti is a powerful event management tool that lets you manage all your customers online conveniently. It lets you keep an eye on various invitations, new registrations and users that are coming to avail your services. You will be provided notifications about the online participants and more. This application completely eliminates your paperwork you required for writing invitation as it lets you add your contact list and send automatic invitations to them so that you can concentrate on your event.

Function Tracker

Function Tracker gives you one of the best way to manage your events and venue quite amazingly. It lets you have ideal event management, venue management, catering, beverage, staff management and invoices thus having a full control over the whole event. The advanced function tracker offered by this software allows you to make bookings easy, manage menus, align your staff and overall manage the whole event perfectly.

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Grenadine is a professional and hosted event planner solution that lets you organize your events, conferences, large meetings and conventions quite easily. This tool simply helps you in keeping track of all the participants, speakers, your staff, catering arrangements, sitting arrangements and more. Its advanced features allow you to manage event registrations, invitations, ticket sales and attendance as well.

Other Event Management Software for Different Platforms

In addition to above-mentioned event management software programs, there are numerous more available online designed for particular platforms and operating systems. If you are looking for a specialized event planner software for your operating system then have a look on below mentioned top software and get the right one downloaded for your device.

Best Event Management Software for Windows – Ungerboeck

Ungerboeck is a complete event management software solution for businesses to manage their events and large meetings effectively. Whether it’s about venue booking, conference organization, exhibition management, event registration management or more, this software will do all these tasks for you thus lessening your burden. So try this software for your event.

Best Event Management Software for Android – Super Planner

Super Planner is an ideal event planner app for android devices that lets you manage and plan your event completely. It comes with amazing planning tools like calculators for venue capacity, staging, catering, staffing, projection and much more. This app helps you minimize your burden by giving you an account of every possible data about your event. Try this app for planning your event wonderfully.

Best Event Management Software for Mac – Event Assistant

Event Assistant is a ready to use and cost effective event management program for Mac that helps you in complete event management process. From budgeting, management and accounting, invitation, catering, seminar management, large meetings management and more, it can help you have complete support for your event. Get this system downloaded for having complete support for your event.

Additional Event Management Software to Try

In addition to all the above-mentioned event management software, there are countless more that can also be used to effectively manage and plan your events. Some greater event planner software systems include Eventzilla, Ticket Tailor, Purplepass Ticketing, Summit Event Manager, ProClass, Razware XP7, Eventory, Arlo, Floktu, Evolero, b2Match and YesEvents.

What is Event Management Software?

Managing an event might seem a complicated task as the planning need to be started many days ago while the same emphasis on event promotion and marketing. Whether you are a business planning an event or large scale meeting of your own or you are an event planner, the responsibilities are same.

Even a single mistake wrong decision, unintentional ignore to any attendee may be a reason of big embarrassment. But with an effective Event management software you need not face any such embarrassment anymore. Since the web world is filled with a large number of powerful event management software that can manage everything for you ranging from online registration, sending an invitation, venue booking and management, catering management, rooms, resources, event promotion on social media and much more.

As all this is managed by this software so you can make yourself available to attend every guest without the worries of any arrangements. So try an event management software and plan your event much more effectively.

How to Install Event Management Software?

Installation is required for only desktop or device based event management software. Download event management software that you want to use and open it to get started with installation. In the installation wizard agree to the term and conditions of the use and then choose the location of its storage. The installation will get completed.

As soon as it gets installed you can start using it. But before you download any of the event management software make sure that you have read all the information associated with it so that you stay aware of the usage terms along with prerequisites required to get started with it.

Benefits of Event Management Software

Easy Event Management

Apartment Rental Management Software

Event management software lets you manage and plan all of your events quite easily eliminating heavy work and supervision burdens. This software lets you stay updated on every minute’s progress of your event on your system.

Send Invitations

With these event management utilities and platforms you need not write paper invitations as these let you make your contact list and automatically send invitations to them without any paperwork need.

Ticketing Management

All event ticket sale and management are managed by event management software quite effectively. With this software, you need not record ticket sale on papers as it will keep track of all the ticketing process.

Event Marketing

Event marketing has also been made easier with this software. These allow you to post your event updates and listings on social media to aware your community about your event. Thus having more involvement of people in your event.

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