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If you’re a project manager, you probably work a lot with Gantt charts. If not, let me explain:

Gantt charts are bar charts that represent the amount of work that needs to be done in certain chunks of time. They are ultimately used to visually lay out a project schedule. If you have a clear due date for your project with milestones in between, which is common for construction, textiles, and inventory strategy, you probably want to make use of these handy charts.

Unfortunately, Gantt charts are more complex than they initially seem. They are inefficient, if hand-drawn — no one wants to keep manually updating a moving chart as tasks are completed — and require skills in resource allocation, task-dependency management, and team collaboration.

Bitrix24 is one of the best free Gantt chart software you can have. The application is available online, on premise with open source access, on your mobile app, on your Mac, on your PC. Bitrix24 is very intuitive and user-friendly. It is so easy to move tasks while keeping their connections and to compare current state vs baseline. Compare the best Gantt Chart apps for iPad of 2020 for your business. Find the highest rated Gantt Chart apps for iPad pricing, reviews, free demos, trials, and more.

That’s why I’ve gone through the extensive list of project management software that offers Gantt charts and selected the best.

Gantt chart software

What criteria did I use? First, I filtered through the Gantt chart software to make sure they offered an installed version for security reasons. From there, I opted for apps that could handle project planning, collaboration, and resource management. After that, I narrowed the list so that readers would be able to select the right suite for their business size; some companies might need enterprise project management software, but not all have to pay for it.

With that said, here’s the top Gantt chart software, sorted alphabetically.

1. Celoxis

Celoxis is a great option for large, global companies. It offers its services in multiple languages (Chinese, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish) and has an impressive system for project portfolio management. Its notable clients include Deloitte, HBO, KPMG, LiveNation, and Xerox.

Celoxis has an impressive breadth of reporting options that pulls from Gantt chart information. While its resource allocation and project planning resources are the best, pay attention to how their reports can effectively analyze projected project costs (like resource hours, billable hours, and even product utilization) and how those projections compare to actual use. From there, project managers can learn how to improve their project management system internally.

One drawback is that Celoxis has very few integrations. Sure, it works with Microsoft Project, QuickBooks, Salesforce, and Google Apps, but offers little beyond that. However, Celoxis does offer an open API, so developers are constantly creating their own plug-ins to make Celoxis work best for them.

Price: $25 per user/month for web; $450 per user, one time (offers volume discounts) for installed version

Operating System(s): Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, Online

Company size: Large and enterprise

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2. Easy Projects

Easy Projects is best suited for companies with tons of outside clients. The Gantt chart software offers unlimited guest accounts, so your clients can follow their projects’ progress through to completion. It is available in French, German, Russian, and Spanish.

The nicest thing about Easy Projects is that it’s so easy to use. As one reviewer noted, “The software is suitable for ‘accidental project managers,’ meaning it does not use confusing industry jargon and is simple to learn to use, regardless of your project management experience.” Other user reviews confirm this sentiment — along with helpful customer service and overall functionality.

Easy Projects allows users to have both private and public calendars. Gantt charts are created with a simple drag-and-drop system, and project managers (accidental or not) can easily track and modify tasks, schedules, and dependencies.

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I’d recommend Easy Projects to teams that are small in size, but need big project management features; large and enterprise companies can succeed with Easy Projects (as Toshiba, Staples, and UPS certainly have), but there may be similar options at a lower price point.

Price: Starts at $121 per user/month for web (paid annually and scales down per person with team size); $189 per user/year (offers volume discounts) for installed version

Operating System(s): Windows, Online

Company size: All, though better for smaller teams

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3. Project Insight

If you’re a part of a growing company and are looking for a Gantt chart- based project management system that can scale from small to medium to large, check out Project Insight. Most of its clients are in the tech industry, like Dell and Cisco, and you can tell that it’s tailored its product to companies with a strong professional services program that want to have a project management system focused on tech resources and allocation.

Because it’s made for businesses with a range of projects, Project Insight gives project managers the ability to prioritize and sort different projects down to the granular level. They offer templates, time tracking, and a collaboration system, which allows users to comment on tasks, projects, and issues.

Users love Project Insight. One reviewer from Cardiff Consulting said, “I’d totally recommend this software to someone looking to understand where their efforts and money are going month to month.” In other words, if you’re a small business looking for the big picture or a big business looking for small details, Project Insight is likely a good investment for you.

Price: Starts at $3,900 per year for installed; starts from $10 per user/month for web

Operating System(s): Windows, Online

Company size: Mid-size

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Gantt Chart For Mac Os

4. RationalPlan

RationalPlan is a well-known Microsoft Project alternative that matches MS Project feature-to-feature — and it’s a lot cheaper to boot. One reviewer noted, “It doesn’t have the big brand name on it like MS Project, however, it offers superior performance and more functionality, in particular the possibility to schedule work at a percentage of someone’s time – a big gap in that big brand product. Customer support is really good and helpful, with knowledgeable staff.” It’s available in English, Dutch, and Italian.

RationalPlan has incredibly strong Gantt chart features. It has users start off by making a work breakdown structure to create task lists for your team. The whole system is drag-and-drop, and the system automatically highlights tasks that are along the critical path.

