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There is a built-in tool to archive files on Mac. To unzip a file on Mac, there are Mac un-archiver apps those can unzip files on Mac. See the list of best mac compress and unzip tools that you can use. Jul 06, 2020  MacBook Pro is the best laptop for travel for Mac users, who want the fastest, most reliable computer on the market. The MacBook Pro uses Kaby Lake processors (Intel's seventh generation chips), has a sleek design, retina (2560 x 1600-pixel) display, touch ID, and the best. Dec 27, 2018  While paying for software might seem like some pre-Google anachronism, many of the best Mac applications out there cost just a few dollars and can.

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The Best Travel Apps for 2019Airbnb

Explore your world by finding deals, booking flights, knowing when to pull off the road, and getting out of town with the best travel apps.

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How do you decide where to travel? Where do you research destinations? How do you find good deals on flights and accommodations? How do you find your way around a place once you arrive? The best travel apps answer all these questions.

From the time you start thinking about your next destination to the moment your feet hit the welcome mat back home, having the right Android and iPhone apps on hand can make the whole experience smoother and less stressful.

How Can Apps Make Your Trips Better?

Pack light, set a budget, make an itinerary, and make backup plans. What else is there to say about travel? Plenty. Some of the best travel apps inform you about your destination, with advice, insights, tips, and warnings for how to spend your time. Apps for driving and road trips let you know what to expect along your route, where to buy gas, and which exit to take to find a reliable ATM. Other apps keep your itinerary organized, alert you when you can get a deal on flights, or give you a way to explore your options for where to go next.

What's Not Here?

We didn't see the need to include all the big-name search aggregator sites such as Expedia, Hotwire, Orbitz, and Priceline, seeing as most people are already familiar with them. They help you search for and book (usually by prepaying) flights, hotels, car rentals, and sometimes packaged vacations and cruises. The same goes for hotel search aggregators, like,, and Trivago. I've only included here the ones that serve a specific niche or those that are excellent but not well known.

Listed in alphabetical order, here are the best travel apps to keep on hand.

Best Mac App For Travel


Airbnb started by connecting travelers with people who have rooms, apartments, homes, and other accommodations to rent. The site now offers much more for travelers, including tours, classes, workshops, and restaurant reservations. Whether you use Airbnb to find a place to sleep or for inspiration about what to do on your next trip, you're guaranteed to see big, beautiful photographs of it all.


AllTrails is a mobile app and website that helps you get outdoors. It has lists of trails for hiking and walking around the world with pictures, maps, and directions to trailheads. You can download trail maps offline if you sign up for the Pro version of the service for $29.99 per year. It's a great resource for quickly finding the best places to be outside when you're in an unfamiliar area.

Culture Trip

A friend of who's an avid traveler recently tipped me off to Culture Trip. It's a cross between a travel magazine and an SEO-driven website that runs articles with headlines that start The Top 10… or The Best Places to… The content is supposedly written by locals, and the real hook is that the Culture Trip app lets you save articles to Wishlists that you create. Make a Wishlist for each destination you want to visit or some theme that drives your travel (Snorkeling Spots, perhaps), and you can save Culture Trip articles there for your reference.


On driving road trips, you'll be happy to have GasBuddy at hand. It helps you find gas by location and price either in real time on your phone or via its website, if you like to plan ahead. If you can save a couple of bucks by cruising a little farther down the road, GasBuddy will let you know. It's available in the US, Canada, and Australia.

Google Flights

Never turn down a second opinion. Despite all the excellent travel search sites available these days, Google Flights is one to add to your list. Use it when you need a quick check on airfare for round-trip, one-way, or multicity flights. It also lets you explore destinations based on price and dates.

Google Maps

My number one go-to travel app is Google Maps. I use it to explore destinations before I arrive and make a note of places that look interesting by adding a star or flagging them on the map. As my travel plans shape up, I use the map to put together a plan for the day by visiting places that are grouped together. You can also save your maps offline so that you won't get lost even if you don't have data on your phone.

Best mac apps for travel trailer


The mobile-only app Hopper tracks flight prices and gives you periodic updates on whether you should buy now or wait. What makes this travel app valuable is its level of detail. It doesn't just tell you to wait to buy your ticket, but gives you a date when the price will likely rise. You can book through Hopper, too, with a commission fee of a few dollars.

Hotel Tonight

Best Mac Apps For Travel 2017

Some people, myself included, panic at the notion of having to book a hotel room at the last minute. For travelers ready to fly by the seat of their pants, there's Hotel Tonight. This travel app specializing in selling off same-day hotel reservations, often at steep discounts. It has options to book in advance, too, but the best deals are same-day bookings.


Here's another travel app for driving trips. iExit tells you exactly what's near every highway exit, from gas stations to ATMs. If there's a particular restaurant chain or other service you love, you can mark it as a favorite and the app tells you if it's coming up on your route. You'll never kick yourself again for settling for a greasy spoon when better food was just around the bend.


