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The concept behind mind map software is essentially a tool to help speed up the creative thought process.

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Nov 16, 2019  Here then are the best in mind map software platforms. Mindomo was originally released in March 2014. The stated aim of its developers is to create, 'useful, easy to use and beautiful software.

  • Ayoa features project management tools as well as mind mapping (Image credit: Ayoa) For a mind mapping app that not only helps you organise your ideas but also makes it easier to take your project through to production, Ayoa is well worth a look. It's a cloud-based app that works on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android, and combines mind mapping with project management tools.
  • Jun 25, 2020 2) Creately Creately is an online mind mapping software. It offers an intuitive canvas with an extensive mind mapping shape library and 1000s of pre-made templates for teams to work together on capturing, organizing and expanding their thoughts during meetings, brainstorming sessions, etc.

This is achieved by allowing the individual to create a visual outline of whatever topic they are trying succeed with.

These can be any number of subjects, including: improving study skills, setting goals, problem solving and it is considered the ultimate thinking tool by creative personalities.

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Just how is this tool so diverse?

One of the things mind mapping software boasts about is being excellent at is improving study skills.

What do those that attend lectures do? They take notes on paper during the lecture and review them at a later time. When reviewing these notes, they can only be viewed one page at a time and in a particular order.

With mind maps it is possible to view all of the notes at one time. The subjects and notes are connected together in regards as to how they interconnect in the lecture. No more skipping from one page to another to find just the right answer. Using mind maps displays it all in one easy to read page.

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Goal setting could not be easier than when using mind maps. Create easy to read goals and tasks to accomplish those goals. If something doesn’t work out as planned then no more throwing away the entire plan and starting over. Simply rearrange or erase certain goals or tasks right on the screen.

Mind maps can be used to create long-term and short-term goals. Use them to make daily goals if needed. You can even add notes in regards to tasks that were easier or harder than expected.

Problem solving reaches a whole new level when using mind mapping software.

This enables you layout the problem, possible solutions and even circumstances that may be influential in the problem and solution. Forcing your brain to come up with a solution only leads to frustration. Using mind maps helps you to visualize the entire problem. Taking notes and being able to see all available resources allows your mind to flow freely, allowing for more a more creative solution to make itself known.

Mind mapping software modernizes the techniques that have been used by great minds such as Albert Einstein, Galileo, Da Vinci and William Blake.

Mind maps have been considered the ultimate thinking tool that feeds the creative area of the brain. Note taking involves a rigid/linear line of thinking that keeps one’s mind on a narrow path. This path does not allow for variances of any kind. Mind maps allow for ultimate creativity resulting in better problem solving skills, discovering new goal setting strategies and more. The possibilities are endless.

Mind mapping software is an amazing tool that when used to it’s utmost potential can create a great success for your business and your life.

The facets of mind maps are only limited by the imagination of person that uses them. Imagination is one of the key components in utilizing mind maps.

The visual images and colors used in mind mapping software unlock new potential in the creative abilities of your brain to help you reach success.

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Top 10 Best Mind Map Software Vendors:


Free Mind Map Mac

Free online mind mapping. The most productive online mind map canvas on the Web. Supports Freemind mindmap import/export. Easy mindmapping software.


iMindMap is the official Mind Mapping software from the inventor, Tony Buzan. Try iMindMap now for free and download the 7 day free trial.



Learn how MindManager makes it easier to think, plan, communicate and get things done. MindManager 2018 offers new ways to intelligently view and filter content, automate real-time changes in data, and dynamically share complex info. Try it free today!

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MindMeister – Leading Online Mind Mapping Software. Millions of users collaboratively brainstorm & work on mind maps. Web, iOS, Android. Try for free!



Easily create colorful mind maps to print or share with others. Almost no learning curve. Millions of people are using worldwide to generate ideas, map out processes and create presentations.


MindGenius Mind Mapping Software is a brainstorming tool that improves productivity by providing an efficient way to capture, visualise and manage information.



The clear way to share complex information. Coggle is a collaborative mind-mapping tool that helps you make sense of complex things. Create unlimited mind maps and easily share them with friends and colleagues.