RationalPlan is particularly good for small businesses because it also offers budgeting features, like forecasting and cost management. While RationalPlan would work well with larger businesses, it doesn’t have that many enterprise clients… yet.

Price: Unpublished price for installed; starts from $19 per user/month for web

Operating System(s): Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Online

Company size: Small to Mid-size

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5. TeamHeadquarters

If you’re looking for Gantt chart software that also offers functionality for IT teams, look no further than TeamHeadquarters. This project management application is the intersection of help desk software, resource management software, and scheduling software.

One reviewer at Capterra summed it up: “It strikes a terrific balance between project management, time tracking, and support ticket control.”

If your IT team is struggling with communication, TeamHeadquarters offers an all-in-one solution so that you don’t need to jump from app to app for each project. It also has a customer service portal, so customer tickets can be scheduled alongside internal tickets. As you update your Gantt chart, everyone stays informed.

With all that said, software can’t be all the things. TeamHeadquarters does offer basic project management features, but it pales as a full solution compared to project management-specific software. For example, it’s missing some reporting and budgeting features.

Price: $499 User, one time fee for on-premise license; $24 per user/month for on-premise subscription; starts from $28 per user/month for web

Operating System(s): Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Online

Company size: Small to Mid-size

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6. VisionFlow

You’ve gotten down to the last option on this article and might be thinking, “I like elements of all these options. I wish there was Gantt chart software where I could pick and choose functionality and pricing from each!”

Enter VisionFlow.


VisionFlow is modular software, meaning project managers and IT managers can choose its best modules.

VisionFlow offers the following modules:

  • Help Desk Software and Customer Service Software
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

And of course:

The final module, which contains its Gantt chart functionality, also offers full project management capabilities. From resource allocation to budgeting to time tracking to reports, VisionFlow offers a viable project management suite for any serious manager.

VisionFlow is available in English, Swedish, German, French, Spanish, Norwegian, Czech, Russian, and Polish.

Price: Very flexible because it’s modular. The project management module costs $5.50 with a base price of $45 per user/month.

Operating System(s): Online, Windows

Company size: All

Best Free Gantt Chart Online

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There are certainly more amazing Gantt chart software options than the six listed above. Who did I miss? Do you like any of them? Let me know in the comments below!

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In the majority of the processes and projects that we take on a personal level as well as business level, it is essential to effect proper time management. One of the ways, to ensure that you are always in check especially on the time aspect of your project is through the use of a Gantt chart. This is a horizontal chart developed by Henry Gantt early in the 20th century and has proven productive to date.

Best Gantt Chart Software For Mac Free 2016


Tom’s Planner

Tom’s Planner is a Gantt chart software that is online based. This, therefore, gives the software the benefit of being utilized across all the platforms including the mobile environment. The tool is easy to use and allows the users to get much more done in a short period.


MatchWare is claimed to be the best Gantt chart software globally and also comes packed with plenty of features to ensure projects run smoothly. This software comes with built-in project timeline as well as built-in Gantt charts and thus offering a comprehensive solution to all levels project management.


SmartSheet is a leading Gantt chart software that makes it possible to make Gantt charts in minutes, and all this is done online. With the use of this software, you will be able to identify all the tasks that require being done as well as when they need to be done.


Other Platforms

Gantt Chart Apple Numbers

Gantt chart software unlike the majority of the other software is mainly online based, and this gives them the ability to serve users across all the major platform. However, there still exist other project management programs that may encompass the use of Gantt charts, and these may be platform dependent.

Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart Software Microsoft

GanttChart is a software that is capable of running on the windows platform and has a friendly user interface. With this Gantt chart software, you will be able to schedule work, assign tasks as well as project plans with lots of ease. It can be used in construction, office management, and several other areas.

iTaskX for Mac

iTaskX is a Gantt chart software that is designed for the Mac platform. This software offers a professional way to manage projects and form excellent relationships among team members. These tools offer a way of identifying what requires being done, the member doing it and the time frame.

Gantt Man for Android

GanttMan is a Gantt chart app designed for the users on the Mac platform and allows effective project management right from the Android phones and tablets. The App allows for the view of the Gantt chart that compromises resources allocation and sorting by date option.

Most Popular Software for 2016 – SmartDraw – Gantt Chart

SmartDraw – Gantt chart software offers a quick and easy way to create Gant charts. The software offers automatic formatting, share your Gantt chart any way you choose, four different views of the same data, built-in accountability, assigning tasks is a breeze with built-in teams, save time with custom task libraries. You can also see Visual Project Management Software

Gantt Chart Software For Mac

What is a Gantt Chart Software?

A Gantt Chart Software is a computer program that is designed to generate Gantt charts for the use in the management of projects and other activities that require coordination. Essentially the Gantt chart can be done even on papers though with a computerized chart there is the benefit of that it can be shared and that modifications can be effected with ease. With the majority of the software reviewed, other than the Gantt chart, there is also the incorporation of other tools to ensure that the process of project management runs smoothly. You can also see Team Management Software

It is obvious that the success of a project largely depends on the level of coordination and management put in place. With the use of a Gantt chart software, it is easy to implement effective management especially on task allocations and time management as they are the ones largely determining the outcome of a project.

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