There's no need to be jealous of frequent travelers who have airport lounge access through their membership status or a high-flying credit card. With the LoungeBuddy app, you can find lounges in airports that let anyone in for a fee. LoungeBuddy tells you not only the fee, but also what you can expect inside, from the food and drink to whether there are showers. And if you happen to have lounge membership through other means, the app can often tell you that, too.

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Rick Steves Audio Europe

Travel writer Rick Steves has an app for European travels with dozens of audio files. Some give you background information on a particular city or region while others are audio guides for navigating popular sites. I listened to some of his Rome content while viewing the Sistine Chapel and again when walking around the Roman Colosseum. If you're traveling to any of the top destinations in Europe, download this free app and consider listening to some of the segments while planning what to see and do.


Find interesting places to stop during a road trip using Roadtrippers. With this app and website, you can explore a map of the US and Canada (with some coverage for Mexico, too) that has unusual roadside attractions, museums, amusement parks, campsites, restaurants, and more. When you find a site you like, just add it to your trip, and Roadtrippers draws your route accordingly. A Roadtrippers Plus account for $29.99 per year or $6.99 per month lets you download maps offline and add unlimited stops along your route, whereas you only get five with a free account.

Roomer Travel

What should you do when you've prepaid for a hotel and your trip suddenly gets canceled? Download Roomer or go to This app and website helps people sell prepaid reservations to others who can use them, usually at a lower cost. It can help you recoup money that might otherwise be lost to the travel gods. It can also save you money if you buy a reservation from someone who can't use it at a discounted rate.


Best Mac Apps For Travel Free

Sometimes people have to go to unexpected places that they didn't choose, like for a wedding or a business trip. When I don't know anything about my destination, I turn to TripAdvisor. It's one of the most comprehensive online sources for travelers, with background information about different cities and regions, plus highlights of what to see and do. It has reviews of hotels, restaurants, and activities, written by members of the TripAdvisor community, as well as photos from their travels so you know what to expect before you arrive. TripAdvisor has relationships with various booking sites, too, which means once you finish researching hotels or restaurants, you can easily reserve them.


TripCase is a free app that helps you organize your trip by making an itinerary for you. The itinerary can include flights, accommodations, rental cars, restaurant reservations, and more. To make an itinerary, you forward travel confirmation emails to TripCase, and the app does the rest. The next time you launch the app or log into the website, a complete chronological lineup of your trip is waiting for you. You can manually add details, too. The result is similar to what you get from TripIt (see below), but the method of collecting the information is different.


TripIt is similar to TripCase in creating an organized itinerary for you, but TripIt builds your travel plans by sniffing out confirmation emails in your inbox and pulling out the most important information. If you don't want to give TripIt access to your email, you can use the app by forwarding emails to it instead or manually entering details, but that's not the point of the app. If you are disorganized and haphazard with your travel details, TripIt might do you a lot of good.


Uber operates around the world, and while the in-app options vary from place to place, the general concept is the same everywhere. There are a few reasons that ride-on-demand apps work so well for travelers. First, it eliminates the need to carry local currency. Second, you don't have to speak the same language as your driver to get to where you need to go. Third, there's no haggling. If you don't want to give Uber your business for one reason or another, do a little research on what other riding hailing apps operate in your destination.


When you travel to a destination that might require a little hand-holding, Viator is a great website and app to keep in mind. It specializes in tours and packages, from daily excursions to week-long adventures with transfers included. Note that the quantity and quality of the deals varies dramatically by destination.


VRBO, which is with new branding, helps you find vacation homes, apartment rentals, and other accommodations for your travels. Unlike Airbnb, where you can still find a room to let in someone's private home, VRBO focuses on private homes, including beach houses, ski cabins, private apartments, and villas. The next time you're traveling with a large group or planning a destination reunion, keep VRBO in mind.


Do you want to search for buses and trains with the same ease you search and compared flights? Wanderu is the app you need. This aggregator and comparison app includes methods of transportation that other sites skip, namely trains and buses. You can also use it for flights, car rentals, and hotels, but it got its start with buses and trains, and that's still what sets it apart from competitors. For journeys serviced by Amtrak, Megabus, BoltBus, and other ground services, use Wanderu for quick and reliable results.


While Google Maps tells you about officially reported problems on the road and whether there's traffic, Waze knows the nitty-gritty details, like the location of police traps and potholes. This free community-driven app for traffic and road conditions is popular among taxi and car service drivers, although it's equally useful for everyday drivers. Beware that Waze demands your GPS information at all times, which takes a toll on your battery.


If you live in the US, there's a good chance you've never heard of Zomato. In some countries, however, it's more popular than Yelp, and it covers the same ground as Yelp. Zomato is a crowd-sourced review site for restaurants. One reason it's better than Yelp is that its contributors regularly snap photos of menus and upload them to the restaurant review, so you get more than just flippant remarks and blurry pictures of french fries. In some regions, Zomato partners with local restaurant delivery services, so you can get take-out at your hotel or Airbnb.

