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The fashion industry today is a fast-paced industry, catering millions of consumers worldwide. There’s no wonder that basic manual tools for pattern making also evolved into a digitized approach. The ideal tool that is Fashion Designing Software came into being because of the anticipation that there is a need for a fast production tool.


  1. Oct 09, 2017  If you want to draw up a new floor plan for your home, office or just about any kind of space, we’ve taken a look at the very best Mac compatible floor plan and home design software in 2020. Floor planners are an easy to map out new layouts making it easier to identify problems, save time on costly errors and visualize your ideas more clearly.
  2. Apr 25, 2020  Photoshop runs on both Windows and Mac. Photoshop is also considered as one of the best graphic design software for beginners as it comes with simplified options like: Basic: Cropping, straightening, rotating and flipping. Auto-Fix: One touch adjustment. Blemish Removal: Ability to remove any spot or dirt from the image.

This article will show a deliberate list of fashion design software tool that will make your work easy peasy. These software will make the lives of every fashion designers, design students and RTW companies easy—making sure that standard procedure is met without compromise.

Cross Stitch Software MacStitch and WinStitch Over the last 25 years, we have developed MacStitch (for Apple Macs) and WinStitch (for Windows machines). Same great app, one for each kind of computer! Current Version: 2020 (V15.x) - Mac works on all OSX from 10.9 onwards including Catalina.Windows from Windows 7 upwards, including Windows 10. The Best Solutions. Need custom-sized sewing patterns or professional pattern making software? We publish the most comprehensive and cost-effective range of pattern making software on the market. Find it here! The Best Support. Hard to fit or need help with your software? We have totally free technical support and totally free measuring and fit.

Apparel CAD




Efi optitex

The primary objective of every Sewing Pattern Software is to provide the best quality output that shows precision and efficiency. It is a big deal for ready-to-wear brand companies to be able to use a tool that best suit to their production—one that they can trust and rely on.

These design software can be used simultaneously with your sketched designs with the view or aim to polishing them out, creating a three-dimensional view of the sketch or pattern, as well as placing the output afterward on an avatar or humanoid model for a realistic preview of the proportion and style.

To name a few highlight of its uses, Fashion CAD will help you develop

  • design ideas,
  • sewing pattern testing,
  • examining proportions,
  • advance anticipation on sewing execution, and
  • enhance Hand Sketching.

This tool is great for students and professionals alike. The user interface is created in a simple approach and easy access, giving you less hassle upon use. In addition, these software can be accessed in multitude of platforms be it Windows or MAC. Its free or free-trial service even favors us perfectly well; it will give you ample time to decide whether the software is suitable for you and purchasing the full version would likely be worth it.

Fashion CAD for Windows

Garment Designer for Mac

Pattern Maker for Android

PatternMaker – Most Popular Software

These Pattern Design Software are very helpful that big brands download them and are continually using them for how easy and approachable they are. It is very easy to download and get used to. They’re made less intimidating, making it convenient and smooth to apply or use for fashion or textile designers and design students.

These software provides uses for

  • color mix and matching,
  • customizing fabric and textile, and
  • creating prototypes.

And one of the few reason why you are encouraged to use these tools are

  • saves time,
  • maximize production,
  • flexible means of saving ideas, and
  • easy to monitor progress and arrangement of a clothing line.

So, the only thing you need to do now is read the special features on any of your chosen software featured on this list and download whichever suits your special need, and you should be all set.

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Sewing pattern software helps to create the necessary patterns and designs for clothes. We will review the top 7 sewing pattern software so that you can use to create the design and pattern for your clothes and get it stitched. It helps in creating the best patterns and design for your clothes. Free of cost sewing patterns are available for download. This is used by the textile industry for making their dress or dress designers who will then stitch their own fashionable dress.


Pattern Maker

Pattern Maker has many modules for creating and viewing the dress patterns. A viewer is a free software which helps to view the pattern and take the print of the pattern. The PatternMaker Deluxe Editor is the tool for editing the patterns for the sewer. It has all the functionality of the viewer.

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Best Pattern Making Software For Mac

Fittingly Sew

Best Pattern Making Software For Mac Free

Fittingly Sew is a software for people who want to design their own patterns. It has powerful tools to start you with sloper patterns and templates for your original design. You can also draft your own patterns just like how you would do on paper. The editing feature makes it very easy to have your own patterns.

Dress Shop

The Dress Shop software includes the most important and popular patterns from the catalog. The patterns include Fit Options and Garment Options. You can design the dress of your own choice. It has a collar designer. A panel tool for the empire waist and midriff. It has a princess line customizer available.

Or maybe you want to use your portable macOS installation on another compatible Mac.To boot from your external Sierra drive, plug it into the Mac in question, press the power button, and hold the “Option key until the recovery disk screen appears. Install mac os sierra from usb on new hard drive.

Other Platforms

The sewing pattern software is available on other platforms like Android, Mac, and Windows. We will evaluate the different software available on this platform. You can use the sewing pattern software on the platform you prefer.

Sewing Pattern for Android

Best Mac Software

Sewing Pattern is available on the Android platform and works on your mobile. It is a catalog software for your sewing patterns. You may have bought a pattern ad realized that you already have that dress. This software allows you to catalog the patterns and search it in case you need the platform.

Stitch Works Software for Mac

The software works on the Mac platform. It is used to make crochet charts. It allows freeform placement of the stitches. It can optionally generate basic rows or rounds. It comes with a database of stitch and symbols. You can export the charts to various formats like PDF, SVG and others.

Fashion CAD for Windows

It is an accurate pattern making software for perfectly fitting garments. You can create unique patterns that will fit your shape or your customers’ size and shape. It innovates the way grading is done. You just need to mark the points and it does the grading automatically. It is a very accurate tool and has flexibility while designing the patterns.

Most Popular Sewing Pattern – Bernina Embroidery

Best Mac Video Software

The software is used to make the existing design much better with easy to use tools for customization. You can change the stitch types and colors with a click. Automatic digitizing tools create the embroidery directly from the available graphics. There is a large data bank of patterns available for use. You can also see Dress Designing Software

What is Sewing Pattern Software?

Best Mac Software Programs

You are a clothing designer and need to make exquisite clothes the sewing pattern software helps you to do the same. It can be used by the homemaker who stitches or knits clothes in the house. The software consists of a large number of patterns for use. The patterns are available for various parts of the body which can be combined to make a dress. You can also see T-Shirt Design Software

There are editing tools available to customize and enhance the current patterns to make really good patterns. The software helps to view these patterns and then print them later. It also exports the design into various files formats like PDF and SVG.


You need to make exquisite dress then the sewing pattern software reviewed above is the best available software. Choose the one you like the most based on your preference and platform and design the best clothes for yourself and your customers.

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