Mind Vector is the best mind mapping software, which is used for concept map making, brainstorming, business planning & managing ideas. This tool is available for free on iOS/iPad, iPhone and Android platform.



iMindQ is premier mind mapping app, which inspires innovation by stimulating creative thinking, brainstorming and visualization of ideas and concepts. See more.


Novamind enables you to quickly organize your ideas and thoughts by putting them in an interactive visual map. This Mind Map starts out with your central topic and allows you to brainstorm and organize all the details of your project while providing you with a literal big picture along the way.


A Beginner’s Guide to Mind Map Software

Many people think of themselves as creative, imaginative, or people-oriented, and not as technically oriented or computer savvy.

This often leads them to shy away from software programs that might otherwise benefit them a great deal.

These creative or caring types are missing out on the benefits of software that was designed specifically with them in mind.

Mind mapping software is one of those designs…

Mind mapping is a technique of note taking, information gathering, or brain storming that does not depend on linear thinking or analysis. That’s a relief to many people who are very smart, but not linear thinkers.

Mind maps don’t require you to go from A to B to C; instead, they allow you to go from A to Triangle to Purple if that’s where your mind leads you. Mind mapping software helps with this mental exploration process by organizing large volumes of information and reaching into the available networks for other helpful knowledge.

Software designers understand that their programs must be user-friendly and must exist to make people’s lives easier, not harder or more frustrating. This is why mind mapping software is straightforward and easy to use; it’s there to enhance your creativity and caring, not to stifle it.

Here are some things that beginners should know about using mind mapping software:

It can be applied to almost anything. You can use your mind mapping software to explore solutions to business problems, to work out difficult plot points in your novel, or to better understand your personal relationships. You can produce a management structure that increases your profit, or you can explore buried emotions from your childhood. It can be used by anyone for almost any purpose, and because the information comes from your mind and your thought processes, it’s guaranteed to be useful to you.

It’s inexpensive. In fact, some mind mapping software is free and available for sharing.

It doesn’t just diagram. Mind mapping software can find you links, documents, attachments, and other material that you might never have known was out there. Once you have these things, you can store them in your mind map and have easy access to them.

It can offer you suggestions. Sometimes, even in a mind map, you come up against a mental block. Mind mapping software can offer you suggestions and prompts about where to go next, opening up whole new avenues of inspiration for you.

It organizes things better than you do. Your mind can only hold so much, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need those ideas that are just out of reach. Mind mapping software will hold them for you so that when you need them, they’re there.

Best Mind Map Software Mac 2014 Download

You can specialize. While some mind mapping software can give you general help—that is, basic help for whatever topic you might be exploring, other programs are more topic-specific. You can get mind mapping software for business, writing, problem solving, and other focused applications.

You can include subtopics. Your mind mapping software will expand to include any subtopics you tell it to, and then it will make those sub topics available for you to draw on, allowing you to create networks of diagrams that each inform the other.

A new software program can sometimes be intimidating, but mind map software is specifically designed to be user-friendly and helpful.

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Mind mapping is an effective way to express your thoughts and analyze new ideas. With Mind Mapping, you can connect different ideas in different ways. You can be creative with your ideas.

You begin with a big concept and gradually narrow down the concept into smaller concepts. You can visualize mind mapping as a tree structure where the bigger concept is the trunk and other smaller concepts are branches, twigs and leaves. Thus, you can easily connect to the bigger idea via any branch, twig or leaf. In this article, we’re discussing about the best mind mapping software for Mac OS for better brainstorming. Read On!

A mind mapping software should be able to read chaotic ideas and present them neatly. The most important quality of a great mind mapping tool is to present the most chaotic ideas in a visually organized manner.

  • Presenting Brainstormed Ideas In A Visual Order:

It means that a mind mapping tool should transform conceptualized ideas into an organized mind map. It should also include features like collaborating the whole team. However, an individual user doesn’t need to work with the team.

Choosing a mind mapping software entirely depends upon your requirements. One person’s favorite app can be a NO for another. Therefore, it’s recommended to try different apps among the best ones to find the app that suits your requirements. Hence, we will discuss about 6 best mind mapping software for Mac OS. Some are free and rest of them have free trials. Check them out!

Note: – It’s hard to find and declare the best apps for mind mapping as there are good number of tools available on the Internet. The software discussed below are feature-rich. We are sure that you’ll find the perfect one for you!

