Best Photo Restoration Software For Mac

Key Features of Photo Recovery Applicaion Software for macOS/Windows

When accidentally/intentionally any or a group of pictures gets deleted, try this Photo Recovery Software to reclaim them without further problem. Whether they cover a family portrait or a professional event, this software enables you to not lose out on any of your photos and videos. It undertakes the smoothest and most efficient photo restoration and completes the job with finesse.
This photo recovery software comes handy if you need to salvage your precious moments saved within photos and videos which have become inaccessible. It carries out a reliable and safe repair mechanism through which files can be fixed as well as recovered from a variety of storage media.

Photo Recovery Facility for PC and Mac User's

The latest version of this software provides the photo-recovery facility from major digital storage devices. Its latest version provides support for HFS, FAT32, NTFS, HFS, HFS+ file system. This top quality photo recovery software helps the Windows and macOS user to undelete images/pictures/photos etc. from the hard drive of any size.

Photo Recovery from SD Card

SD Card Photo Recovery Software help a PC and Mac OS user to recover the photos from CF-Cards, Smart media cards, SD Cards including both mini/micro, Flash drive etc. Also, it provides support for major brands like Kodak, Samsung, Canon, Fuji, Panasonic when it comes to photo recovery. Free download top photo resuce tool to retrieve pictures from SD card.

Give Users an Option to Create an Image of the Selected Digital Media

The Windows/Mac Photo Recovery Application also comes handy for creating a hard-drive sector image of the entire hard disk disk (HDD). This is because with the passes of time both internal & external hard drive accumulates bad sector and the data present on these bad sectors become inaccessible at any point in time. But, this top rated photo recovery tool provides a full Image file of the storage media which can be further used for photo retrieval purpose.

Nevertheless, if you are willing to invest in commercial software to gain better experience, here are two paid apps that suit for old photo restoration. Best Paid Old Photo Restoration Apps Retouch Pilot. Retouch Pilot is designed for removing imperfections from a photo. It works as a normal program and a plug-in of Photoshop. For Mac Os version some of the photo restoration software is “ColorWasher”, “Inpaint”, “Acron” and “PhotoPad Photo Editor”. “PicsArt”, “Photo Lab” and “Photo Editor Collage Maker” are some of the photo restoration software for android application.

Option for Saving the Scanning Hard-Drive Data and Resume Recovery

The photo recovery desktop based utility helps users to stop the scanning process at any point in time in case they encountered any kind of problem. All the hard disk data scanned up to the latest stage will be saved in a tree form structure in an Image file. After that, when the user again starts the scanning process, it provides the necessary option of 'Resume Recovery'. It means that one doesn't need to initiate the scanning process from the beginning and saves the precious user time.

Provides Option for Adding New File Extension Header

If you have a deleted image file, which is not listed in the available file extension of the software UI, then one can also add the new file-heading in this list. Manage app specific links macos. This is one of the most exciting feature which is not available in any other video, music, audio, & photo recovery software program.

Option for Photo Recovery from a Specific Drive/ Region

If a user knows the exact location of the deleted photo, then photo recovery tool scan only that location/drive of the hard disk. It will save the user-time as the image-recovery utility only scan the provided location/drive instead of scanning the complete hard-drive.

Provide Option of Free Photo Files Preview

In the latest version of this photo recovery app for macOS+ Windows, there have been added some new option, i.e. classic list, file list and deleted list. Each one of these have their own advantages depending on the situation to improve the overall deleted photo rescue experience. In case you are looking for a top rated Photo Recovery Tool, then only buy this software.

Free blu ray copy software mac. Aurora Mac Blu-ray Copy is free and especially designed for clone/burn/backup any Blu-ray on Mac. With this Free Blu-ray Copy for Mac, you can easily copy Blu-ray disc directly, backup into hard disc as ISO image file and burn the ISO image file into disc as you want. Aug 09, 2013  Leawo Free Blu-ray Player for Mac offers comprehensive solutions for you to play all kinds of media files on Mac computer, be it iMac or MacBook, with high quality. Originally tailored for Blu-ray content playback, this Blu-ray player software for Mac accepts Blu-ray disc, Blu-ray folder and Blu-ray ISO image file input. Blu ray copy software free download - 4Media Blu Ray Ripper, iDeer Mac Blu ray Player, Aurora Mac Blu-ray Copy, and many more programs. Copy Blu-ray movies between multiple types of inputs Support: Mac (32-bit or 64-bit) 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.7 Lion, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.10 Yosemite, 10.11 El Capitan, 10.12 Sierra Input File Format Supported: Blu-ray disc, Blu-ray folder, ISO image file.

