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Best Free Novel Writing Software for Windows 10: Probably you know about the Novel writing. Many good writers have an internal feeling so that they can express that feeling by writing a novel. It is a somewhat difficult task for all people.

Mar 25, 2019  Much like learning to ride a bike, the best way to learn how to write a novel is by just doing it. Unlike saddling up on a Schwinn for the first time, however, writing a novel can’t be accomplished in one hot summer’s day. It requires good doses of commitment and perseverance. Jul 02, 2019  Book Writing Software Cost: $2.42/month and up, or $129 for lifetime access. #3 – Ulysses. If you’re a Mac owner, this might be the best book writing software for you. While you do have to pay $39.99 per year to use it, the cost to use Ulysses is completely justified. One of the best features has to be the distraction-free capabilities.

But Nowadays there are many Navel Writing Software available in the market. If you are not as well written as Novel writer, Tough you can write Novel using this software.

There are different types of Novel writing free software. By using them you can make your Novel and enhance your writing skill to the next level. Also, some software will correct your grammatical mistakes and will make your story easily readable. In this type of writing software, you can publish your written Novel on their platform.

Let’s see the types of Best Free Novel Writing Software for Windows 10.

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Best Free Novel Writing Software for Windows 10

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Many Novel writing software supports different operating systems. But in this article, we will discuss the Novel writing free software for windows 10.

Best book writing software mac

Let me clear about Novel writing software. If you think that Software will write automatically story as other online tools doing, then you may be in the wrong way. Novel writing software will suggest your appropriate story and suggestions only. You will have to write your Novel yourself. The software will only do corrections and gives you suggestions depends upon the type of Novel writing software. Let’s see the Types of Novel writing free software for windows 10.

  1. Story writing Software
  2. Error and proofreading software
  3. Article re-writer software

Let’s see in brief each type of writing software.

Story Writing Software

If you are going to write a novel with a story, then this type of Software will be the topmost choice of yours. In this type of software, Software will suggest the story condition with the sample. It will help you out to get the desired and best writing lines from it.

Error and Proofreading Software

If you have a problem with spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes, then you should choose this type of writing software. In this software, all grammatical and vocabulary mistakes will be sorted out by the software itself.

Story re-writer Software

In this type of writing software or tool, you can just copy and paste story and software will re-write the whole story with words synonyms or anonyms. And create a new article.

Free Novel Writing Software for Windows 10

Here is the list of top 10 best free Novel Writing Software for windows 10 that you should choose while writing Novel.

Apr 15, 2020  From installation issues to hardware and software that doesn’t work as it should, we have a range of fixes that should address many of the macOS 10.15 Catalina problems people are. Reviews of macos catalina 32-bit application and software issues windows 10. Apr 24, 2020  MacOS Catalina brings plenty of new features and apps to get excited about, but as with all software updates, you can expect some bumps along the way. That shouldn’t come as.

1. Scrivener


Scrivener is the Best free novel writing software for windows 10. It is designed as the one end of your mind. It will help you out to end up your story with the best conclusion and summary of your story.


  • From Blank Page to Story: Scrivener has been given the feature of intelligence so that it can design your manuscript itself. You just break out your Small stories and give it to the scrivener. It will make together with them all and makes the whole story with meaningful content.
  • Piece it together: It is difficult to combine all small pieces of your story altogether. But, with scrivener, it is a simple task. Scrivener will automatically draft your small manuscript with a whole story.

2. Ulysses


Ulysses is one of the best Novel writing tools. In this tool, you can write your novel story hassle-free. It has the best auto insert word feature. This can create your story from pieces to the whole story by adding needy words.


  • Clean and Distraction-free Interface
  • Mark-up Based text Editor
  • Enhanced Plain text
  • Theme able Editor
  • Keyword Navigation
  • Typewriter Mode

3. Evernote


Evernote is the best application for free novel writing for windows 10. It is the best software from which you can use already made notes for your story writing idea. You can take words from it and use them in your Novel. The best part of this software is you can also share it with your friends and family.


  • Web clipper
  • Search and handwriting
  • Best Templets
  • Document Scanning
  • Notes SYNC
  • Pdf and DOC research
  • Integration
  • Spaces

4. iA Writer


iA writer is classified as free Novel writing software. It has a tremendous user interface that attracts the writer to write the best story with ease. Here you can get different types of templets that you can choose according to your story.


  • Multi-Window
  • Dark Mode
  • Content Block Flexibility
  • Music in writing
  • Different language along with Wallpaper
  • Geospace

5. AbiWord


AbiWord is the best novel writing software similar to Microsoft word. Both have almost the same working principle. The only drawback is that its user interface is very simple and not so attractive compared to other software.


Best Mac Software For Book Writing

  • Having Multiplatform
  • Advanced Document Layout option
  • Best internalization
  • Mail Merge
  • Command Line
  • Best Extensible Plugin Architecture

6. Scribus


Scribus is the novel writing software which can be used on almost all type of operating system. It is open-source writing software. If you have some damaged documents of your Novel story then it will fix automatically.


  • GMYK Colours
  • ICC color management
  • Versatile PDF creation
  • Powerful vector drawing tool

7. ProWriting Aid


If your grammar is weak and your grammar correction tool can’t work at a point, ProWriting Aid Comes into the role. This software has a vast database of the grammar of almost all types of languages. Onedrive mac sync issues. You can upload your story document on this software and make it personalized with rich text, your whole story will become the best article without having a single spelling or grammatical mistake.



  • More In-Depth Report
  • Mac and Windows Support
  • Its better integration will save your time
  • Contextual thesaurus report
  • Word explorer
  • Grammar checker
  • Detailed explanation

8. Grammarly


Grammarly is one of my best Novel writing software while using windows 10. Grammarly has premium features to make corrections of your sentences. It has features of auto-correct the grammar and spelling if you are using the free version. But in the premium version, it will suggest you whole sentences as well as it will guide you to write a novel without having a single error in grammar and spelling. Also, it has a chrome extension available for free in the google chrome.

Features (Grammarly can fix this issue with its features)

Free Novel Writing Software Windows

  • Grammar, spelling and punctuation correction
  • Wordiness
  • Tone detection
  • Unclear sentence structure
  • Ineffective vocabulary
  • Impoliteness

9. FocusWriter


FocusWriter is also one of the best Novel writing software. It has the best user interface which will always make you remind about your deadline. In that case, you never miss your deadline and you can take focus on your Novel writing.

You will have just a black page in the software, not any toolbar section or not any other option which can distract you.


  • Timers and alarms
  • Daily Goals reminder
  • Have a fully customizable theme
  • Typewriter sound effect
  • Live statics
  • Spell and grammar checking
  • Multi-Document checking
  • Portable Mode

Best Book Writing Software Mac

10. LibreOffice


Free Writing Software For Mac

LibreOffice is the tool which can increase and enhance your quality and productivity of the writing the Novel Story. It has the best features and tools that can make your writing punctual and meaningful without getting a single error in grammar and spelling. It will suggest you the best vocabulary while writing the story. It has a good interface that can make writer experience at a top-notch level.


  • Nest level Notebook bar
  • Scorching Performance
  • Better security and compatibility
  • Powerup your spreadsheet
  • The online platform of LibreOffice


If you are looking for the best free novel writing software for windows 10, then here in this article we have described the top 10 best free novel writing software for windows 10 with its best features. I would like to suggest that before going to download your writing software you should read all the details as given in the article. And by using this software, Increase your productivity and enhance your content quality up to the next level.

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