More Travel Tips

The travel apps in this list will get you far, but there are additional ways to ensure a successful trip. For instance, a VPN app can help protect your network traffic on public Wi-Fi networks away from home. You may want to pack some specialty devices too; you never know what you'll want to capture or what gear you will need in the field. Be sure to read our guides below for more travel advice.

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It doesn’t matter what you do, but I am sure that you love to travel. Every two out of three people love to travel. It doesn’t matter which track you use to travel; you should always have some tools so that they can help you in a difficult situation. While traveling, you might find problems related to health, location, restaurants, and so on. Therefore, check out these travel apps for Mac those will help you in different situations. As Mac is a very stable operating system and MacBook provides a comparatively longer battery life, many people prefer to use Mac while traveling. If you are one of them and use MacBook or macOS, you can check out these travel apps for Mac.

Best Travel Apps for Mac

1] Apple Maps

When you are traveling to an unknown location, you should where are the best hotels, restaurants, ATMs, or best tourist spots. For that, you can obviously use Google Maps. However, on Mac, you can find an inbuilt software called Apple Maps. Apple has included in this free app in almost all the Mac computers. With the help of this tool, you would be able to find almost anything you need. From hotels to ATM, you will see everything on the map. On the other hand, the Siri can also use the Apple Maps on the go. Therefore, you can use Siri to ask questions about Apple Maps, and you can find different results on your screen related to this.

2] Google Earth

Google Maps mainly helps you go from one place to another. However, if you want to see some monuments or tourist places with a better view, you can opt for Google Earth. Google Earth is a free app from Google, and this is available for macOS 10.8 or later version. With the help of this tool, you can virtually visit almost any place in the world. From getting street view to useful pictures, you can find everything in Google Earth app for Mac. You can search for any location like Eiffel Tower or so. Hence, you will get all the information from trusted sources. On the other hand, you can enjoy 3D views as well.

3] Universal Translator

Universal Translator is a free app available for Mac OS X. As the name suggests, this is a language translator app for macOS. [For example] It becomes quite difficult for an Englishman when he visits Spain or any other region where locals do not speak English. If you know you are going to confront such issues, you can install Universal Translator app on your Mac computer and translate from your language to local language. It does support a lot of languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Russian, Japanese, Korean, Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Catalan and more others. As it has a Google Translate integration, you can find quite accurate translations on the go. The user interface of this tool is pretty good, and you should find two windows panel in this app. One is for entering the source language and the second window will show the translated phrase. In between, you can choose the language from your knowledge.

4] Flightradar24

When you are traveling by flight, you should know the live details of your flight. Flightradar24 is such a web tool that helps you know which flight is where in real-time. It doesn’t matter where you are, but if you have an internet connection, you can open up the Flightradar24 website and check the live details of an ongoing flight. You can find the source airport, destination airport, flight type, group speed, calibrated altitude, current latitude and longitude, and so on. It displays information of flights those are fitted with ADS-B transponder. You can also use their iOS app, which is available for iOS 8.2 or later version.

Best Mac Os Apps

5] Convert It

When you are traveling abroad, you should have full knowledge about the currency of that region. Otherwise, you may get into trouble while buying something. Different country has different currency, and you should know the currency conversion. Obviously, you can use Google to know the converted rate. However, if you are using Mac, you can use this Convert its app, which free and very tiny and you can convert different things using this tool. You can convert angle, area, byte, current, currency, energy, force, illumination, length, mass, magnitude, temperature, torque and so on. The best thing about this tool is you can find the Convert It icon in your top navigation bar. Whenever you need to convert something, you can just click on that icon, select what you want to convert and enter the values to make the conversion.

6] Bellhop

Best Mac Apps For Travel Trailer

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Let’s assume that you have a tight budget for a tour, but you do not want to get a bad experience in any way. There is a high chance of getting comparatively different experience when you choose the wrong hotel. Bellhop will let you find the best hotel while traveling. It doesn’t matter whether you want to go to Paris or Barcelona, or Madrid, you can find some good deals on this app. As this is a desktop application, there is no point of lag. You can enter check-in & out dates, guest details, different filters like restaurants, meeting facilities, rate and more. Based on your filters, it will show all the hotels. The best thing is you can check out the TripAdvisor rating, which is quite trustworthy since different people give those ratings.

7] Weather Dock

Best Apps For Mac 2020

When you are traveling, you should know the weather forecast. Otherwise, you may end up ruining your day. There are many ways to check the weather forecast in this busy world. One of them is using the Weather Dock app that is available for Mac OS X. It can show you current conditions and the 7-day weather forecast, detailed 3-day two hourly forecast, imperial or metric units and more. The details get updated in every sixty minutes, and therefore, there is a very low chance of getting wrong information via this app. This is possible to choose multiple locations at a time and check the forecasts simultaneously. The UI of Weather Dock is pretty good, and you can find all the options open and on your screen.

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