Best photo restoration software for mac download

Customizable Picture Recovery Options

Another major reason for the enormous popularity of this Windows Photo Recovery Software is the user-friendly interface and easy to use customizable options. An user can preview the lost photos, increase the size of a particular photo file, check / uncheck the selected file and many other features for a reliable photo recovery.

Recovers Accidentally Deleted Photos

TechSoftwareLogic Photo Recovery Professional software restores deleted or lost photos from damaged or accidentally formatted SD cards. With this Photo restoration software, you don’t need different products to perform Video/Photo/Audio File Recovery. It scans the selected storage devices and lists all recoverable media files, which you can preview and restore. Additionally, it allows restoration of single or multiple files simultaneously from SD cards. Free download Photo Restoration Tool to rescue deleted or lost picturs or images.

Performs Non-Invasive JPEG Photo Repair

In attrition to performing exceptional photo recovery, this software is also capable of carrying out JPG and JPEG photo repair on damaged or corrupt JPG/JPEG files. The software is backed by advanced algorithms which help it repair corrupt file headers, damaged file data, invalid file structure, etc. to deliver accessible and accurate pictures. It efficiently repairs JPEG pictures that appear distorted, blurred, split, pixelated, or broken. It even extracts thumbnails of severely corrupted JPEG files and saves them at the desired location on the computer.

Compatible with Several Digital Camera Brands

One of the best aspects of this photo restoration software is that it is compatible with various popular camera brands and supports multiple file types. Some of the most prominent camera manufacturers like Nikon, Canon, Samsung, Sony, etc. are supported by this top rated photo restoration application software. Additionally, it can even restore photos & videos from the drones and security cameras.

Allows Adding new File Formats

If you are unable to see the file format of the photos, videos you wish to recover in the ‘Supported File Types’ option, the software gives you the option to add new file headers. This feature is extremely beneficial for professional photographers and video editors who keep experimenting with new multimedia file types. Adding file headers with this photo recovery software is a simple 'Drag & Drop' /operation without the need for any technical know-how.

Enables Media Image Creation

Every storage media tends to develop bad sectors with time causing data inaccessibility or loss. However, a disk image created with this photo restoration can be used to recover the data stored on those sectors of the media that haven’t been compromised yet. The software allows you to create a sector-by-sector image of an entire storage media.

Enables Preview of Media files before Recovery

Photo Recovery Professional by TechSoftwareLogic scans through your selected storage media and finds all the recoverable files on it. These files are displayed in a tree-view list from which you can preview and choose to save the selected files at any desired destination. The software is extremely reliable and you can easily try its free trial version before investing in it.

Save and Resume Recovery Support

The software lets you save the media scan information as a disk image file and use it to recover data at a later stage using ‘Resume Recovery’ feature. This is useful in situations when you don’t have time to finish the overall scan or you don’t want to scan the drive over-and-over again. To resume recovery, all you need is that previously stored information having recovery status or a previously stored image of the media.

Recover Deleted Photos, Videos, & Audios

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Premium software comes to the rescue when your priceless photos and videos get damaged or lost or deleted. This software supports the recovery of various file formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, F4V, AVCHD, WMV, DIVX, MPEG, 3GP, JPG, JPEG, PNG, or TIFF files etc. Operating via a simple repair and recovery mechanism, the tool scans your storage media like a physical disk, logical drive, SD card, digital camera, memory card, or other external storage media, and salvages all your precious photos and videos.

Repair & Recover Severely Damaged Video Files

This popular photo recovery software is proficient enough to repair various formats of video files including MOV, F4V, MP4, M4V, 3G2, &3GP files without hampering their original quality. The application carries out a non-invasive and non-destructive repair process to fix video distortions, corruptions, and errors like audio video sync issues, video not playing, frequent glitches etc. The tool is specially designed to meet the requirements of professionals like video editors and videographers for repairing video playback problems.