1. XMind 8

Image source:

Mind Map Software Mac

Best mac software free

XMind 8 is one of the best mind mapping software you can get for Mac OS. Let’s dig deep into details: –

XMind 8 has three different pricing plans- XMind 8 Pro ($99), XMind 8 Plus ($79) and XMind 8 basic (free). We recommend you to at least choose XMind 8 Plus to use the software to the fullest. Let us tell you why?

You can design maps with the free version but can’t export mind maps to different formats. The Plus plan allows you to export mind maps and Pro edition provides you features such as Brainstorming Mode and Presentation Mode. Hence, you can share your ideas in the form of presentations with your teammates and make creation easier. Moreover, you can use XMind 8 Cloud to sync mind maps on different devices and between your colleagues. Short and sweet, XMind 8 is an easy to use, powerful mind mapping tool that you may like. Click here to download XMind for Mac.

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2. Mindomo

Image source:

Mindomo is a great app that can work efficiently on operating systems like Linux, Windows and Mac of course. There are Android and iPad software variants available as well. You can create up to 3 mind maps for free in Mindomo. The free Mindomo has limited features. Therefore, you must upgrade to paid version for using features like storing mind maps on cloud storage like DropBox, exporting to different formats, adding video and audio etc. There are three different plans from which you can choose in Mindomo. They are as follows: –

  • Premium plan ($36 for 6 months with 1 user account)
  • Professional plan ($90 for 6 months with 1 user account + five guest accounts + guest editing enabled + premium shared maps)
  • Team Plan ($142 per 6 months with user accounts + Shared team folder + team interface)

Mindomo is an efficient mind mapping tool that is flexible and feature-rich at the same time. Moreover, the app offers 30-day money back guarantee if you don’t like it. Therefore, you can try it at least without the fear of losing your money.

3. FreeMind

Image source:

FreeMind is an open source program for Linux, Windows and Mac OS. It’s free, powerful and flexible. The ‘follow’ link operations and single click fold/unfold feature makes FreeMind faster than MindManager. You may find it a little less intuitive and user-friendly than its contenders.

FreeMind is perfect for solo users. You will love FreeMind if you don’t care much about UI and think that other tools just provide basic features due to paid plans. Click here to download FreeMind.

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4. MindNode

Image source:

MindNode has an aesthetic user interface that you’ll fall for. The software costs $29.99 and the solution just provides the necessary features that can be used for brainstorming new concepts and organizing them into a mind map. Genuinely, we find MindNode as the most relevant mind mapping solution in the league.

MindNode contains features such as iCloud syncing and VoiceOver Support. It has also got an Apple watch feature that you seldom see on other platforms. Hence, if you’re completely devoted to Apple products, you should take this software home.

Click here to download MindNode for Mac.

Best Mac Software Free

5. Scapple

Image source:

Scapple is the perfect tool for writers who are trying to outline their projects. The developers of Scrivener, the writing app designed Scapple to develop mind maps efficiently even for complex processes like writing a book. You can put your scattered thoughts and view them in an ordered manner via Scapple.

It provides a free trial for a month and then you can buy Scapple for $14.99. The free trial version will not work after 30 days of use. It means that you can use it continuously for 30 days or use it for two days in a week for 15 weeks. Click here to download Scapple.

6. MindManager

Image source:

MindManager is designed for enterprises. The tool is a favorite for big companies like P&G and syncs well with MS Office Suite. It is available for both Mac and Windows. The Mac software will cost you $149. It offers a 30-day free trial period.

As the tool is created for enterprises, it’s powerful, efficient and more expensive than others in the pool. Therefore, both small team and a fortune 500 executive can use the software. Majority of the users won’t be interested in enterprise-oriented mind mapping solutions. But if your team requires to collaborate with bigger companies, especially when they are using MindManager, you can certainly try it.

Click here to download MindManager for Mac.

Mind mapping is a great method to brainstorm and calibrate new ideas. Though you can perform the process with a pen and paper, this software can really keep your ideas safe and secure. It is easier to lose paper sheets than digital files. Plus, it saves time and makes the work look less bulky.

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The list is not exhaustive as there are many apps available out there. Till now, these are the 6 best mind mapping software for Mac. we will update the list as soon as we come across new tools in future. For more amazing articles, subscribe us!

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