Repairs & Recovers Corrupted or Broken JPEG Files

Are you facing problems while viewing your saved JPEG files? They might be badly corrupted or damaged. Repair them in a few simple clicks with premium photo repair software. It fixes your unreadable, damaged, or broken JPEG files which have issues such as corrupt data, corrupt header, unknown or invalid markers, invalid file structure, missing SOS marker, no preview available etc. Free download top rated best Photo Repair and Recovery Software Application to fix JPEG image file and rescue data intact.

Enables Media Image Creation

Over time and with continuous hard drive usage, bad sectors tend to develop on them and on any other storage media making the stored data inaccessible. If your data starts disappearing, it is an indication of bad sectors on the drive. In such a case you should take immediate action to overcome further data loss. Photo Recovery Premium software allows you to create a sector-by-sector image of your entire storage media or a selected range of it. Doing so helps protect your photos and videos stored on the remaining good sectors of the drive.

Saves Scan Information & Resume Recovery Option

Stellar Photo Recovery Premium software enables you to save the complete information of scanned media in disk image format (DMG) on your hard drive. To resume scanning from that point at a later stage; you don’t have to scan the drive all over again. All you have to do is choose Resume Recovery functionality from the software’s interface and load the saved DMG file.

Allows Adding New File Headers

It may be possible that you may not find the photo or video format that you wish to recover in the list of supported file formats by the software. To overcome this difficulty, you can use the software’s extremely flexibility “Add New File Header” option to add new file format to its predefined supported file types list. New photo/video formats can be added automatically or manually making this product compatible with an extremely large base of devices, cameras, storage media, and file types.

Risk-free & Secure Repair & Recovery Procedure

This photo and video repair tool provides you with 100% risk-free data repair and recovery. It lets you preview all recoverable data before performing the recovery which ensures whether recovery for the selected data is possible or not. Additionally, the software can be safely and easily downloaded from the official website and installed and used in a DIY manner. Moreover, it is covered by a 30-day money back guarantee which gives you total freedom to try and test this software before purchasing.

Photo Recovery Provides Option of RAW Recovery

In case, if the end user doesn't not get satisfied with photo-recovery-process, then 'RAW Photo Recovery' option comes in use. It provides the deeper hard drive scanning and rescue lost photo.

Top 12 Best Free Photo Recovery Software

Download Free any of these below written top 10+ best free photo recovery software and retrieve deleted, corrupted, lost, damaged photo files in minutes.
#1 Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software
#2 iSkySoft Photo Recovery App
#3 EaseUS Photo Recovery Software
#4 DiskDrill for Deleted Photo Recovery
#5 Data Rescue Photo Recovery Tool
#6 Disdem Photo Recovery Program
#7 TestDisk Undelete Photo Software
#8 R-Studio Photo Recovery Utility
#9 MiniTool Power Photo Recovery
#10 WonderShare Photo Recovery Software
#11 TechSoftwareLogic Photo Recovery
#12 Recuva

Editing your photos on your iPhone is one thing, but editing your photos on your Mac can take your photography skills to a whole 'nother level.

Best photo restoration software for mac windows 10

Many of us still keep our main libraries on our Macs because of its faster processors, larger storage, and all-around bigger computing power. The Mac is still the best device for serious photo editing, so you need some serious photo editing apps to make an impact.

The built-in Photos app on Mac offers several useful photo editing tools. You can crop, adjust lighting and color, set the white balance, add filters, remove unwanted blemishes, and a few more things. However, in all honesty? It's not really meant to be a robust editing app, so If you are looking for something to really finish your photos right, we've got a list of the best photo editors for Mac right here. Let's go!

Affinity Photo

If you're looking for a photo editing app that goes above and beyond for the pricetag, while still allowing you complete creative control over your images, then it might be worth it to take a peek at Affinity Photo.

Affinity Photo supports unlimited layers, groups, layer adjustments, filters, masking, and more: you also have access to tools like dodge, red-eye fix, burn, blemish, clone, and patch (so pretty much Photoshop without all the convoluted bells and whistles). Nondestructive auto-saving makes undoing everything you've done easy, so if you need to start from the beginning, the option is there.

Play, manipulate, edit, and get hella creative with Affinity Photo whether you're a serious graphic designer or someone who's just looking to do some basic editing. Your photography will seriously thank you.

  • $49.99 - Download now

Fotor Photo Editor

Searching for a super simple, straight-forward photo editing app that's there to help you edit and not confuse you to the point of ripping out your hair? Then check out Fotor Photo Editor!

With this photo editor, you can easily adjust contrast and color of more washed-out photos, add borders, tilt and shift your images, add different text, slap on a few filters, and so much more, all from the easy-to-find toolbox on the right side of the app. You can even create collages of your photography masterpieces!

The BBC once called Fotor Photo Editor 'light Photoshop', and they're kind of right! You can go above and beyond editing your images with Fotor Photo Editor without getting bogged down by more complicated editing buttons and tools.

  • Free - Download now


When you look into photo editing software, one of the first things that'll pop up is Adobe's Lightroom, and for good reason! It's essentially a staple in the photo editing community.

Lightroom is great for photographers who need to manage a large image library, and who are prepared to commit to (and pay for) Adobe's cloud storage space. But it is purely a photography tool that's a little outside the regular Adobe design ecosystem. (Creative Bloq)

Pretty much anything you want to do with your photo, you can accomplish with Lightroom. You can blend and merge shadows and highlights, sharpen dull, blurry images so they look crisp and clear, add details and tint colors to make a photo stand out, and so, so much more.

While it is a bit more on the complicated side, people who use the program and know how to navigate it are hooked. Keep in mind, there are two versions of the app — there's the Classic version, which is more preferred, and the 2018 CC version.

If you're hesitant about the program and paying for it, you can download Lightroom free for 30 days as part of a trial period. After that, you can add it to your Photoshop CC subscription for $9.99 per month.

  • Free trial - Download now


Amp up your photo editing skills with a little bit of help from Pixelmator!

This particular photo editing app allows you to combine two different photos into one (while still allowing you to edit over each layer), add shapes, gradients, filters, tints, and more, and completely change and edit your photography to make it fit perfectly to your aesthetic. You can even mask and cut off certain areas of the photo, giving you more creative control over your final image.

Similar to other photo editing apps, you can also adjust contrast, color, saturation level, definition, and so much more.

It's another great alternative to Photoshop, at least according to our managing editor Lory Gil.

  • $29.99 - Download now


Love Photoshop (or the idea of Photoshop..) but don't want all the complicated components and nonsense that comes along with it? Then it might be worth it to take a peek at GIMP.

Similar to Photoshop, GIMP allows you full control over editing your photos: it's an advanced image manipulation program with detailed customization for color reproduction.

You can add layers to your photos, edit and tweak colors, adjust contrast, crop, adjust saturation, and so much more. If you're someone who admires Photoshop but is terrified of the price (or just thinks it's not worth it) then GIMP might be the perfect pal for you.

  • Free - Download now


Say 'bye-bye' to nasty photobombs, zits, perky distractions, and so much more in your photos thanks to Snapheal!

Snapheal is a little bit unique in the sense that it's more of a 'delete now, ask questions later' app. It's more about cleaning up a photo than it is editing it and adding a whole bunch of layers. The tools can either remove large objects or smaller imperfections depending on the mode. You can even adjust the masking tool, use a magic rope, or clone stamp your way to a new photo.

If you're someone who's a perfectionist when it comes to your photography and you just can't stand that one stupid, distracting blur in the background, then Snapheal is the guy for you.

  • $7.99 - Download now

Best Photo Restoration Software For Mac Os


I know what you're thinking: 'Preview? Really, Cella?'

To which I respond: 'Uh, yeah. Duh, my dude. You use it every day!'

Sure, you can't do a bunch of fancy things with Preview like add filters, adjust contrast, and fix saturation, but you can quickly crop a photo, adjust the color, rotate it, add shapes, texts, and a signature, export as a different format, and more.

Yes, Preview isn't perfect, but it is easy to use and fantastic for making small, fast changes to your photography.

Best Mac Photo Editing Software

  • It's already on your Mac.

How do you edit your photography?

What is your favorite photo editing app for the Mac? Why does it work the best for you? Let us know what your top picks are in the comments down below!

Updated August 2018: All the choices on this list are still the best of the best!

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